Is everybody having fun so far?

We’re not.  That sickening feeling just won’t go away. 

Walk into any Broward felony courtroom, and it’ll grip you too, if you’ve got half a heart.  Damn near everyone in custody is Black, same as the folks in the pews waiting for their cases to be called.  The Drug War and other traditional factors directly linked to the proliferation of poverty in minority communities continue to take a heavy toll.  Jim Crow never died, he just learned table manners.

So keep the boo hoo hoos to yourself concerning this nasty old JAABLOG.  Nobody around here gives a wet noodle.  Those in Broward who control absolutely everything couldn’t care less about changing anything, so don’t expect things to be different from us either.  If you like to tell other people what to do, we’ll continue to hold you to the same impossibly high standards demanded of poor people who can’t even drive a car without being harassed by the cops.

Sure, you’ve got a job to do.  And some of you do it well.  But it was your choice to climb up that flag pole, where one carelessly misplaced adjudication can fall and crush an individual and his entire family’s future.  Call us old fashioned, and certainly Old Testament, since collective punishment is still the order of the day.  All of you are interchangeable, just like the case numbers that shield burned out eyes from the humanity underneath.  From Tallahassee to Key West, rest assured.  If we hear about your foible, you’ll get a star turn, guaranteed.

Your idea of the legal profession may be a bordello inspired clubhouse filled with pots of gold, guided by delightful double standards of behavior, and led by powerful apologists.  But it was never ours, and never will be.  Courage is in short supply in the face of glaring racism, seen everyday in Broward courts, and unlikely to change anytime soon.  So until that certain dream comes true, don’t be foolish enough to expect any changes around here either. 

It’s the least we can do …

Coming SoonHey Supreme Court: What’s Holding Up The Gardiner Opinion?; Why does Satz hire ASA’s who admit to prior illegal drug use?

SS: Broward-led spike in prison population

JAABLOG: How To Win The Drug War (2011)

190 thoughts on “STATE OF DISUNION”

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    Hey Bill, the expression you were searching for is “couldn’t care less” …. you wrote “could care less” which says there is still more room for caring.

    But, hey, it’s Bill … cut him some slack. He doesn’t know any better.

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    Ask the Robinson team why they participate in the sham that’s called Justice while the plight of their own people continue to suffer the consequences of a “double standard of applied justice”.
    I think if the truth be told you’d get the same answer as you’d get from the rest of these career-minded broward judges.

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    Oh, come on: You’re a starry eyed idealist looking for a Utopian solution in a very deep rooted bigoted and discriminatory county where a campaign contribution is worth much more than any disillusioned idea of justice in a court of law.
    And then you ask why anybody in a position to do something about it sits back and does nothing?

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    If you claim to be a Christian-then why do nothing as non violent drug offenders are sent off to prison?

    If you are Jewish-there is no excuse to sit on your ass while young people are turned into hardened criminals or suffer from post traumatic stress disorder because they were raped and beaten in prison.

    The Broward Criminal Defense Bar is a fucking disgrace. Why are not lobbying for change?

    To the Broward State Attorney-why the hell don’t you go after elder exploitation? Why do you continue to protect dirty cops?

    To Sheriff Israel-We want out streets to be safe and our property to be protected. Why the hell do you continue to devote our resources for drug offenses?

    To Bill Gelin-You are inspiration for many. It is too bad that our legal community is filled with apathy and cronyism. We are no worse than Russia.

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    Why doesn’t Weinstein or Satz publicly push for dash cams in every Broward police car?

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    Lawyers crawl all over each other for the job too. Jail the black man for a handful of nickels a year. Sad.

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    I asked a client once why he would have tint and risk being pulled over.

    The answer was there was less chance being pulled over for the dark tint than if it was easy to see the occupants were African-American.

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    They can’t build more prisons and hire more cops without being able to justify the cost by filling them with more prisoners. Simple. All this while authorities look the other way when fellow public officials are found to be on the take and pushing projects that cost tax payers millions.
    Take the example of the new courthouse for instance; soundly defeated by referendum of county-wide voters and yet the scam went on anyway.
    Wonder why? Don’t look any further than the money raised in re-election campaigns contributed by builder/developers not to mention other perks showered on county commissioners that pushed the project.
    And now you’ve got this idiot Broward Chief Judge Weinstein asking for a ceremonial room?
    And this is the same porker asking for more judges for Broward when you’ve got some judges waisting most of the day doing next to nothing? Come on.
    Where’s the pork? All you have to do is look.

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    if the taxpayers knew about the sweetheart deals that the politicians and judges are in control of…there would be public outrage
    so WHY does the media (print & tv) not report?

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    The Germans and Poles watched in silence too. Nobody’s dying this time but its cowardice nonetheless.

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    Read the Sun Sentinel comments. As long as the voters are closed minded bigots things will remain.

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    The BACDL has never done anything but schmooze the butts of judges that don’t deserve to be sitting at all in Broward. But that’s just the way it is. It’s an utter failure as an organization.

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