A nice scoop by the DBR’s Adolfo Pesquera, who received an early copy of the JQC’s findings concerning Laura Watson.

yesterday’s article:

“Judges are held to stricter ethical standards than lawyers because more rectitude is expected of them,” (Judge) Evander said. “Judge Watson’s present lack of understanding of the rules regulating the Florida Bar, and the most basic ethical obligations imposed on lawyers, amply demonstrates ‘present unfitness’ to serve.”

Now it’s appeal time, and ultimately a decision on Watson’s fate by the Supreme Court.

We’ll post the opinion when the Supreme Court JQC website link  publishes it …



A question of leadership …

Coming Soon: RRA Update: some judges too?
; McLawrence v. Rosenthal?;
Scherer out, Merrigan in to Criminal?; Blacks Will

IN FLUX: Merrigan and Scherer back in play? Developing

(Berman covering county Merrigan & county Robinson starting May 1st)

286 thoughts on “REMOVAL!”

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    Unfitness to serve defines Laura Watson from the beginning of her climb to the bench to the findings of the JQC. Nobody deserves to go down in ignominious defeat like she does. She’s an embarrassment to the bench which doesn’t even take into account her dealings as an attorney. She should have received the old shove-off before now. Not that she doesn’t fit in with about three quarters of the Broward Judiciary. She’s not the only real stinker, but obviously the stench was there from the beginning of her high-wire act.

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    when can we expect the final decision? Will it take a few months or another few years? AND- Will she be suspended while the decision is being made?

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    If they’re as fast as they’ve been with Ana Banana, this could take years.

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    If it walks and squawks like a duck, chances are she’s a big squawking duck, you moron.
    Just another Broward Judge in the grinder. Rumor has it three more are about to go on sale as deli meat.

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    Her biggest down fall was her arrogance and her total lack of remorse. How she can say that she did nothing wrong just boggles the mind. Then she has the audacity to attack the commission itself what a stupid move, how in earth did she fare as an attorney is beyond comprehension. Then to say that she was not personally liable when her firm received over a whopping 3 million but guess what her firm has only one shareholder; one director and one officer. What a load of crap. Greed got the better of her, those are no qualities for a judge. Wonder what her price tag as a judge would be? Good riddance to garbage.

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    Watson made her bed and hoped to profit from it. Now she can sleep in it. Another whack job hoping to ride it out to pension. Only in Broward where it apparently takes a certain type to sit on the bench.

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    Sell out everybody and then run for judge in Broward. Perfect. It really does flow downhill. If she hadn’t been removed she’d fit right in with the other judges in Broward County.

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    Most all of the family lawyers are very pleased with Judge Watson and would be sorry to see her off the bench. She is smart and is prepared for every hearing. I wish I could say that for all the judges in the family division. Goldenberg, Ehrlich, Birken, Bailey, Horowitz. They are always prepared and are excellent family division judges along with Judge Watson

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    I guess Watson thought she was going to pull the wool over on this one too. She thought wrong.

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    I’t just my humble opinion, but Watson was never fit to serve for ratcatcher let alone sit on the bench even in Broward where we get more than our fair share of the same crap and worse.

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    Unfit to serve fits almost 100% of the current and past 4th DCA judges as well as at least 50-75% of the other the 17th Judicial Cir “your honors.” So why is Watson singled out–why was Gardiner “singled out”–and only Once on one case when she should have been multiple times as well as allowed to continue to wreak havoc to others during the process. The whole courthouse needs to be culled–cut out like the cancerous cells they are– and not pleasantly. Otherwise, their numerous and continuing criminality needs to be declared “the standard of doing business as a judge” that can form the claim a legitimate affirmative defense before the JQC and The People of Florida.

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