Hearts and minds go out to Gisele Pollack, who apparently is battling some personal demons this holiday season.  This is one story we purposely steered away from, but with mainstream media poised to break it shortly, Tuesday’s work hours’ intervention will become public record nonetheless.  It’s a shame though, since this is one judge who has dedicated her career to evening the playing field, and getting help for people like herself who struggle with a sometimes overpowering disease. 

Our prayers to Gisele as she weathers the storm …

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    Working in the Broward court system is enough to drive anyone over the edge. The hypocrisy exhibited alone of some of its judges are enough to drive u to drink or worse.

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    I no longer practice because of the demon. No one should judge her just reach out to help her as she has done for so many including myself. She is a wonderful caring person.

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    Maybe Pollack and Imperato should meet over drinks to figure this one out … What’s with the judges in Broward?

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    Heard the tantrum was pretty bad. Everybody is talking about it. She’s probably sick of doing the same thing and seeing it go no where. Another reason Weinstein should institute judicial rotation and bring broward county into line with other judicial circuits in the state and eliminate judicial fiefdoms in broward. That’s probably again too complicated for him to figure out. This place really is backward.

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    Judge Pollack has more jewels in her crown than anyone I can think of. She has spent her career helping people who need a helping hand and the line of lives she has saved is long and blessed. It’s time for us to step up and extend the helping hand that Giselle has earned!

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    That’s what u get when you make a limp politician CJ. Saying he lacks in administrative skills is an under statement!

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    I’m confused. There was an intervention for her, or she had a meltdown because she’s unhappy with her judicial assignment?

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    There is an argument to be made whereas the Chief Judge cares not about the public or the 17th Circuit. The latest blunder after jeopardizing the Tundidor conviction. Protecting Judges mindset is poison to justice.

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    Would have been nice if you had treated Judge Imperato’s misstep with the same dignity Gelin. You are a self-important hypocrite who purposefully causes pain for others by reveling in their misfortunes. You should be ashamed of yourself but I don’t think decency and humanity are in your your skill set.

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    I wouldn’t want a Mormon heading drug court anyway. Relapse is part of recovery. Judge Pollack is a wonderful fit. Judge Tobin Singer imho is not. Too holier than thou thinks she’s soooo important. I hope Judge Weinstein and Zeller help the community and keep Judge Pollack in place where she can keep making a difference.

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    Hey 1:00! Gelin did not “break” the story. It has been all over the courthouse since it happened yesterday morning. Gelin could not even break wind without shitting himself. Geez!

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    What does being Mormon have to do with it? I had a Mormon coke dealer back at the U, snorted more than he sold. You sound ignorant, although I must admit he drove a hard bargain. Damn stereotypes, always a kernel of truth!

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    Zeller and Weinstein fixing Robinson’s problems again.

    Isn’t it time for a change in County Criminal now that there are many capable individuals on the Bench who can provide much needed leadership?

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    The story was broke here after it happened two days ago but the comments were removed. Bill’s blog so he can do as he likes.

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    I’m confused. There was an intervention for her, or she had a meltdown because she’s unhappy with her judicial assignment?

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    All I know is it’s time for two major improvements in 2014:

    1) a real chief judge (not a politician)

    along with

    2) breathalyzer machines at judge’s entrance

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    Weinstein wanted an Ipad so bad now he can get Sharper Image breathylyzer gadgets for morning roll call.

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    Guys in my high school used to pick and choose which teachers they wanted to bully. It was no big deal.

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    Backman will cover that one too, thank you very much. Besides, how will NC get along without its trusty dispatcher?

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    The return of my boy the Adjudicater and hippie druggies getting 364. Now that’s a Merry Christmas.

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    I’ve been looking for action in all the wrong places. The best party is at the BCC. Who wants to sign the order opening up the evidence locker? Let’s party like it’s 1979!!

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    It’s all fun and games until all the Judges are so wasted Cindy has to be the designated driver.

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    At least there weren’t any Judges accused of child molestation this year.

    Always look on the bright side.

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    Broward needs more people like you, Dead Dan. At least people knew what they were dealing with in your courtroom. Nowadays these goddamn robed bigots are much harder to suss out. I guess that’s what they call progress.

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    She’s had from what I hear pretty bad problems with alcohol and other things for years and has been in rehab. I thought that’s why she became a Broward Judge, so she could get away with it while doing next to nothing. She and Imperato should become best friends. Both middle aged misfits sitting in judgment of others as judges in Broward while doing some of the same things they’re sending people away for. Supreme hypocrisy if you ask me, but just about right for Broward. What better gig could you ask for? Weinstein must be running out of excuses for Broward Judges about now. Obviously Pollack and Imperato are taking the holiday spirit seriously.

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    At least she kept her dress on and didn’t pull a Joice Julian at a judicial conference. What’s wrong with these people? Guess she had found her cowboy the night before and didn’t need to advertise by showing her bald eagle.

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    Broward is the worst Circuit on Earth, and nothing will change until the Grand Examplar of Hypocrisy and Double Standards His Honor Satz retires.

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    Weinstein’s the one that looks like a real idiot yet again for not rotating these boozers before it becomes too late and they fall off the wagon. Obviously all these rehab stints don’t work very well for these self important over-indulgers.

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    The JQC could save money by opening an office in Judge Weinstei’s chambers. Broward keeps them busy enough that’s for sure.

    At least his chambers would then be utilized for something beside naps and planning this summer’s Color War at Camp Woonapatookie, for which the Chief Judge is an honorary officiator with two tables reserved for the Grand Banquet in August.

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    There are skeletons in everyone’s closet & you all know she cares, not like the other 99 percent. But what should change is term limits NO judge,SA or PD should roam the courthouse 20 or more yrs. How can you not get frustrated. Sad but until there are terms &new ideas Broward will remain as it has for the past umpteen years.

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    You gotta feels sorry for her. She’s one of the few judges that gives a chit, has compassion and wants to try to change things around this dump. At least she’s not a Gardiner who lied and still doesn’t accept responsibility for what she did.

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    Judges Pollack and Imperato have now become part of every good lawyer’s voir dire in Broward County….

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    According to Weinstein, Imperato, who very likely broke the law and endangered countless others, is someone Weinstein says “I think the world of her.”

    When asked about Pollack, a truly wonderful human being, Weinstein says he can’t talk about “someone’s personal health issue.”


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    MM drug court is a joke anyway.

    99% of the defendants in there are kids who got busted with joint. They don’t have “drug problems” and shouldn’t even be facing charges.

    This just makes it that much more of a farce.

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    Gisele Pollack is an excellent judge. She is also a nice and down to earth person who hasnt let the black robe “get to” her. I am glad to see people sticking up for her. She hasnt committed any crime. The haters on this site always manage to have something nasty to say about those in power. I suspect tht many of these haters are those who have had no professional sucess or personal happiness. I for one wish Judge Pollack the best of luck. If I were in the Defendant’s seat in court, I would rather be judged by a human being who has lived their life and made mistakes.

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    I agree. Weed court is a stupid farce. It would drive me to drink if I had to preside over a farce.

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    Judge Pollack saved my son’s life.

    His health was in jeopardy because of marijuana. After using he couldn’t control his appetite. His weight ballooned. A future of heart disease and possibly diabetes loomed with each unnecessary jar of frosting he consumed.

    After Misdemeanor Drug Court he stopped using. He lost weight. A lot of weight.

    Now with weekly NA meetings and portion control he’s keeping it off too. Three balanced meals a day and a late afternoon snack of celery sticks and baby carrots (sometimes with a little organic peanut butter) plus the tools Judge Pollack gave him to stay off marijuana for good means I can once again keep ice cream in the house.

    Thank you Judge Pollack.

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    Don’t knock reefer madness court. Somewhere around 11 court staff and a Judge now have full time jobs. Where else could they put her?

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    And Weinstein is asking the legislature for more judges? I wonder what makes Broward County such an interesting place to work as a judge besides the pay, the benefits, the perks and the more than occasional self absorbed twit that shows up half baked for court?

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    No wonder why none of them start court on time; gotta stop by the package store on the way to work!

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    Anyone That Judges Her Negatively Is A
    Fg idiot. You hypocritical morons should be hung. Go to a Florida bar convention and just watch the booze flow. She us a great judge and person that suffers from a disease no different than being diabetic. It is intolerant fools that would post a negative word instead of. support

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    I’ve known her for a very long time. She’s a wonderful person with a big heart. But she’s had a problem for equally as long a time and really needs to seek help.
    I don’t know that her job isn’t part of the problem for her as she doesn’t seem to cope very well.
    I wouldn’t have given her her keys back either under the circumstances described in the Sun Sentinel article. I don’t think she needs anymore pressure.
    Maybe she should consider resigning and living a different kind of life at this point.
    I feel sorry for her and the problems she has caused for her JA who is also a very nice person.
    I think her JA did the right thing. Obviously Weinstein isn’t that concerned or he’d solve the problem by taking her off the bench for an extended rest.
    I am not however supportive of the practice of sending young people to rehab for six months under some of the circumstances I’ve seen occur in her courtroom. I think this practice should be reviewed and abolished.

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    John B. Thompson, J.D., M.A.
    5721 Riviera Drive
    Coral Gables, Florida 33146

    December 20, 2013


    Eugene K. Pettis
    President, The Florida Bar
    Ft. Lauderdale, Florida Fax to 954.522.2512, E-Mail:

    Re: Allegedly Impaired Member of Florida Bar, Giselle Pollack

    Dear Mr. Pettis:

    South Florida media are awash in stories that the above Member of The Florida Bar has been removed from her judicial office because of a substance addiction.

    Query: Why has The Florida Bar therefore not secured an emergency suspension of her law license?

    Or is that something The Bar only does to Christian lawyers whose religious beliefs it considers to be a “mental disability?”

    You have two hours to answer and/or act.

    Regards, Jack Thompson

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    John B. Thompson, J.D., M.A.
    5721 Riviera Drive
    Coral Gables, Florida 33146

    December 20, 2013

    Michael Schneider
    General Counsel
    Judicial Qualifications Committee
    1110 Thomasville Road
    Tallahassee, Florida 32303 Via Fax to 850.9226781 and email to

    Re: Sworn Complaint Re Broward Judge Giselle Pollack

    Dear Mr. Schneider:

    South Florida media are awash in news stories, each of which is corroborating the others, that the above judge is chemically impaired.

    See, for example,

    Why has the JQC not, on an emergency basis, suspended her from the bench, as required by law?

    I solemnly swear, under penalty of perjury, that the foregoing facts are true, correct, and complete, to the best of my knowledge, so help me God.

    John B. Thompson

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    Maybe they’ll bring back Shutter to cover her docket while she’s out.
    I remember when former county court judge Brian Kay had his meltdown. He didn’t get any support from then Chief Judge Dale Ross. If I’m not mistaken, the Ross quote in the local papers was “Brian Kay is a sick man.”
    Well, Brian Kay is doing very well these days practicing law in another state.
    Anybody who has been around this town as long as I have knows the history of the Broward County judiciary. Over the years we have had some very good judges. We’ve also had a few clowns.
    With that said, Judge Pollack is a very good judge and an even better person. I know more than one person who is grateful to her for turning their life around. Prayers go out to her.

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    Hey, it’s just fabulous that Judge Pollack is everybody’s favorite here. Really. But that doesn’t change the fact that she must be not just in rehab but formally SUSPENDED as a Florida Bar Member and also from the bench as a jurist.

    There’s no particular “right” if you’re impaired to either status, whether you’re popular or not.

    And further, friends, if you have a substance problem, you’re not suffering from an illness in the sense that a person who has cancer has an illness. Alcoholism is an illness chosen by the addict. Sorry to lay a little Duck Dynasty theology on you, but the analysis is not only correct but also Scriptural. Alcoholics Anonymous does not treat addiction in this fashion. It is a choice, from which the sufferer must volitionally opt out of.

    Sorry for the reality check, guys.

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    The leading alcohol abuse and addiction recovery organization, Alcoholics Anonymous, says alcoholism is a choice not an illness. Sorry to disabuse you all of your beliefs to the contrary.

    Judge Pollack made a choice to get drunk. If you don’t think so (and she would refute your assertions that she has an illness), then take a look at AA’s Twelve Steps. Here they are. This is a character/spiritual problem, not an illness you have contracted. So sue me. Jack Thompson:

    The Twelve Steps:

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    The leading alcohol abuse and addiction recovery organization, Alcoholics Anonymous, says alcoholism is a choice not an illness. Sorry to disabuse you all of your beliefs to the contrary.

    Judge Pollack made a choice to get drunk. If you don’t think so (and she would refute your assertions that she has an illness), then take a look at AA’s Twelve Steps. Here they are. This is a character/spiritual problem, not an illness you have contracted. So sue me. Jack Thompson:

    The Twelve Steps:

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    Judge Pollack does not have a disease. She has a sinful pattern of substance abuse. It’s a choice, not a genetic given. I am the chief of sinners, but I’m not going to pretend otherwise. She needs AA or its equivalent, and the last thing she needs is a bunch of nitwits tell her that she is a victim. She’s not a victim. She’s a sinner and an addict in need of detox, physically and mentally. See

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    As someone who has had way to many family and friends suffer with addiction I sympathize and wish the Judge the best.

    On the other side, I see nothing in the media reports that she has apologized or acknowledged that she did anything wrong on Wed. In addition, while Bob Norman said in the narrative of his interview the Judge has substance abuse problem, by her own words, the Judge has only acknowledged a problem with depression.

    Anyone knows who has dealt with someone with an addiction that one can’t get sober if they can’t admit they have a problem. She may be depressed but the issue is that she abused alcohol as an alcoholic to self medicate. Such, the problem is alcohol.

    Another question? Why the heck was she back on the bench? This looks like a PR move for Weinstien to say “everything is ok, nothing to see here”. Worse, she looked a little “off” in her interview with Bob Norman. Putting a spotlight on her probelms while litterally sitting on the Bench just makes her look so bad. Could you imagine in a private sector job someone having a drunken tirade and then welcomed back to work the next day as if nothing happened?

    Judge Pollack needs be honest about her problems and her friends need to stop enabling her by playing along the problem is depression when it is obviously alcohol.

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    Steven Schaet
    via mobile ·
    A really good Judge for both the defense and state gets a DUI, off duty, and head public defender Howard Finkelstein demands her removal from the criminal bench. Moronic. Another judge is wasted on the bench, while hearing cases, possibly sending people to jail and hypocritical Howard sympathizes with her because of his addiction issues and doesn’t ask for her removal. It’s time for two changes in our courthouse political world.

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    I like the public corporation example. If the president of ibm got loaded and made a fool of himself at work or in public he would be in a facility toot sweet. There is a fiduciary duty to the shareholders and concerns over the bosses mental state would be addressed immediately.

    Here there is a Judge that has recently been to rehab. Here is a Judge that then relapses in a court of law. Rehab obviously didn’t work. Concerns would be doubly heightened. There is a moral obligation to the Broward community the Chief Judge serves, not the lesser fiduciary duty described above. Yet the Judge is allowed to return to work the same week.

    Broward deserves better than a Chief Judge more concerned with pr and who exhibits so little concern for the community.

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    Thanks for having the courage to speak out on this matter Steve! Most of us who feel the same way cannot speak so openly without fear of retaliation from a powerful pollitician/television personality. Your comments were refreshing and insightful. Finkelstein has been a hypocrite on these matters for his entire term as the Public Defender. He lacks the humanity and humility required for the job. He has taken much work from private attorneys through his Early Representation Unit and he openly cricticizes the work of private defense attorneys prior to the compeltion of their cases. You are not alone in your opinion. It is definitely time for a change! Beware, you will now become another one of his targets for daring to say that the Emperor has no clothes!

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    The judge with the DUI should not be removed. The other judge who was under the influence while on the bench, 100 % should be removed from the bench. She possibly sent people to jail while she was drunk or high. How can she ever be trusted again or faith restored in her ability to judge. It can’t be. If one person was adversely affected by her addictions then she should lose her robe immediately. Don’t get me wrong, I like this judge personally but she needs to go get help on her time, not taxpayers or at the expense of defendants rights and liberties.

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    Jack you are an insufferable insane evil idiot. Thank the Lord they took your license. I hope you really suffer. You should not be allowed to post because you need to be in a psych hospital forever. You are the one that will burn cause god doesn’t like people like you.

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    The post a 355 was also on Steve’ s Facebook page . At least put your name on it coward. Same Schaet different day. The best line is Steve likes the judge…but wants a public flogging.

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    Dearest Darling Broweird Girl:

    Your name says it all, honey. I totally concur with your self-assessment.

    By the way, what you have posted here is libelous per se. So I’ll be identifying you soon. Get a lawyer.

    Now, as to what makes me so wrong: Alcoholics Anonymous states that alcoholism, like any addiction, is a choice. And it is.

    Secondly, the litigants in front of this impaired judge had a right to a sober judge, and she has no right to be on the bench drunk. None.

    Not sure what your problem is, sweetie. The law makes it really, REALLY clear that she must be suspended from the bench and suspended as a member of The Bar until she is certified okay.

    I would say you’ve got a perception problem. My vision on this is 20/20. By the way, watch Duck Dynasty. They’ll help you figure this stuff out. Jack Thompson, and you’re not, which is your problem

    PS: Bill, her identity please, with or without a subpoena?

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    For all the knuckleheaded Broweirds out there who think that alcoholism is an illness and that Judge Pollack has no responsibility for her behavior, think again and read this, below. Dr. Keith Albow, quoted below, is a nationally recognized expert on this stuff, and you are not. Broweird Girl, I think the lady doth protest too much!

    But we have gone way too far down the road of suggesting that addictions, in general, are beyond the control of individuals. When an alcoholic chooses alcohol over being available to his or her family and friends, that person is making a decision. When a heroin addict chooses heroin over financial stability and performing well at work, that person is making a choice, too.

    And the choice is not beyond that person’s control….
    See, there is a reason why addictions are also called “dependencies.” That’s because they are patterns of behavior upon which people come to rely, in order to escape troubling feelings. They never offer real freedom though. The only freedom is found in facing one’s fundamental fears – especially, the really terrifying ones – and triumphing over them through courage and empathy, for others, but mostly for oneself.

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    For all the knuckleheaded Broweirds out there who think that alcoholism is an illness and that Judge Pollack has no responsibility for her behavior, think again and read this, below. Dr. Keith Albow, quoted below, is a nationally recognized expert on this stuff, and you are not. Broweird Girl, I think the lady doth protest too much!

    But we have gone way too far down the road of suggesting that addictions, in general, are beyond the control of individuals. When an alcoholic chooses alcohol over being available to his or her family and friends, that person is making a decision. When a heroin addict chooses heroin over financial stability and performing well at work, that person is making a choice, too.

    And the choice is not beyond that person’s control….
    See, there is a reason why addictions are also called “dependencies.” That’s because they are patterns of behavior upon which people come to rely, in order to escape troubling feelings. They never offer real freedom though. The only freedom is found in facing one’s fundamental fears – especially, the really terrifying ones – and triumphing over them through courage and empathy, for others, but mostly for oneself.

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    I did wrote the post at 3:55. It’s funny you tell me to use my name on that post but like a little punk you don’t use your name. No step up and use your name coward. Give me one good reason why a judge who allegedly was under the influence, making decisions that have great consequences for others should remain a judge? Like I said, I like judge Pollack as a person and I hope she gets well, I don’t like that she was under the influence on the bench and that she was allowed to return. Now, post your name.

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    This is a different Anon than above but I have a question regarding your defense of judge Imperato.

    Are you at all concerned Judge Imperato still being drunk in court the next morning? So hung over she shouldn’t have been on the bench? A likely recidivist drunk driver, known and seen by many over the years out at night and drinking sometimes a lot on work nights, should she be allowed to return? Should her cases be reopened from before the arrest?

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    Why in God’s name does Howard think it’s his responsibility to comment on these stories? Someone should call him on his hypocrisy.

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    Substance abuse is a disease subject to relapses and redemption. Pollack’s court exemplifies this. There is no reason to believe that she cannot maintain her sobriety once she regains it. It’s her choice. Maybe she should be shifted to another division for a while which would make sense. What’s disturbing here is the howling wolves screaming for her head. What these fools don’t realize is that there’s a downtown AA meeting chock full of lawyers and judges dealing with this issue. It’s a day to day struggle and for some an hour to hour fight. The wolves here both don’t understand the disease and don’t want to. Pollack likely will be back chastened and sober. For shame on those that wish her or anyone so suffering ill will.

  65. 0


    Jack Thompson here. Nobody, dude, is calling for Pollack’s head. Certainly I am not. What I am saying, which lawyers of all people ought to appreciate, is that the law should be followed, and it is this: An impaired judge and an impaired lawyer must be suspended from either and both functions UNTIL they are sober. Period.

    What I have seen here is the silly notion expressed that because she is liked she should get a pass on any suspensions. Doesn’t work that way. Equal justice under the law; remember that at least from your con law class in law school?

    And further, she doesn’t have an illness; she has a voluntarily-induced disorder. Not even Alcoholics Anonymous, which knows something about this disorder, considers it a disease. It is a volitional addiction, and there are remedies for that. See the 12 Steps, which deal with the responsibilities of and means by which an addict recovers, and continues to recover.

    Honestly, I am sure that some of the folks that are asking that Pollack be given in effect a pass here are addicts of various kinds themselves: porn, gambling, drugs, Internet, whatever.

    Try being addicted to fairness instead. Fairness doesn’t give her a pass. And frankly, a pass doesn’t help her. Any lawyer who thinks she can be impaired on the bench, which she was the other day, gets neither addiction nor justice.

    She needs help, and pretending this didn’t really happen, without consequences, is no help at all for her or for the justice system.

    Rather surprising this has to be pointed out to lawyers. Jack Thompson

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    Her being messed up on the bench and having the ability put people in jail ends her career as a judge in any criminal division. Fair or not if anyone gets sentenced to jail the question will always remain. That is why Schwartzreich and peter probably advised her not to apologies for her actions or admit she was drunk last week. Even Howard could not avoid having cases she sent people to jail on be put under review. I bet they switch her with Hurley.

  67. 0


    Funny how attorneys who are all coked up will easily make up stories and trash talk judges just for their own laughs. Real productive blog space.

  68. 0


    Remember bob tyson? He was drunk every day on the bench and used to sleep in his car after drinking at The Hut all night. Lawyers knew not to approach him with a plea deal until after he had his 11am nippy poo.

  69. 0


    Why is it that gay people think because they come out and demand their rights that the world has to accept their life style? Guess what, there are those of us that will always believe in the bible and Gods word and I fear him a whole lot more then I fear not being liked by a gay person. Its about time straight people stand up and not be ashamed for what they believe in. If your gay thats fine but don’t think all of society will ever think its right because that is NEVER going to happen.

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    It is sad that having a few pops is judged so harshly but judges who are mean pricks like levinson, destry, rosenthal and many others stay on the bench screwing people over without a care in the world or repurcussions

  71. 0


    @4:51 when you have to try to convince people what your doing is OK, then maybe it’s not!

  72. 0


    I’m not gay but my imaginary friend is.

    Like when Michael Landon was on the Johnny Carson show and Johnny asked him why there were never any women involved in the lives of the four Cartwright men living at the Ponderosa.

    Landon calmly replied that none of the Cartwrights were gay, but they all thanked G-d that Hop Sing was.

    Merry Christmas, y’all.

  73. 0


    Query: What do you call someone in Alabama who is a homosexual?

    Answer: A guy who likes women more than football.

    You’re welcome.

  74. 0


    I’m a homo, too, just like Jesus. We are both homo sapiens.

    I didn’t choose to be a homo sapien. I was just born that way, and I have felt an irresistible attraction for homo sapiens.

    In the beginning was the Word, and the Word became a homo sapien, and dwelt among us. John 1. In the Homo Sapien translation of the Bible.

    Thank you for writing. As you were.
    Jack Thompson

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    I,m glad when I look at my son I don’t have to watch him making out with some dude or better yet knowing he is not a fudge packer. If your son is gay and the female role player in the relationship I guess you also have a daughter?

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    These broward judges that pass judgment on others and then stagger to and from the bench need to be taught a lesson at least as harsh as those they are doling it out to.
    The hypocrisy of our crapped up so called justice system is endemic apparent in Broward.
    How many judges does it take to administer Broward’s style of Justice? As many as there are shot glasses on the bar in front of them at any given time.
    I don’t care how nice the chick is, she has no place sitting as a judge whether she’s seeking treatment, in rehab or sucking on a straw.
    In Broward they call a judge that’s caught in a compromising situation just caught in a momentary lack of judgment. More like a permanent character flaw that should have prohibited them from ever sitting as a judge to begin with.
    Isn’t there a JQC that’s supposed to remove these boozers or something? Isn’t that their job to investigate and suspend, revoke or do something to keep these types of idiots from doing this stuff and to at least make an attempt to restore public confidence to the bench, even in Broward. Or are they a bunch of political boozers themselves?

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    It’s a sad situation when anyone has a drinking problem but that does not excuse this judge from the same law she was taught. If I was a drunk and came to work under the influence I would be removed and offered help, the same thing should apply to her. Being a judge is not a special pass to break the law.

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    I hope she does well but, many of us are tired of judges sticking their noses in the air and treating us like shit.

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    What must anyone that witnessed this drunken escapade have thought about what goes on in Broward Courts? Now it’s been two drunken Broward Judges caught inebriated within a matter of a month or so? Face it, Broward sure has any number of judges that have real problems while at the same time enforcing the law under a totally separate set of standards than that which apply to them apparently.

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    I don’t think they should be drinking if that’s what it was, and then sitting as a judge. These people need to go.

  81. 0


    Yes, an impaired judge must be removed immediately. Remove Pollack from the bench now. BTW, AA does not work, very low success rate, around 5%. Otherwise, there are addicts of various kinds including religious addicts, and self-righteous addicts. To the obnoxious ‘fudge packer’ comment @11:39, there is more sodomy amongst heterosexual couples than gays.

  82. 0


    My friend could not get a teaching position in a Catholic school because she was not Catholic, so now people are protesting about a gay teacher being removed from his position? When they re-write the Bible then I might change my mind but I doubt that is going to happen.

  83. 0


    All you racist and homophobic twits are in for a real surprise when you meet THE LORD.

    THE LORD will be BLACK and GAY and will send you to HELL while you are still standing with your mouth open trying to process how stupid you were.

    As for the good people out there THE LORD will be whatever you want THE LORD to be.

    Unfortunately the righteous path is the one less travelled.

  84. 0


    Gotta feel somewhat sorry for Judge Pollack. She looks like she’s been thru the mill on this video with Norman. I’m afraid she’ll have to step down after this despite the excuses of others that look like they need rehab themselves.

  85. 0


    I have a serious question for all you folks, especially the lawyers, in Broward: Does anybody up there ever do the right thing based upon what the law requires, rather than what you can get away with because of whom you know?

    Case in point: Pollack HAS to be suspended from the bench and suspended as a lawyer, BECAUSE SHE HAS BEEN DRUNK ON THE BENCH. You don’t get a pass on such illegal acts because Howard Finkelstein lets you braid his ponytail. This is ridiculous. She is getting a pass because she is a well-connected white woman. Ridiculous. Jack Thompson, Miami

  86. 0


    She’s probably imbibing in some spiked eggnog about now. Drunk judges in Broward? No big surprises here. Broward has the worst judges in the state. If they’re not running around with their pants down, lying under oath, now they’re showing up in court drunk as a skunk still thinking they can do whatever they want because there will be no blow back.
    This makes what, two judges staggering around with blood alcohol levels probably off the chart and they’re still sitting on the bench?
    You gotta admit, Broward has some real winners in black acting holier than thou and crying about how their personal problems somehow make it alright. It’s a downright disgrace. That fat lawyer that was interviewed making excuses for her is even worse. What kind of show are they running here in Broward anyway? What’s worst is we’ve got a chief judge in Broward that thinks it’s somehow perfectly acceptable talking about how wonderful a person both of them are.
    Don’t think that excuse would be considered if Joe Schmo gets pulled over for DUI of shows up drunk for work. These double standards for Broward judges and everybody else is why people don’t have any respect for out justice system anymore in a county where judges get away with this stuff all because they think there will be no repercussions for their actions. Where’s the JQC and what are they doing about this deplorable display? Like everyone else, looking the other way!

  87. 0


    Here is my Christmas promise to all the sane people in Broward. You three know who you are: I am going to expose The Bar’s and the JQC’s cover-up of Pollack’s incapacity. Why? Because impaired public officials affect the public. Duh!

  88. 0


    OMG PEOPLE!!! Give it a rest and move on! It’s been a week! leave her alone and look in the mirror and be Thankful your shortcomings haven’t been made brutally public. Please let her deal with this in peace, on or off, suspended or not. It is CLEARLY no ones business but HERS!!! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!

  89. 0


    Allen would have us turn away from the fact that a government official has been impaired on the job and is not being suspended by the Supreme Court pending her proven rehab. Give it a rest, Allen?

    Are you out of your lawless, nihilist mind? The citizens of this state have a RIGHT to have sober judges on the bench. She does not get a pass because she is a good-looking, politically-connected white woman. How dare you, Allen. You must be a drunk, too.

  90. 0


    Why didn’t Pollack just call in sick? I mean, after all, it’s not like they have to work much anyway. Look at Daiz just as an example. Do any of these judicial punks actually work a full work week? I doubt it.
    Empty courtrooms, and a cj asking the legislature for more judges? What’s up with that when you’re lucky if you catch a few of them sticking around after noon and that’s if they come in at all. Don’t have much sympathy for Judge Pollack or any other judge that comes in drunk whether she’s a good judge or not.
    It’s totally unacceptable for this type of behavior whether they are being paid by public funds or not.
    Her video is one of the most telling I’ve ever seen. I’ll stay out of Broward if I’m looking for fairness or sobriety from it’s judges.
    You’ve got evidence of the worst kind depicting a judge in that condition. Horrible example. She needs to step down or be removed immediately. Is there no oversight to protect the public from something like this?
    How can she be trusted to make any decisions in an official capacity? And she’s in drug court of all things dealing with young people with like problems? I just can’t understtand why she’s still working as a judge.

  91. 0


    Pollack is being protected by the JQC and others for a corrupt reason.

    I’ll be happy to explain shortly. This is a huge gamble by the powers that be, and it is a gamble that has already failed, as the cover-up is unraveling.

    Stay tuned

  92. 0


    Not surprising. Everything else regarding whacked out judges in broward is covered up, so I don’t see why this whack would be any different. Broward sure lives up to its reputation time after time regarding poor judges. She looked like she was totally out of it. How she can continue to sit after they caught her on tape is really out there, even for broward county! Just how many judges does it take before something is actually done to weed them out of office. This one, the evidence is clear beyond any question.

  93. 0


    There is a full-court press going on to cover up, and pretend it didn’t happen, the alcoholism of Judge Gisele Pollack.

    The folks involved in Broward are the individuals who want marijuana legalized, and to treat all drug use and possession not as a criminal act but as a medical problem. Pollack has been one of the leaders of the judicial effort in this regard.

    The folks involved in this cover-up have a right to their opinions. What they do not have a right to do is seek to apply a double standard to Pollack in order to save her. The law requires that she be suspended from the practice of law and from the bench.

    This is all a very big deal. Power levers are being pushed to nullify the law to protect the princess of decriminalization. This will not succeed.

  94. 0


    The only way to help an alcoholic is to hold them accountable for their actions. I think Judge Pollock is a wonderful person but she should not be treated any differently than anyone else who shows up for work intoxicated. If she was my babysitter she would be fired. As a judge she has the power to remove people’s freedom and to argue that it is okay for her to exert that power when she is drunk because she is a nice person is not only ridiculous but enabling.

  95. 0


    And the other side of the impairment coin is that a judge who has an addiction problem is likely to be predisposed to being too lenient with those who are addicts, simply because she will ask herself, “Who am I to judge if I have the same problem?”

    Well, you’re supposed to be an impartial judge, not a co-impaired enabler. The drug defendant is not the only one who is owed a fair trial. The state, which represents the people who live here, are entitled to a fair trial as well.

    An addict can’t be addressing addiction cases. Period. Anymore than someone in the Ku Klux Klan should be in the Civil Rights Division of the DOJ.

    She must be removed from the bench until and unless she has recovered, and never again on the drug court bench. Ever. Jack Thompson, So Sue Me

  96. 0


    It’s really funny how so many of you want to hang other people for things. If it were you or your family you would be the first ones wanting another chance. Just because some one is a judge does not mean they don’t have the same issues as you and I.

  97. 0


    Dear immediately above confused person who thinks we want to hang Pollack:

    Nobody wants to hang Pollack. What we want is unimpaired judges. It does her no favor to be able to skate right back onto the bench as if nothing had happened. That’s called enabling.

    She needs to suffer a real consequence for this, like being off the drug bench, of all things, and off any bench until and unless she’s stone cold sober for a long time. Her mother died. We get that. All of our parents dies. Not an excuse to go off the deep end.

    I repeat: She has no right of any kind whatsoever to be on the bench. None. The State and the defendants do have a right, a constitutional one, to an unimpaired judge.

    Now go hang your childish notions about what is fair and unfair on a flagpole and see who salutes. Answer: Nobody with any sense whatsoever.

  98. 0



  99. 0


    we need more judges showing up to work drunk! are you kidding; with some of the rulings ive heard judges make in broward, it couldn’t possibly hurt, possibly improve your chances if they were stinking drunk and on the bench by ten !!!

  100. 0


    Dear Pollack Coverup:
    Ah conspiracy theorist are the best. Obama was not born here, he’s not “legitimately elected”, etc., etc. etc., blah blah blah. Take your tea bag, go home put on fixed news and pleasure yourself to Hannity and Rush Limbaugh

  101. 0


    Dear 666 Re Pollack Coverup [sic]:

    I take it that you are also are probably thrilled with NSA surveillance, because you think “I have nothing to hide, so the Fourth Amendment might as well be shredded.”

    You’re the very type of person who thinks that Drunk Pollack has a “right” to be on the bench, no matter how impaired she is, because she runs her drug court like there should be no responsibility for criminal drug possession and use. You probably feel this way because you’re quite probably a recreational drug user yourself.

    Thus, Pollack should be allowed to skate, drug offenders she oversees should be allowed to skate, and anybody who thinks otherwise is a “masturbating teabagger,” right?

    What you are is a nihilist moron. Thanks for proving that all of us who think Pollack needs to be in the private sector are absolutely right. She can’t sit in judgment of anybody, especially not addicts.

    What a complete Obamaphile you are. Jack Thompson so sue me

  102. 0


    This girl has the wrong job! And whoever is supposed to be checking on her is equally as guilty of negligence when it comes to looking out for the public.

  103. 0


    Judge Cindy Imperato and Judge Gisele Pollack need a review course on the dangers of DRINKING AND DRIVING
    Judges with substance abuse problems should not be allowed and definitely should not be hearing any cases of the same

  104. 0


    How many broward judges does this make that r in rehab now or have been in rehab at one point or another? Anybody know? Not how many should be in rehab! lol

  105. 0


    Dear One:

    In response to your request that I stop acting like a jackass, I am afraid I cannot comply.

    My first name is Jack, and my middle name is Ass, so to do so would be to deny myself, my identity, and my heritage as a lawyer, most of whom, if not sharing my name, share my propensities.

    Now, having said that, why don’t you, you obvious genius, enunciate what you find that I have posted here about The Sainted Drunken One, Gisele Pollack, that you find objectionable? Is it my notion that impaired judges should not be serving on the bench? Is it that defendants, as well as the state, have a right to a compos mentis jurist? Is it that judges should be held to the same standard as lawyers when it comes to substance abuse? What exactly do you have a problem with, as to my views on this, which, in reading the posts on this thread, seem to be shared by 90%+ of the other posters here?

    You see, of fair one, the problem is not that I am a Jack Ass, but rather that you have no freaking sense. You are most likely a substance addict yourself, which explains your looking the other way as to Pollack and also your complete inability to put a cogent argument together. Get into rehab yourself. Jack Ass Thompson

  106. 0


    Florida the sunshine State Slogan for Drinking and driving.

    You Drink…You Drive…You lose!

  107. 0



  108. 0


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    Alabama 261 29% 257 30%
    Alaska 21 29% 15 25%
    Arizona 212 26% 227 28%
    Arkansas 154 28% 143 26%
    California 774 27% 802 28%
    Colorado 160 36% 133 28%
    Connecticut 94 43% 85 36%
    DC 8 30% 4 27%
    Delaware 41 41% 34 30%
    Florida 694 29% 697 29%
    Georgia 271 22% 301 25%
    Hawaii 45 45% 51 40%
    Idaho 50 30% 54 29%
    Illinois 278 30% 321 34%
    Indiana 207 28% 228 29%
    Iowa 83 23% 92 25%
    Kansas 108 28% 98 24%
    Kentucky 172 24% 168 23%
    Louisiana 219 32% 241 33%
    Maine 23 17% 49 30%
    Maryland 161 33% 160 32%
    Massachusetts 126 34% 123 35%
    Michigan 256 29% 259 28%
    Minnesota 109 30% 114 29%
    Mississippi 159 25% 179 31%
    Missouri 258 33% 280 34%
    Montana 82 39% 89 43%
    Nebraska 45 25% 74 35%
    Nevada 70 28% 82 32%
    New Hampshire 27 30% 32 30%
    New Jersey 194 31% 164 28%
    New Mexico 104 30% 97 27%
    New York 328 28% 344 29%
    North Carolina 359 29% 402 31%
    North Dakota 63 43% 72 42%
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    Oregon 96 29% 86 26%
    Pennsylvania 398 31% 408 31%
    Puerto Rico 103 29% 104 30%
    Rhode Island 26 39% 24 38%
    South Carolina 309 37% 358 41%
    South Dakota 33 30% 45 34%
    Tennessee 259 28% 295 29%
    Texas 1,216 40% 1,296 38%
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    West Virginia 93 28% 95 28%
    Wisconsin 197 34% 200 33%
    Wyoming 38 28% 40 33%

    National 9,865 30% 10,322 31%
    – See more at:

  109. 0


    The JQC has just informed me in writing that it will consider charges against Broward Judge “Pour Me Another One” Pollack. This is big stuff. If you want a copy of the scanned correspondence from the JQC, plus my formal sworn complaint against her, let me know. Jack Thompson at

  110. 0


    Jack Thompson here. I have no earthly idea how to “Post it,” as you demand, without any please attacked to the demand, or even if you had been courteous.

    Do you know how a mere poster can post documents here? I do not. But I sent it to Bill Gelin. Why don’t you ask him to “Post it” or tell him “Post it.” I sent it to him, and he has the document.

    Bill only communicates with me when he wants help with The Florida Bar. Otherwise he is incommunicado. So send your demand to Bill.

  111. 0


    Please post it Jack
    you can use a publishing website for example google docs or scribd with a link

  112. 0



  113. 0


    What’s with all these drunk judges? You’d think with as little time as they spend working, the stress factor wouldn’t be a problem.

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