Thoughts and prayers go out to the Robinson family, as Mary remains in critical condition following a mid-trial collapse yesterday afternoon around 5:00 PM.  Obviously this is a time to respect the Robinson family’s privacy, but in light of the fact mainstream media is aware of the situation and the abundant courthouse rumors, this has been posted.  

God Bless …

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    Bill, you do this all the time at this blog. I, and others of us, have no earthly idea who “Robinson” is and what the circumstances are as to what you are talking about. I have “googled” Robinson and collapse and critical. Nothing found on any news link.

    Why in the world when you post something like this don’t you give us a clue as to what the heck you are referring to? Jack Thompson

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    Once time, just this one time, can we get through this blog post without one sarcastic, mean-spirited, under-handed anonymous comment? I have my doubts but as an idealist and dreamer, I somehow keep the faith! One big step for local mankind……too much to ask? I think not. Our hearts and prayers go out to Mary and her family, one of Broward’s hardest working, uncorruptable, apolitical, neutral and detached magistrates….on the local bench! Rest Mary as much as needed and GET WELL!! Our prayers are with you!!

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    you should investigate the partying habits of one hopeful judicial candidate that put her name in to run against an incumbent judge. this particular lady likes to bar hop, drink a lot and drive. figure out who it is and watch her. if she isn’t driving drunk, then her police husband is the one driving them drunk. she’s easy to find, look to the nearest water-hole or strip club and count her drinks. you may end up following her to more than one place each time, she sure does like to party!

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