A BSO Crime Lab rep just told us Jim Ongley, former Director, and Randy Hilliard, former chemist, are “retired” as of last Friday.

No info on who the new boss is.  We’ll be sure to follow-up on that issue, and as to why so many drug cases are stacked up for testing.  As everyone knows, lots of folks on no bond VOP holds are being cut loose at the 40 day mark when new law drug allegations are the violation, since lots of new drug arrests in general have been delayed for case filing purposes because lab results aren’t available.  Obviously some kind of overhaul in the wake of the recent Kelli McDonald scandal is underway, so stay tuned for more info.

Lastly, thanks to “Anonymous” for posting the tip on Ongley and Hilliard under GETTING FUNCKY.  And if you also want to leave a tidbit, that’s the way to do it, since the Anonymous Tip Box stopped working years ago.

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    BSO’s William Weselowski, Executive Officer in Command of the Internal Affairs Division of the Broward Sheriff’s Office should be the next BSO employee subject to investigation (i.e. by an independent entity…if there is such a thing in the realm of law enforcement today). When advised of the initial allegation concerning the evidence found to be missing from the BSO Crime Lab (which was actually the second reported instance of such misconduct), Lt. Weselowski delegated responsibility for the investigation right back to the McDonald’s supervisor, James Ongley, who then had Forensic Chemist Randy Hilliard “observe” McDonald herself reweigh (and potentially reanalyze) twenty samples of alleged cocaine (powder) which were initially weighed and tested by McDonald around the time period relevant to the reported misconduct presented to Weselowski. Kind of counter-intuitive to have the subject’s supervisor, who has responsibility for oversight of her work, conduct the investigation into her misconduct/tampering/theft. Likewise odd that Weselowski would then be advised that Hilliard, who has worked alongside McDonald every day for years, had been given the duty (by Ongley) to “observe” the reweighing and potential retesting of the samples. I have complained bitterly in the past about IA’s practice of delegating claimed official misconduct back to the allegedly offending deputies’ supervisor(s), and, therefore, out of Internal Affairs control. Not sure that the outcome would have been very different, but you have to wonder how many of the twenty samples reviewed (among many, many more potentially tampered items of evidence) revealed misconduct within the lab if Hilliard, through Ongley, REPORTED that 1 of the 20 samples was 15 grams light??? Must have been a pretty bad showing, in reality, given the subsequent and concurrent early retirement of both Hilliard and Ongley.

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    It’s nice to know the Lab was green. Recycling all those good drugs back onto the street makes sense since more plants didn’t have to be grown and fertilized with toxic chemicals. It’s about the planet and I don’t see the problem.

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    The latent print supervisor is now the person in charge. It is troubling considering her background in drugs is non-existent.

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    Also considering that they no longer need any points of comparison for a print to match down there

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    Latents isn’t a science. It’s an art. The latent print unit should not even be part of the lab.

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