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    What’s with the name game? Is it Fieg or Rosenthal? Only in Broward are such ridiculous games played by judges and they continue to get away with it at public expense. I say trash her and get somebody who actually cares and needs the job, not some politically appointed brown noser. She ain’t going to get my vote.

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    I am a Broward trash picker.

    Not an American picker. I’m not looking for no fancy antiquities.

    I scour trash cans and land fills for vermin and food stuffs to feed my family. Anything left over I sell. I make an honest living. I’m not ashamed.

    I got a boy went to law school. I was prouder than a painted pig when he finished his schooling and passed his bar test.

    Now he says he wants to be a Broward Judge.

    I said over my dead body. I got standards.

    I can’t figure what went wrong. Been hitting the bottle pretty hard trying to figure it. Wife is beside herself. Even her baking is off.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Jest can’t figure it on my lonesome.

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    Are they going to do another foreclosure division and call it cindylynn’s bar and grill

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    I hope some jerk off Judge denies her motion for continuance and forces her to trial 3 months from today.

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    Now, on to more important Qs:

    Why is it that millionaire Thurston Howell took his wife, “lovey”, on that 3-hour cruise with likes of Gilligan and the Skipper?! I mean, if he truly was a millionaire, why go on THAT boat?!

    I’ve seen pics of the Skippers boat: nothing more than a 17′ center console if u ask me !!

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    Save Our Sircuit.
    Here’s how:
    send Chief Judge an invitation to the annual 1/2 black, 1/4 Eurasian, 1/4 Irish bar association Man Of Year Gala, to wit Chief judge is Man of the Year.
    Anyone knowing Chief Judge knows he will come running, with embroidered gold embossed 100% cotton I am Chief Judge bib on chin.
    Keep him plied with White Russians and other suitably sweet drinks all night, then pour him into Chief Judge mobile heading West while clutching Little League trophy spray painted and replaqued “Our Chief Judge of Year.”
    Po Po pick him up, non ninny can become new Chief Judge.

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    Not another one! How many drunk or drug addicted judges work at that courthouse?

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    Hey Gelin,
    I cleaned up the pic, and zoomed in, if you want a copy, let me know. I am really sorry I did it, after I did, because the dark shadows did this ugly duckling some Real Justice! Email me back if you want a copy of the edited pic….

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    Watch out on 595 tomorrow. With the stress of today’s events Judge Rosenthal will have to take two pills to get to sleep tonight.

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    File against every Judge maybe they’ll self destruct. Like Lotto.

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    BSO should have forcefully drawn blood. We’ll never know what she was really on and whether she had a prescription.

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