Brenda v. Blog will not be heard Monday morning.  The December 10 hearing has been cancelled, due to Michael Kaplan’s sua sponte recusal Order, pictured below.

Jack Tuter has in turn asked the Supreme Court to assign a neighboring, out-of-county judge to handle the hearing, recusing the entire 17th Circuit.

An interesting turn of events, as we were at one point considering asking for disqualification, given the rumors regarding Mark Speiser’s inability to have consistent in-court clerk support since his legal findings of bad faith against Brenda.

In any event, the bell has been rung.  If you were planning on attending, don’t waste a trip.  We’ll let you know as soon as everything is reset.

In other Brenda v. Blog news, we’ve been told she was shopping around some additional allegations, possibly in another attempt to get a temporary injunction in place, after Mily Rodriguez-Powell said no wayJAABLOG doesn’t know much more than that, but this Supplemental Affidavit in Support of Petition for DV was filed this afternoon.

Enjoy the pleadings, and buckle up.  It’s going to be a wild one.  On the advice of counsel Ed Hoeg we’re not telling our side of the story just yet, but we promise you won’t be disappointed …

75 thoughts on “RECUSAL!”

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    Maybe spending more time on cleaning up a mess of a Clerk’s Office might be a good place to start.
    Bren is still smarting from Speiser’s sting.
    Is every official in Broward nuts or something ?

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    Statement signed under penalty of not wanting to be transferred back to dealing with the public behind a glass window.

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    Dear Chief Justice, I am writing to request immediate assistance in reclaiming the 17th’s teat from a prospective wringer

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      If Tuter can’t guarantee a clerk in every courtroom, it’s time we get a Chief Judge that can do the job. Never heard anything so ridiculous.

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    Take my picture. I’m running to fill my former husband’s position as Clerk of Broward County Courts. Remember the name Brenda Forman.

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    Bill, here is a good solution. Why don’t you just leave people the hell alone? It isn’t that hard. Really. Just because you are a miserable person with no personality or discernable skills doesn’t mean that you should harass other people. I know it makes you feel important to bully and intimidate other people, but you are just a creepy, despicable, entitled coward who no one really likes or respects. Oh, another thing, you are not really a member of the press. Sorry to tell you that during the holidays, I know that you really believe that you are a reporter, but you are not. Grow up, get a life, leave other people alone. Stop celebrating other people’s misfortunes or imperfections. Try to be an adult. I know it is hard, but maybe the New Year can bring some insight into your child-like brain.

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      Given what I know of the involved (including Honorable Howard Forman and Honorable Judge Speiser) I would venture Ms. Forman is the bad actor here and applaud her further exposure.

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      Oh do tell. What are Clerk Forman’s “misfortunes or imperfections” that you seem to be referencing here? Something else besides the lack of integrity issues already illustrated by Judge Speiser?

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      Bill Gelin has done more than anybody I know of to bring the gross abuses and corruption of the courthouse scum, including our loser Broward judges, to light and focus public attention to these scumbags.
      Often the JQC has agreed with Bill and judicial removals, suspensions and recent resignations prove the extent of his admirable efforts to expose deplorable behavior on behalf of various public officials.
      Bill should be applauded for taking his valuable time to report on these issues, and is in fact by many who don’t have their hands in the public’s pockets for anything they can get.

      Kudos to Bill for a job well done !

      On the issue of Brenda Forman : I think her past actions speak louder than any narrative could attempt to describe.
      Judge Speiser obviously thought so as well.

      Brenda Forman as Clerk of Courts, despite how she achieved the office, is a public official and therefore to take her picture is in no way violative of her rights.

      I suggest that if she doesn’t possess the character to realize that, that she shouldn’t be running, if that’s what you want to call it, the Clerk’s Office or any other public office.

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    What a waste of state resources. Who is going to run against her? Looks like she is up for 2020 and only one other person has filed to run against her. This is quite embarrassing to Broward County, again, an elected official who is afraid of media and attempts to manipulate the court system into quelling the first amendment.

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    What a waste of state resources. Who is going to run against her? Looks like she filed for 2020 and only one other person has filed to run against her. This is quite embarrassing to Broward County, again, an elected official who is afraid of the media and attempts to manipulate the court system into quelling the first amendment. Disgusting.

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        As uninformed as Broward voters are, Brenda won’t be able to ride on the Forman name for too long. Particularly when the word gets out. And it will.

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    Hogwash. Going after those who abuse their power that was entrusted by the people of Broward County, is a noble task. Those that choose to serve and milk the gov’t doll at the expense of its citizenry are supposed to be models for our community not opportunist that take advantage of our communities good will. Bill is exposing this person for who she is and I imagine doing so with the intent to inform the community to bring about change.

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    Broward today: another Sheriff going down the tubes shortly, another Supervisor of Elections removed, another JQC Judge embarrassing everyone, and a bully name game Clerk who thinks she’s above the law with a deeply disturbing judgement against her already in place.

    Broward yesterday: NOT ENOUGH INK

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    Thanks for the disqualification, Jack. Now I get a Judge that doesn’t know anything about me. What a relief.

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      For someone so scared and threatened of having her picture taken, she seems quite capable of taking care of herself considering her history with poor Howard.

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        Brenda Forman is a joke and so is the Broward County Clerk’s Office. This kind of crap only happens here. If it’s not some corrupt crappy judge, it’s the squalid affair of Howard Forman and his mixed bag of bile.
        Is there something in the air with these small time politicians?
        These hubby/wife junkie political teams chasing the public nickel always spells trouble.

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        They squirrel away if its against a Judge though. Lawyer will be thrown under the bus. Beware before consulting them for anything.

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    Maybe she was trying to take good care of him. He looked a little off before the much publicized breakup.
    I would always see him wandering the halls and cafe looking for someone to talk to like he was in an alternate universe.
    I was never very impressed with the way he ran the office of clerk of courts. It still lags far behind clerk’s offices in other circuits. It’s like they hire the biggest morons they can find or something. It has a lot of room for improvement.
    But like the Supervisor of Elections, she’s come under intense scrutiny it seems for a different reason.
    What her beef is with having her picture taken is way out there though.
    She needs to get a tighter grip on it.

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    Using Tuter’s reasoning, why would Judge Speiser who found Brenda Forman to be in Bad Faith have taken the Forman case originally if there were concerns with her being Clerk of Courts?

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    My guess? Many possible answers: first they like Howard F so they kept his case (and hate the blogger exposing all the corruption and now don’t like Madam Clerk either so win/win to pass it), or didn’t know at the time Howard case was filed how terrible Madam Clerk is or what she had done to Howard F, or didn’t know at the time of Howard filing that Madam Clerk would be vindictive after an adverse ruling (Speiser’s Clerk issue), or they want a Judge that’s immune from pushback (Clerk or blog) to totally slam the losing party since they don’t like either, or they know it’s going to be a media circus and Broward will look moronic as always no matter what happens so pass it so at least no one can question whether the Judge can be fair and minimize the judiciaries being called into question again and make sure the Judge can’t make any stupid mistakes.

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      Judge’s wife is a factor too. Dian Diaz is a witness for Forman. Interesting cross-examination potential, and another good reason for getting a Palm Beach Judge.

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    Cousin Michael recused himself so he wouldn’t damage the magical Kaplan name. Since I will be running for Clerk of Court in 2020, he did not want to be seen as placing a finger on the scales of incompetence. The hungry dog is the rabid dog.
    Brenda is just the next female I will be “beating”.

    Vote Richard Brian Kaplan for Clerk of Court. Ensuring liberty and name game politics for all.

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