Peter Weinstein and David Audlin broke their respective silences last Friday, but neither one had anything interesting to say.  There are a lot of topics Weinstein should be addressing the community about, so it’s anyone’s guess why the leader of the 17th Circuit would make himself available to talk toilets, while remaining mum on problems like substance abuse, diversity, safe staff parking, and lazy judges.  The Sun Sentinel’s article is here.

As for Audlin, he confirmed he resigned from the Monroe County circuit court because of JAABLOGThe Miami Herald’s article is here.  We’ll be addressing his statements shortly, but in the meantime, please post a comment if you agree with Audlin that he’s a victim, or if outside pressure was indeed brought to bear, a quitter who should have stood up and fought for what he believes in.  It’s not hard to tell which way we’re heading, so drop a comment if you think we’re missing something …

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    I hear so much GD whining about the quality of judges in Broward. When the principal source of “legal timber” is an unranked law school spitting out how many hundred mediocrities each year, what do you expect? Compare the way Nova & Lox is run to FIU. I know Nova is private, but come on! At least make an effort.

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    What’s the big surprise? The only thing Weinstein is qualified to mumble about is toilets. He spends enough time on them to make him an expert. Not so when it comes to taking care of the obvious problems facing the poor quality of judges in Broward for sure. One of the worst jokes in the 17th. Try getting somebody who actually cares about anything besides getting his pay check and his next jelly donut for starters.

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    No victim here. Amazing how these jerk-offs (literally apparently in this case) whine about how they’ve been victimized when they get their wheenys stuck in a vice. Get over it. He should never have been sitting on the bench to begin with if he can’t keep it in his pants. Whine away about how you were caught shaking it out there, but get off the bench if that’s what you want to do. He was probably checking out the site from his computer while he sat on the bench deciding cases.

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    There is so much to say that is true about Audlin and so little time and space, but here goes:

    For a sitting judge not to understand that if you publicly (yes, Virginia, the Internets, as W would say, is/are a public place) advertise for random sex and then, when this public solicitation becomes known to members of the public whom you would like not to know, you claim that your “privacy has been wrongly invaded, then what you raise is serious, reasonable, valid concerns about whether you possess the legal analytical tools to even be on the bench.

    Put another way, no competent judge in his right mind would claim that the public’s becoming aware of his public solicitation violates his privacy. Any judge that would assert that has no business and no acumen to sit in judgment of others.

    Can you imagine this judge’s rulings on discovery issues allegedly touching on privacy rights? He wouldn’t have a clue, not if his mind is in a weird place that maintains public matters are protected by “privacy rights.” Can you imagine Audlin presiding over a public records law dispute? By his reasoning, the state government would never have to produce government records.

    Can you imagine how he would handle a case in which an alleged rapist had a history of similar behavior, but the defendant’s “privacy rights” dictated that the jury not hear about it?

    No, kids, this is not a principled jurist, if he really believes his privacy rights protect him from the consequences of public sexual intercourse solicitation. This is a guy that needs to go back to first-year of law school torts class.

    Dare I say it? This is hypocrisy of the highest order. This guy “comes out” when he’s 23 and then he claims he wants to be only partially out of the closet. Dude, you’re either in or you are out. If you are out, then live with what you do outside that closet. That’s part of being a man, regardless of your sexual preferences.

    Finally, what is Audlin’s bizarre position on privacy rights analogous to? It is like Tiger Woods claiming to be the all American, clean as a whistle perfect husband and father, and then running into a fire hydrant fleeing his wife who has just learned he is a philanderer. Did Tiger Woods say this was not the public’s business? No, he never said that.

    Audlin, consider a 12-step program for sex addicts. The various steps will compel you to deal with the consequences of your apparent compulsions. Maybe there is an organization called Get Sweaty Anonymous.

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    Even if a female Judge was super hot (unlikely, I know, but for arguments sake) and broadcast her breast size it would make this train wreck of a blog. I say STFU Audlin.

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    Check the judicial budget for “paper products.” There is a dispensation for normal things such as copy paper and letterhead. There is also a line item marked “other.” This is for toilet paper. The soft kind. White Cloud or Charmin Deluxe Triple Ply. Expensive. It’s not what everyone else gets. They don’t have to use the sandpaper like the rest. Don’t be fooled by this red herring article. Follow the money.

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    He wants his constitutional rights back? He sounds like a moron. Lawyers can’t tell the truth about Judges because of bar regulations but he wants to be able to broadcast his cock length and width. How stupid.

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    I get it. He feels bad. Now he has to work for a living. Things are tough all over.

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    Seeing the way they party better make sure judicial bathrooms have condom dispensers.

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    What a complete weeny! You’d think judges advertise the size of their penises all the time out there in cyberspace with the way this dude is crying about being outed. Or maybe they do, but it doesn’t make it right. He deserves worse. Try like removal.
    Why doesn’t he just hang out at a bar in Key West like all the other pervs at a weeny roast.

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    I’d say his feeding at the public trough days are over and so is his so called public service. Some public service. Now he can get sweaty on his own dime.

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    Weinsten has nothing else to concern himself with other than toilets in the new courthouse. Just look at the state of Broward judges if you’re not counting the ones pulled over for DUI. That’s if you cut out his favorite pass time, influence peddling. And old game for an old dog.

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    The best thing to do at this point is to get over yourself. The only people you were ever important to you have all the time for now; Short, hairy little weasels like you with short sticks and about as much brains.
    So before you cry too much, think about the decision you made to advertise your mini frank for the world to see.
    Never thought much of you as a judge anyway, either your abilities, your attitude, or your smarts.
    This most recent incident confirms my opinion of you.

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    Why would Weinstein worry about toilets with all the scandals plaguing the Broward Judiciary? This guy is either completely incompetent or just an idiot. He’s a perfect choice for a judiciary that’s not worried about anything but staying at the public trough.
    He does nothing to remedy the situation while judicial chaos rules in Broward. Just the way they like it. All the while pointing their fingers at another judge and shaking their heads feeling secure it wasn’t them this time.
    Weinstein doesn’t have alot on his mind if he’s talking toilets. Insted of putting his head in the sand, it’s really the toilet that needs flushing.

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    This may be an attempt at humor but the truth is the toilet paper in the courthouse is atrocious. I hope the cj can look into this and fix it, or ask the county commission who technically are the land lord.

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    You’re ridiculous. Just because you can say or do something doesn’t mean you should. You publicly embarrassed one of the few great judges in South Florida. Then you critize him for resigning? Please.

    It’s truly sad how many people (1) get off on humiliating others on this blog; (2) don’t think twice about invading other people’s personal lives but scream like hell when someone does the same thing to them; (3) have forgotten what it’s like to be a human being, let alone a professional.

    Not only was Audlin a great judge, but he’s a truly decent guy with (gasp) family and friends. Your coverage of this is disgusting. Just because Audlin could have (and should have) predicted that some asshole somewhere would post on it, doesn’t mean that you should have. It’s really that simple. There’s not a person alive who hasn’t done something in public that isn’t thankful that some prick didn’t post it on the web.

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    SHAME ON YOU Rafael Olmeda
    Tell the public the truth

    “The decisive action against Pollack stands in contrast to how Weinstein handled the March DUI arrest of Broward Circuit Judge Cynthia Imperato in Palm Beach County. Weinstein changed Imperato’s assignment from the criminal division to foreclosures, but allowed her to continue working as a judge”.,0,2388040.story

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    If you ask me, from the sound of recent events, both Daavid audlin and Peter Weinstein belong in the toilet

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