ASA busted for drug possession …

In Peter Weinstein’s courthouse, you don’t have to be a judge to get arrested on substance abuse related charges.  Following the DUI arrests of Cindy Imperato and Gisele Pollack, ASA Molena Mompoint was busted Monday night, accused of Possession of Methamphetamine

Another sad day for the Broward legal community, and most importantly, the community we serve.  And still nothing from the chief judge, the captain of the ship.  Quite the opposite, in fact, since Weinstein has taken to issuing statements through a spokesperson, as he did on the occasion of Pollack’s car crash with injuries.  Not very reassuring, even to a citizenry used to a justice system that’s the laughing stock of the state.

Let’s face it.  Weinstein didn’t create the culture of permissiveness, hypocrisy and double standards that permeates the courthouse elite.  And he can’t control everyone wearing a robe or a badge.  But after four years at the helm, one thing is certain: Weinstein is either incapable or unwilling to take necessary steps to lead the 17th Circuit to a place of respectability and dignity in a county bruised by decades of corruption and corresponding public distrust of its legal system.  And with the Rothstein, Gardiner, and Watson matters threatening to further darken the clouds over the courthouse, things can only get worse.

It’s time for a change.  Not mushy public platitudes while backroom deals are cut concerning the chief judgeship in 2017, but honest to goodness, old-fashioned leadership.  Someone must come forward from within the ranks of the judiciary to remind the public that the vast majority of Broward lawyers and judges are hard working, capable individuals.  Someone who isn’t afraid to break a few eggs or lose a few votes, and set a good example by handling a docket at the same time.

For instance, courthouse counseling and substance abuse training must be set up, and ethics seminars too, where judges and lawyers can establish dialogues.  Transparency must replace secrecy.  Lazy judges must be taken to task, and the wholesale use of unelected, senior judges running entire divisions must be eliminated.  Troubled or obstinate judges must be dealt with decisively before they become public embarrassments, or dangers to themselves and innocent bystanders.  Regular rotation of judicial assignments must be implemented to reverse stagnation and burn-out, and to ensure an even distribution of the most talented jurists in every sphere of the legal system, as the electorate would expect when casting their votes or going to court.  And most importantly, a strong message must be sent not only to the public and judges, but to lawyers young and old that everyone will be held accountable to the highest standards of professionalism, or face stern consequences.  The perception that anything goes once becoming a Broward judge, that you will be protected by judicial administration and your colleagues come hell or high water after donning a robe, must be quashed forever, if only lawyers of the highest integrity and character are to be attracted to the 17th Circuit bench.

So how about it, judges?  Is there a leader in the ranks?  Doesn’t Broward deserve better?

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Peter Antonacci, Rick Scott’s judicial diversity czar …

Pathways to the Bench:
A Panel Discussion on the Judicial Nominating Process & Networking Reception

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

: 5:30 – 6:30 p.m. Panel Discussion; 6:30 – 7:30 p.m.
 Reception (light appetizers and wine)

Venue: Broward County Bar Association-1051 S.E. 3rd Avenue, Ft. Lauderdale

Cost: $25 for BCBA, Caribbean Bar and TJ Reddick Members;$40 for Non-members;
No cost to BCBA Judiciary




Panel Discussion: A panel discussion geared at demystifying the Judicial Nominating process.  Speakers from the Governor’s office, the JNCs and the Judiciary will provide an overview of the Judicial Nominating process from application to appointment by the Governor, including the mechanics of the Judicial Nominating process and “do’s” and “don’ts” in order to be a successful applicant.


Meet the Panelists:


Peter Antonacci – General Counsel for Governor Rick Scott


Ken Gillespie, 17th Judicial Circuit Judge


Stacy Ross, 17th Judicial Circuit Judge


Raag Singhal, 17th Judicial Circuit Judge


Jamie Finizio Bascombe Esq., Judicial Nominating Commission Member.
Vice Chair and Chair (two terms)

Presented by the Broward County Bar Association,
Caribbean Bar Association, and TJ Reddick


149 thoughts on “THE MESSAGE IS CLEAR”

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    Love Bill Gelin and this blog, but, Bill, you’ve got it all wrong: The problem in all this is NOT Broward’s Chief Judge. It is the Florida Supreme Court and its lapdog, the JQC. The JQC was provided in December of last year a sworn complaint alerting it, and the High Court, that Gisele Pollack was on the bench, impaired.

    What was done? Nothing, because she has “friends in high (no pun) places.”

    The Chief Judge could not order a suspension and real detox and rehab. Only the JQC could recommend that to the High Court. Read Florida Statutes on that.

    Now, a week after Pollack was arrested for being, again, a human missile on the roadways, the JQC has STILL not acted. The Supreme Court, which knows about all this, STILL has not acted.

    Why? Because Pollack has “friends in high places.” Palm Beach Judge Barry Cohen gets reprimanded for correctly criticizing this state’s antiquated drug laws, because his comments “caused the public to lose confidence in the judiciary.” Really? A judge telling the truth caused the public to lose confidence in judges? It was in fact the first time the public had any reason, in the last decade, to have ANY confidence in judges.

    What we have in this state is a cabal of The Florida Bar/the JQC/the Supreme Court to protect criminality in lawyers and judges and target whistle-blowing lawyers and judges.

    It is time for a federal grand jury to investigate and charge this criminality that goes all the way to the High Court.

    Broward, stop pretending it’s your county that is dysfunctional. The whole state is dysfunctional.

    Bill Gelin, wake up. Jack Thompson

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    There already is rotating Judges. Every time one gets arrested or caught with their pants down at a conference, they get moved.

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    Asking them to bag a guy that lets them do as they please is like stopping monkeys at the zoo from flinging poop. It’s not gonna happen.

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    Lucky little prosecutor finds out first-hand driving while black is real.

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    How is it the chief judge’s fault a lawyer was arrested? LIL bit of a stretch here, Gelin.

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    Rotating won’t work. Some of these bulbs aren’t bright enough to tackle new practice areas and others brains have atrophied after 20 years of hearing about watery bloodshot eyes. Mixing it up now would be disastrous.

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    Many Judges, State Attorneys and PD’s walk around like their poo doesn’t stink. Why? Because it’s allowed.

    Nobody wants to take responsibility as the Titanic slowly sinks.

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    “If only lawyers of the highest integrity and character are to be attracted to the 17th Circuit bench.”

    Bonus– if this were to occur it would be harder for legacies and spouses to get appointed there would be an outcry.

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    Kelly McDonald must have got the message too. Its like a free for all in Beantown. Nobody has any respect.

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    To get appointed be related to someone on the bench or Judicial Nominating Committee.

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    Yes, there are good lawyers and some good judges, but unfortunately too many sheep, and not enough good guys willing to take on the corrupt system. I will be in Washington DC the next 4 days, speaking and meeting with our elected officials. Just thought Jeff Weissman (Pro-pedophile)Gal, Gordon Brydger one of the most corrupt family lawyers (I saw you give a present to a JA over Christmas) and The stupidest judges Richard Eade and Rothschild’s name will be handed out to everyone and anyone. Alerting them to your corrupt practices and protecting pedophiles and sex offenders. Who knows maybe it will make the news Sunday Night. We are being escorted around the White House by Bikers, with very large signs. Someone should call DCF on Jeff Weissman about his child.

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    Will be in DC the next 4 days meeting with elected officials, marching around the White House, and exposing Jeff Weissman, Gordon Brydger, Richard EADE and Rothschild as protectors of pedophiles and sex abusers. These guys are the creeps of the worse kind and they keep getting recognition for their work. Shows just how corrupt and sick Broward county court is. Please someone call DCF to check on Jeff Weissman’s child.

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    Kenny Felon, and of course no other Judges knew anything about Ana’s banana boys.

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    Don’t you get it yet. Ana Banana measured her boy toys’ legal abilities with a ruler…

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    As I said when Judge Pollack was arrested for DUI and Judge Imperato was arrested for DUI. This is the hypocrisy of the county. People who judge and prosecute others are just as guilty and should be in no position to be judging others or prosecuting others. Where is the high moral standards that these officials are supposed to live by and set for others? Shame on the county and the governmental machine that tolerates time and time again, these transgressions by its officials. And then everyone wonders why there is so much sinicism when it comes to the courts and law. And while this ASA is suspended, the two judges are still getting paid unless I am incorrect on this.

    These ongoing stories do nothing to help people respect the police, the courts, the judges or the other officials that work in government. And yet these same individuals will return to their jobs at some point just as Pollack did after her last incident of word slurring in the courtroom and Imperato did although not to the criminal bench. And they will sit in judgement of others………….What a shame and what an embaressment but these people have so shame whatsoever. They have no pride in themselves. They live by a double standard. They all should go.

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