Feren/Contini/”Jurists are supposed to be exemplary in judgment and temperament. Voters should expect nothing less, given the power a circuit court judge holds. Suffice it to say that neither of these candidates exemplifies the highest ideals expected of a judge.”

McLawrence/Rosenthal/”Rosenthal, 57, a former assistant U.S. attorney, showed promise, but a surprising number of attorneys tell us she lacks the measured demeanor expected of a judge. Still, she was the odds-on favorite to win this race, until her arrest in May …

After her arrest, a breath test revealed she had no alcohol in her system, but she refused to provide a blood or urine sample for toxicology testing, which was her right. She also requested that her booking photo be shielded from public viewing, another right as a former prosecutor. But as a judge and candidate for re-election, this second request suggested Rosenthal thinks the rules should be different for her …

Rosenthal’s conduct during and after what she calls “the incident” fails to reach the standards people expect of those who sit in judgment of others. During her interview with the editorial board, she talked up her qualifications, but failed to show any evidence of self-reflection or lessons learned …

McLawrence previously ran for a county judgeship in 2012 and won the primary, but lost the general election. He decided to challenge Rosenthal because, like others we’ve spoken to, he didn’t like her brash treatment of people in her courtroom.

 Judges have a great deal of power. Their decisions can change an individual’s life. Given that, citizens hold them to a higher standard of honesty, forthrightness and judgment. The “incident” was unfortunate, but moving forward should be easy for Group 8. Vote for McLawrence.


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    Who wants to hold their noses when they vote? Nobody…Vote for John Contini and breath easy. Editors proclaim that voters are stuck with an undistinguished incumbent in Judge Steven Feren and his quixotic challenger, attorney John Contini. Appears as though the Sentinel forgot to do it’s homework. All they had to do was re-read their own articles about Feren. Instead they copycated Feren and took the day off? Voters aren’t stuck with anything. Otherwise pass out the Kleenex.

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    Krasen is being funded by united auto and insurance defense lawyers. I’m not supporting him and ask u don’t either. United auto is not the type of entity that should participate in selecting judges. Spread the word.

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    The voters of Broward County will decide if they want Kasen or not. However, I believe they will chose Judge Ian Richards over Jonathan “Rumpelstiltskin” Kasen . Then maybe he will take care of his personal hygiene. Dude deodorant is your friend and so are baths.

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