SAO public information officer Ron Ishoy has promised a response later this afternoon to a public records request JAABLOG sent over this morning regarding a rumored scandal concerning the Drug Trafficking Unit, a long time employee, and possibly the handling of search warrants.  Ishoy stated via email that “other media” will also be included, meaning whatever’s going on, it isn’t an exclusive anymore.

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8 thoughts on “SAO SCANDAL?”

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    Maybe it is SAO policy not to allow JAAB to get any exclusives. You may want to ask Ron Ishtar aka Ish Kabibbble if there is such a policy? They’ll deny it, then you can do a public records request for their office policies.

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    Thanks for breaking this one. Ishoy only barks when he’s told to. Big trouble brewing I think on this one.

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    Didn’t that subhuman judge Liz set up her soon to be ex-husband(drug dealer) by telling her new cop boyfriend where the drugs were? There was a substantial amount of drugs. Daddy warbucks then couldn’t take the embarrassment. Everyone skated on that deal it was brushed under the rug. She is a casualty of the nasty Sherer clans will.

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    We all know it will be swept under the rug because it involves a SA employee. That’s the way it’s done in Broward. Everybody knows that !

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    To determine the extent of exactly what’s missing, all that needs to be done is an audit of the evidence locker. It’s probably long overdue .

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