Jason Blank, attorney for Gary Sheres, sent the following email earlier today:

“In response to the extensive fabrications and misstatements surrounding Mr. Sheres’s termination from the Public Defender’s Office, we will be releasing a comprehensive statement in the coming days.”

More on Opie & Anthony  later, but given the universal acclaim which greeted Howard Finkelstein’s handling of last week’s events, it seems Jason has a tough road ahead of him …



18 thoughts on “SHERES TO SPEAK”

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    Anybody stupid enough to get on facebook and express the kind of opinions like this guy did, is just stupid enough obviously to try to explain his way out of it by issuance of another stupid letter of explanation. There is NO EXPLANTION NECESSARY.
    This dude has said enough already. He doesn’t get the fact that nobody wants to hear anything more from him. Mr. Finkelstein did the right thing to toss this guy. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out where he was coming from and where he should go. Just go away for starters!

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    Very poor judgment on Mr. Scheres part. Makes you wonder what kind of representation you’d get from this guy.

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    Reminds me of the adage ” ’tis better to be thought a fool than open your mouth and resolve all doubt”

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    Neither attorney involved in spewing such disgusting and inflammatory language on any site don’t deserve to work for the PD’s Office or anyplace else. Quite frankly, I’m not interested in reading the letter from his attorney. He certainly didn’t have any problems speaking for himself when he said such horrible things about a whole race of people in such general terms using such language. This dude needs to find a hole and hide in it.

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    Yeah, this one is a no brainer. Finkelstein did the right thing. Bruce’s excuse was priceless. He brought a note from somebody else’s mother that her kid was using his Facebook account. He must have “cracked” the password.

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    Two brainless idiots with a penchant for self destruction would be my guess. Finkelstein had no other option. These kinds of actions will cloud both their careers forever. Working at Wendy’s might be their own best options.

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    Who is Jason Blank? Never heard of him. ” Extensive Fabrications and Misstatements?” This ought to be good if it weren’t so bad.

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    Both these pd punks should get the stupid award. Can’t imagine what blank or scheres thinks they’ve got to say about anything except maybe a public apology.
    There nothing Finkelstein could have done but offload these two.

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    Come on: Both knew the consequences of making such hate filled rants and both got what they deserved for their actions. What’ the big deal anyway. We’ve seen this type of arrogant behavior from Broward Judges for years. Both can find out what it’s like to hold down a real job now.

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    I don’t believe any kind of hate speech could be construed as being covered under First Amendment

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    come on,,,, isn’t there some truth to their messages, although cockroaches and swine might take exception to their inclusion….

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