THE BEAT GOES ON … has picked up on the Mike Satz retirement rumors, and has been given the same official SAO position that JAABLOG received earlier this month: “We do not have any comments at this time.”

The article is found here, adding Bobby DiazKal Evans and John Fry to the list of rumored potential candidates.

For our part, we’ve since learned that Evans is definitely not interested, while Fry offered “no comment.”

As for Diaz, he just committed to serving a full six-year judicial term:

As BrowardBeat states, there will definitely be more candidates drawn to the flame from both inside and outside courthouse circles, so post a comment if you’ve got the goods …

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    Should an attorney, who is a meth addict, be permitted to practice while on the drug. This means representing clients and appearing in court. I’m wondering how many people agree with the attorney that there is nothing wrong with it.

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      uh now that is some Broward lawyer reasoning…someone ran when no one else did so we should now support her when there are better candidates running? She should have had a republican run, but she didn’t have a seasoned advisor who knows the political landscape.

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    Serial Aturd lardass wife poster please drop some gems in this thread. I want to see that hot mama licking her fingers after consuming an entire pizza like the pig she is! That’s so sexy.

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    I have known John Fry for over 20 years. Anyone that knows him would agree that he has a big heart whose has ethics and principles are beyond reproach. I have never known him to mislead anybody and he tries to do the right thing for not only the victim(s) but for the defendant when the state oversteps. Clearly he is over qualified!!!

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    Judge Fry is beloved by all parties and the community. Why? Because he is brilliant yet down to earth.
    Logical yet sensible.
    Fry unites-he doesn’t divide.
    Fry treats everyone with common courtesy and kindness.
    Fry is also a bad ass who commands respect.

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    Retired military, former top ASA, great Judge, a media following and a great legal scholar. Judge Hurley should be at the top of the list of hopefuls to run for SAO

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    Kaplan runs as a Dem, Miller as Ind, Lewis as an R, Sokoloff as a Rubber Nose and Floppy Shoes affiliate. Assuming no one else runs, maybe one of them will win an election.

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    Just saw an invitation for a fundraiser hosted by Dutko and Kroll. Did Dave leave the firm to avenge his loss to Satz?

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    You are going to lose, Gordo! Big time! Start looking for employment now. Let’s practice, “Would you like fries with that Big Mac, sir?”

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      Don’t be so hard on Gordo. He can take my spot at the ORCC. No trial experience needed. They will hire anyone with a pulse and a law degree, even from bottom tier schools.

      Or he can ask me for a job. I’ll need an assistant that can work for me when I’m elected PD or SA or Clerk or Supervisor or Judge or Sheriff.

      Vote Kaplan and ensure liberty and domestic violence for all!

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      Gordo’s got problems from an old unlikely source in his grab for PD. It’s going to involve some dredged up intense payback that’s been waiting for the right time. It’s coming at election time.

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        Weeks doesn’t have a chance. The clowns will be looking for new jobs. The Fink will be forgotten. The next line of PD Supervisors will all carry caseloads. The free ride will be a thing of the past.

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    Is something up? It’s been almost a couple weeks without any State Attorney or Judge in Broward being arrested or disbarred..

    Is that a record?

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    They are recovering from judicial campaigns where they were forced to earn their keep. Lol. Now they’re worried about how long it will be before they have to greet the people again and start at it all over again. Judicial Term Limits would ease the pain and improve the quality of judges in Broward. Anything would be an improvement.

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    Round 3 for Pablo Ibar on the Casey’s Nickelideon case. Chuck Morton brought out of retirement to try it again. He’s trying it with A S A William Sinclair this time. Pablo has a Miami attorney now, Joe Nascimento. Seth Penalver walked free last time. But they may have D N A on this guy. Dennis Bailey ruling the roost on this one.

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      Very interesting that they asked Chuck to come back for this one. Then again, he’s an excellent prosecutor and nobody knows the case better than him. What’s Mikey gonna do with Big Tony/ little Tony Round 2? He’ll never try it himself. Is Loe up to the challenge? Will they ask Cavanagh and Rosse to come back for this one? It’s a pretty big case(s).

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    This is getting very interesting. To anyone that might ask;
    No, this has nothing to do with Watson.
    Look at the email we received a little while ago.

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      No, 23v32.
      We actually know what it’s about. Still, why don’t they just contact us?

      Seems like a little over reach to us. Probably should have contacted them directly instead of the FBI.

      We did nothing wrong, someone else did and it puts us in the middle.

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        To bad we are still on page one Masler you loser.

        YouTube almost 800,000 views. 2450 Subscribers and growing about 150 per month.

        You see loser, if you actually had any traffic on YOUR YouTube channel, you might have to deal with someone posting a comment threating to kill the President in a very specific manner.

        Wait till they come after you for your Michael Ahearn site mirroring the Florida Dept. of State so you can get the IP’s of people registering to vote.

        You are the fraud.

        Without this blog, you are nothing. NOBODY anywhere else hears you.

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    So to add to the circus of the PD office, Nadine has just been promoted again to be guess what…Chief! of Juvenile!!!! This office is a joke. Obvious old Gordon just wants his friends to be in. But how stupid could he be to do this now? he should have waited to see if he would win. but now the office looks dumb. You demote someone then promote them back! Get these people out now!

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      Howie and his band of no cases idiots have done more to lessen the effectiveness of representation of the PD’s office than any PD in the state. None of the Supervisors can try a case and stay as far away from any courtroom as they can for fear of being recognized for what they really are. A bunch of less than competent attorneys with even less talent and no drive except to creat problems for everybody else so they can pretend they are doing something to substantiate their positions.
      Gordon is probably the worst pretender of the bunch.

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        Heard Broward big time politico is interested in office of PD as well going to file last moment with a gripe against Howard Finkelstein. If so, the rest of the smalltime goofballs won’t stand a chance. Howard has made some real political enemies over the years and the time is ripe for payback.

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    What u need is the community to line your pockets I think is what u really mean. These bimbos will do and say anything to make our community feel like we need them when representing yourself often gets u a better outcome. Broward is full of bimbos like this one. Check out all the angles before hiring an attorney if u really need one, and pay them incrementally to assure your getting your monies worth. If not, fire 🔥 them and move on.

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