8 thoughts on “RECOVERY!”

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    So glad to hear Judge Robinson is doing better.

    Bill now lets start a new thread on the news this week that Rothstien testified under oath he helped Judges who he expected to be good to his firm get on the 4th DCA and 17th Circuit. Any guesses?

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    Thank God for those two angels in the courtroom. Notwithstanding the pathetic response time by ems, this was probably the safest place for this to happen. Obviously divine intentions were at work! Thankfully for the judge her family and the people of this county. Keep up the prayers for a speedy recovery.

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    I have learned good values and this is what I have obtained from this Course at large. In to the course, I have developed a positive attitude in myself that has helped me move forward in life. Today I am successful, but, the Course has also thought to help and support others to bring them up, as Roy McDonald has done for us. He is a great person. He has dedicated his life for this purpose.

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