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    Rosenfeldt yesterday…. the train is rolling in quickly now. Some judges are not sleeping thinking about the train’s late but necessary arrival. Black robes to be traded for Black and White stripes for a long, long time. Going to fall like dominoes.

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    I can’t decide if its Pollack or her lawyers that make Broward look really bad.

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    This is such bullcrap. She has given people in recovery and recovered alcoholics a bad name and has done discredit to us. HERE IS WHY;
    Alcoholics can recover and can be trusted. We are all not going to be one problem away from picking up a drink. Let’s equate it to a disease. If I have diabetes and my mother dies and I going to stop taking my meds and binge on chocolate cake. Everyone has problems and guess what everyone’s mother dies. It is not an excuse. There never is an excuse. Alcoholics Anonymous is ANONYMOUS you idiot. You are not supposed to state in public that you are a member of AA. That way AA does not get drawn into outside controversies. You chose to make it the centerpiece of your campaign.

    Irregardless I wish you God speed but you must face the responsibilities of your action. Please take this message with your 19 years of “sobriety”. You drank because your at alcoholic not because your Mom died. Except that fact and put your big girl panties on and stop drinking or not. That choice my darling is up to you.

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    Alcohol and drug abuse are not diseases. That is a bunch of crap. Just because everyone keeps saying it doesn’t make it true. Stop making excuses and take responsbility for your behavior. AA and NA have a 90% drop-out rate in the first year. Effective treatment is about addressing the whole person not their “disease.”

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    She used to give people JAIL time for walking out of treatment.This suspension is ridiculous. She needs to be removed.

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    Grossman needs to be JQC’d now. He has not worked for over 8 months now while collecting his pension and salary while paying a retired judge to do his duties…pathetic. Talk about waste of taxpayers’ money. Way to go Peter, although Grossman was awol even when healthy.

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    was there more than 1 DUI that Gisele Pollack received?

    Now, I know we’re not a here for the
    8 first rodeo. There’s allegations she’s been
    9 impaired twice on the bench. I’m not going to
    10 minimize that. I’m not going to tell you that
    11 didn’t happen. I’m here to tell you that her
    12 DUIs — I’m her attorney.

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    Oct 1, 2013 – On average, one in three people will be involved in a drunk driving crash in their lifetime. National … An average drunk driver has driven drunk 80 times before first arrest. (Centers … If all 17 million people who admitted to driving drunk had their own state, it would be the fifth largest in the U.S.

    MADD – Statistics
    Mothers Against Drunk Driving
    About one-third of all drivers arrested or convicted of drunk driving are repeat offenders. Click to Tweet. (Fell, Jim. “Repeat DWI Offenders in the United States.

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    The Order says she is suspended with or without compensation. So does that mean she still gets paid during the suspension? Who decides? Peter?

    Bogey, Schwatzy and Maister the Broward Dream Tean, lol.

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    That hearing was a joke on the part of all. Now that it is public, one can understand why there is a current attitude against the judiciary. These private pleas are wrong on many levels. A judgeship is a privilege NOT a right.

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    If Peter decides she’ll get paid and maybe a bonus (just in case she can still vote)

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    That means she’s done. Who’s next?
    Laura Watson? Cindy Imperato?

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    And Pollack instead of immediately resigning which would have been the honorable thing to do, in true Broward Judicial Fashion, will milk it out to get paid as long as she can. Disgusting, by any standard.
    And I’m not surprised at all by Grossman doing the same thing. He’s been one of the biggest slime balls this circuit has ever seen or is likely to see ever. Good one Mel. You are true to form nothing but predictable.

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    I wish Giselle Pollack well and hope she finds strength to fight her abuse demons.

    To those of you who aren’t (admitted) users and/or abusers, don’t pass judgment. Judge, attorney or regular citizen, it could be you, a family member or friend going through the same thing. You’ll see it’s a life long fight.

    So, instead of raking her over the coals, have a little compassion. Tough thing to do when you’re own life is not perfect, but give it a try

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    The saddest part is all of this could have been avoided if Weinstein hadn’t displayed such poor judgment.

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    Silver Lining: Now Howard can boast he has a former Judge on the payroll.

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    I find it hard to believe she got so wasted on liquor alone. Pills were never prescribed? Odd.

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    Browrd has long had the reputation for having the worst judges in the State of Florida.
    Giselle Pollack is but another example of the poor quality of judges here.
    She may be a wonderful person, and from what I’ve heard she is, but putting the general public who pays the tab at risk for their lives is simply unforgivable and even with Chief Judge Weinstein’s attempt to lessen the impact on this judicial circuit, which was again handled very poorly by a former politician and hardly one whose administrative talents amount to a hill of rancid beans, it has once again shown the lack of leadership one might expect from judges being paid by public funds to execute such poor and grossly inadequate judgment.
    Weinstein in large part is to blame and this continues to leave his so called leadership abilities in question. Broward has a much longer list than any other circuits of errant judges whose judgment has been repeatedly called into question.
    Imperato and Pollack, not to mention the infamous Gardiner are but the latest caught in extra judicial activities that prove them unqualified and unfit for the position.
    I have a feeling before the Rothstein Scam is over the Feds will lengthen this list of Judicial Jokers and prove my point yet again.
    When are Broward County voters going to wake up and realize what kind of judicial schemers and so called leaders we have at the helm one might ask?
    Not until I fear a few more skate their way to retirement and the money and benefits that represents.
    It’s a sad state of affairs in Broward and Chief Judge Peter Weinstein is the most embarrassing one of all.
    There is no silver lining when talking about Broward Judges.

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    I am troubled by the tone of the plea for her job. Would the argument have been that the family death and the son’s troubles caused the relapse if it were a man? I am hearing that a woman can’t handle all of that and the job…women are capable of handling the job until family problems cause them to fall apart? Did I misinterpret this script

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    I wonder how it would be received in court if a Defendant who caused a car accident drunk driving home from rehab blamed it on family issues. I think that person would go to jail.

    To think they are still debating whether this person should be allowed to sit in judgement of others after,on top of the crash, she showed up to work drunk on multiple occasions.

    Broward County is the victim of long moral corruption by those in power against the regular people who pay their salaries. This person should be made an example of and should be stripped of her pension for her arrogance and hubris. Driving drunk from rehab? If a message is sent maybe other Broward Judges will get it too.

    Concerning Judge Weinstein, I would like to know who the experts were telling him to allow her back on the bench. Broward deserves to know who they are and why he made the decision.

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    If Bogenschutz was involved its probably not hard to guess who expert was.

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    If you ask me Bogenschutz is part of the problem, not any kind of solution to Broward’s problem with its judges. Greasing the pole throughout the years and taking the side of every greasy judge or psychologist that was on the public payroll hasn’t helped. Interesting that he’s always the one who represents these people that push the envelope to excessive lengths. He may be a good attorney but his clients are always the worst kind of public abusers. That tells me allot about the company he keeps. Show me who you walk with and I’ll tell you who you are. It’s time the old man of the bygone era of Broward think about retiring to anywhere but Broward. It might make these crooked judges think about who is going to save them next time their poor judgment is brought to light in a very corrupt Broward County. Weinstein is just what you’d expect; A do nothing bureaucrat who’s biding his time to retirement himself. Ross may have been the worse chief judge Broward will ever know, but Weinstein is just another hog at the pubic trough who obviously doesn’t care much about anything but the gravy he’s looking for at the end of a career he laughingly calls public service.

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    This thread should be retitled too,


    What most people consider a minor accident can leave someone with lifetime scares and medical expenses.

    I know


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    I should clarify, the above has nothing to do with my case here.
    Almost 40 years ago a DRUNK DRIVER rear ended me. For the last year I have spent close to $100,000.00 on medical expenses and procedures directly related to that accident.

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    Please respond if you can do this, PPC is trying to keep up with all the complaints litigants are experiencing in Family Court….We Need more Help to start exposing corruption.

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    Just one more Broward Judge that apparently the Chief Judge covered for and tried to protect in true to form Broward Judicial Antics by putting her back on the bench.
    She could have well killed the other drivers involved and this stinker Chief Judge Weinstein would still stick up for her and try to minimize the damage to her.
    They stick together like flies on crap when they are racking up the benefits and think they can get away with anything.
    How anyone can have any faith in the Broward Courts with these kinds of judges around is allot more than I can imagine.
    They should all be voted out of office starting with this Weinstein that let her go back to the bench after the first time she showed up to court drunk or drugged up in of all places Drug Court! LOL
    Just how many drunk judges are there in Broward.
    First this Imperato and now this chick Pollack.
    That’s an interesting way to have your case heard: By a messed up Broward judge who is so plastered she runs into two other vehicles on the way back from her own rehab and then cries she doesn’t want to get arrested.
    What is going on in the heads of these idiots who get paid by the tax payers to sauce it up every day?

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