*UPDATE*- the jury room manager just confirmed all of the information below is accurate, while adding in no uncertain terms judicial administration’s Jack Tuter and Clerk of Courts Howard Forman deserve the credit for the revised May 28th list, which deleted Rosenthal, Richards, and Feren from the rotation.  Well done!

If only judicial administration would let us know these things in advance …

*CORRECTION* (published June 10, 2014 at 11:20 AM)

The post entitled Switcheroo! under Sunday Notes, from June 8th, 2014 at 9:30 PM is ALL WRONG.  All apologies for the confusion, which is apparently shared by some judges as well as JAABLOG.

According to the jury room, the first picture of the Sunday Notes post, seen directly below, is the revised, current list of judges who will be handling the jury-room swearing-in ceremonies, starting June 30th.  It supercedes the list underneath it showing Lynn Rosenthal, Ian Richards, and Steve Feren working the jury room from 6/30/14 – 8/20/14.  The challenged three were indeed scheduled (as seen in picture #2), but after Buddy Nevins and JAABLOG blogged about the inherent unfairness of it all, the list was revised May 28th, which is picture #1, showing Jay Hurley from 6/30-7/1,2, followed by Ehrlich, Levenson, Lee, Pole, Diaz, Miranda, and Gates.  The third picture below, directly underneath picture #2 showing Rosenthal, Richards, and Feren, is part of the same old list seen in #2, which was trumped by the revised May 28th list seen in picture #1.

Got that?

The jury room relates they’ve already been assured by some regularly scheduled judges that they definitely will be there for their turn at bat.  And despite Ian Richards working the jury room this week, it seems the practice of challenged judges leading the swearing-in ceremonies should hopefully be kaput starting June 30th. 

There’s still a lot of confusion out there as to which list is in place.  Hopefully this post clarifies things, based on a conversation with the jury room manager a few minutes ago.  While no corrections were called for after the Sunday Notes post, our follow-up today turned up the correct information.

And now for the apology.

Whether it was judicial administration, the individual judges, or Howard Forman that took action to correct the practice of what has been called jury-room campaigning, they are owed a debt of gratitude.  Our comments were wrong, because despite a long litany of recent shortcomings in leadership, this problem appears to have been fixed after public criticism via JAABLOG and  It takes courage to admit and correct a mistake, and although no individual will take responsibility for allowing the practice in the first place, or credit for fixing things in the end, EVERYONE responsible should be thanked for doing the right thing. 

Apologies to everyone for our mistake, and props to all concerned for some solid leadership in a Circuit that really, really needs it …


 These guys got bumped,
 so these guys could campaign at the courthouse,
 until the week of the election!

Switcheroo! You didn’t have to attend  last week’s mandatory judges’ meeting to realize JAABLOG is really shaking judicial administration’s cage. 

After speaking with Howard Forman a week or two ago, it became apparent judges decide amongst themselves who will swear-in thousands of prospective jurors on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays.  It’s basically split up between ten volunteers who can be counted on to be at work by 8:00 AM either by habit or residential proximity (add Fred Horowitz and Raag Singhal to the names above), and scheduled through the end of the year.  The only way for campaigning judges to get in the jury room is to ask permission from one of the scheduled ten.

But not anymore.

As you can see in the three pictures above, the most recent list provided by the jury room (the top picture) has been changed, to add three challenged judges who have been making regular jury room appearances since qualifying ended.  It turns out they had simply been getting permission from one of the regularly scheduled judges to cover, which means those making way could potentially be accused of aiding the judicial reelection campaigns of their colleagues.  In fact, after speaking with two judges on the list concerning this very topic, one of them returned to his regular jury room duties the very same week!

But that’s all over now.  Broward’s beloved 17th Circuit judiciary has once again shown its true colors on a matter of great public importance, namely the appearance of its own political invulnerability and inability to back down in the face of legitimate criticism.  Despite Lynn Rosenthal, Ian Richards, and Steve Feren not being on the list before the election, they are now, thereby relieving the regularly scheduled judges of any Canonical concerns.  As stated in a previous post, it’s really a shame, and transparently unfair to all those hoping for an election on the merits.  But this being Broward, what
else would anyone expect?

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    Interesting. Rosenthal got Mondays. The biggest day of the week. Lots of bodies. Are they worried about her?

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    How can judges in Broward have any respect for themselves? Their actions are so transparent. They’ll do anything to continue feeding at the trough.

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    Please, somebody file a lawsuit against the chief judge and county for doing this! Anyone?

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    These people continue to reinforce the idea that their authority comes externally from a black garment and from nowhere else.

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    I think Rosenthal is probably backfiring on this. She should be hiding not reminding people. The jurors probably all chuckle about her when they realize the name.

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    I guess the question is who changed the list?

    Whomever decided on a new list is still helping the campaigns, no?

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    It’s about the only time a few of them actually work is when they have to campaign to retain their seats. LOL. So predictable.

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    Judge Richards should get reimbursed from State of Florida for his mileage. It’s not fair he has to drive up from Hollywood Courthouse to do this and not get money for gas and wear and tear.

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    Obviously they think its an important tool to get reelected. Maybe a complaint should be filed?

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    How far do Broward judges take privilege before it becomes an affront to democracy?

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    According to them its not a privilege but a right and no standards apply to them.

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    See this is why Judges like Weinstein. No one has to do anything and this kind of crap gets the green light.

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    Broward judges are an unmitigated bad joke. Puny politicians. The only ones worse are the candidates running against them. Unmitigated wimps that don’t know what it takes to kick these idiots to the curb.

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    Jqc needs to be filed at all if these judges and the Cj as well. That will be the only way to stop this horse shit.

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    Kasen already thinks he won so he won’t stand against it. Doesn’t want to offend his future colleagues. McLawrence and Contini are too soft to take a stand.

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    Bye-bye Mental Health Court! Next to go… Drug Court and Veteran’s Court. Nice job Help Me Howard. Take your ball and go home if you can’t get your own way all the time. What a spoiled little troll!

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    How does one research Feren’s attendance record over the last 5 years, his caseload, and the age of his cases.Does Jaablog already have this information?

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    We appeared before Feren last year with counsel and were appalled by his gruff demeanor and rude treatment of our attorney. He made us wait for nearly 4 months before his decision, which amounted to kicking the can down the road, helping neither side. Twice our matter was continued because the Judge cancelled at the last minute. Fortunately we were transferred to another Judge. Hope opponent wins and is higher quality judge. But who knows anymore?

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    How about a public records request for the judge’s dockets…that might be a start

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    Anyone know a young attorney named Steven Imparato? I had a case against him and he seemed like a total moron. Anyone know anything about him?

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    Do these idiot broward judges ever shy away from trying to scam the public?

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