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    So her last name is actually “Feig”? Not Rosenthal?

    I wonder what name the mugshot will be under.

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    Just saw Channel 6 Newscast of the Rosenthal story as it broke on JAABLOG. I have to thank you people for keeping both eyes on these judicial misfits. God knows the real truth about this woman. I’ve taken prescription Ambien for years and believe me, it doesn’t cause this type of stuff. I don’t believe anything this woman has to say. Broward judges sure don’t care much about what they are supposed to be doing. Just hope the voters will dump this woman before she takes a swipe at fellow motorists like the other judge.
    I wonder what her excuse would be that she’s sitting as a judge deciding cases when she can’t even drive her car.

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    News at 6. Yet another Broward Judge caught in DUI scandal on her way to the bench …

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    If she ends up with charges and probation there ought to be a special condition she gets a job.

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    Merrigan it is time to set up and go against the commanding officer like Denzel did in crimson tide.

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    If you ever represented a client who took Ambient as prescribed, you would understand how crazy stuff can happen. By the way, I love the rush to judgment. Hope you do not practice law that way.

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    Aren’t they not entitled to blood without a fatality or SBI? They can ask for urine if the cop is DRE certified, which I think DeJesus is. But couldn’t asking for the blood suppress the refusal?

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    assuming what’s written in this report is fact, the state will have trouble getting a DUI conviction. they have to prove she was impaired by a chemical or controlled substance. without urine, they can only guess as to what she was impaired by. there is no proof that she was impaired by the ambien she allegedly said she took at 10:00 the night before. and, her alleged admission to taking ambien may be suppressed under Florida’s accident report privilege.

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    This is a good analysis from a legal standpoint. It might easily win the day for a regular citizen. However for a Judge, it doesn’t matter. The JQC isn’t going to like any of this. My opinion? She retires, after a few months of being talked off the cliff by those that care about her.

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    I do not practice criminal law. Why did the refusal for the urine / blood go out the door when she refused. I thought that blood was only in cases of great bodily harm. Not sure about urine. Thanks.

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    Why didn’t she give urine to prove she was only positive for Ambien?

    She can supply all the Ambien scripts she wants.

    Without urine to prove that was all that was in her system this absolutely must be filed for a jury’s consideration.

    The cover up is always worse than the crime. Ask Banana.

    If she cooked this up as a clever defense and it backfires, she is deservedly HISTORY.

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    The statement comes in … the accident report privilege does not apply if you flee the scene of the accident and she fled the scene of the accident on 595.

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    Maybe, maybe not. The crash in the parking lot was an intervening circumstance. And if there is no damage to the median wall, then there is no LSA (which requires damage to person or property of another)…and there are no absolutes in law.

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    I know everyone wanted to give Peter one more go at CJ to oprn the new CHbut change is needed now. Please Judge Merrigan step up and run.

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    First question who is the lawyer representing her? Second if only ambien in her body where is the voluntary blood test to clear her “good name” ? The refusal only lead to one conclusion there was something else other than ambien maybe a little Xanax or the like that one of her friends gave her to help her sleep. One can be sure that if rosenthal were presented with the facts of her own case she would find for the government. She is nothing more than a prosecutor in a robe. She will beg for a fair and impartial process when deciding her fate. One can only hope she is treated as fairly as she has treTed others in her role as a prosecutor wearing a robe. Send her back to civil

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    She went out of her way to harass Kevin Raudt. It was horrible to watch. She’s a bully. She deserves to be removed.

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    Do a Nixon, cut a sweet deal for a half division, be master of ceremony for the new courthouse and give Merrigan the reins now.

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    As a judge, just like a cop–she knows what the lesser dangers are for refusing to get tested–lie the loiya said–when it comes down to it–she has mitigated the burden of proof. Has anybody ever re-opened any of Gardiner’s case for her prosecutorial collusion on those–even the ones involving the very same attorneys who reported her, but ignored it in other compromised proceedings?

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    If her only defense is Ambien perhaps she should have read the warning label on the box before driving?

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