We’re told Rhoda Sokoloff is dropping out of a run for an open circuit seat in favor of challenging Michael Davis in county court.

Not official until showing on the Supervisor of Elections website …


36 thoughts on “SOKOLOFF VS DAVIS”

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    Davis is one of the few polite, well-mannered, intelligent judges on the county court and she runs against him? Seriously?

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      Sokoloff has big cigarette expenses, I get that.

      But after 5 losses or so at running for judge you’d think she’d have the dignity to take a hint by this point that people are tired of nastytude judges.

      Plus, think of all the cartons of cigarettes she could’ve bought with all those filing fees!

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        So much dirt on Sokoloff on the internet of non cooperation and running up clients legal fees unnecessarily, this is a disgrace to the legal profession, her own financial affairs are a mess,clients by pass her, she is the joke of family court she is right up there with the worst of the worst and can not listen to the voters when they tell her forget being a judge, If she runs against Kaplan I could see exchanging one worthless person for another but Kaplan would beat her hands down but for her going up against Davis is she nuts

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      Rothschild is about as slow witted as daddy. Why this spoof hasn’t received opposition is anyone’s guess. Another dummy that slid in on daddy’s coattails. Wasn’t very convincing as a PD either. Isn’t his wifey the PD that was stroking that monster that shot 17 students in Parkland ? Very weird.

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          There’s strength in numbers. I tought’em everything they know.
          I’ve got to change my diaper now.

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    Judge Davis is an absolute amazing guy, a great guy and great Judge. It’s a shame he has opponent.

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      He is polite, has great judicial temperament, is knowledgeable, and a good fact finder… he can see through bs when someone is testifying and lying… Why Rhoda would you ever run against him??? please run against Frink who doesn’t know what he’s doing alone with Gundersen who is mean and vindictive

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        Here’s a serious women who should run for judge.
        She’d fit in.

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    She should run against Frink or Gundersen, not Michael Davis

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    Judge Davis gave a BSO Deputy accused of sexting with a 16 year old girl in California a $250,000 bail..then shortly thereafter gave a 40 year old Margate man accused of having intercourse multiple times with a 14 year old a $30,000 bail. He’ s another clueless Scott apointee.

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    If Sokoloff gets elected we will have another Ehrlich in the Courthouse only this one will stall cases, put all males in jail, and revert the Courthouse back to the 1960’s with Mothers getting full custody and all fathers supervised visitation once a month. This lady has a personal life that’s a mess, she is a mess, likes to litigate every single issue and has no idea what mediation is. This is the last person you would want as a judge. Thank God she running against Davis because she will lose the election

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      That’s NWO the plan.
      Without dads, the system can feed off of future inmates.
      It’s just how these sick feminist think these days.

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    Sokoloff doesn’t know where the courthouse is, doesn’t know the law, doesn’t care, treats opponents like garbage, needs the job because her practice, if you could it that, is a failure, tells everyone she was a secretary, and that’s what she should be doing now. She is mean spirited, nasty, and crazed. Her multiple failed candidacies is the one good thing about electing judges and she should never become one

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      ” doesn’t know where the courthouse is, doesn’t know the law, doesn’t care, treats opponents like garbage, needs the job because he… is a failure… he is mean spirited, nasty, and crazed. ”

      Thought you were talking about that maniac kaplan. Total nutjob. Chased me down the hall screeching and howling like a banshee after a hearing. Should not be a lawyer let alone a judge.

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    She does not have a practice, runs around DV court to hook a pro bono client then files a motion for attorney fees, no paying client wants her style of litigation, her only reason to run for judge is the pay is 10 x what she earns currently. Hope if she losses this time she retires

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      Monies stolen, no report written. Work product stolen and disseminated with counterfeited forms.

      The DCF / Private Contractor had to take a dive.

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    But The Pedo Industry Depends on This Type of Evil.
    As Broward’s youth, I want her to be a judge.
    She’s a evil Democrat, and will help Satan and the party.

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    She can never communicate to her opposition, always has a sick son, or a death, or some reason she can not do what she is paid to do, how she going to sit on the bench if she too busy in her personal life to sit on the toliet

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    This is by far her worst choice in her 26 separate judicial campaigns. She loses just on appearance alone. She does not look the part. The voters have heard about her other issues and prior elections and don’t want her baggage to become Broward’s baggage. If she cleaned up her practice, improve her reputation and got her personal life in order, she would not be such a bad candidate. She wouldn’t be a good candidate, but just not as bad. However, she has shown us that she is not willing to do any of those things.

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