Pictured above is the only statue of Napoleon Bonaparte Broward believed to exist in a public space in Broward County.  It welcomes visitors to the North Wing of the central Broward County Courthouse, where all felony/prison cases are handled. Judges and the state attorney here have supplied the Florida prison system with roughly 7,231 of its current residents, and thousands upon thousands more throughout the years who have since been released or died. Perversely, given the wildly disproportionate rates of incarceration doled out to blacks throughout Florida and the nation, inmates or their family members all must pass the cryptic visage of the county’s namesake, who famously advocated as Florida’s governor for the transportation and permanent banishment of all black United States citizens from their homes and nation, some forty years after the Civil War ended.

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(Above Napoleon Broward speech text found at the UF Archive Series 4 – Speeches and Writings 1905-1908 and n.d. … )

Just another day in Broward felony courts …

(Who Said That?/Miami Herald: 1972)

There’s no need to rehash here the ongoing national dialogues concerning racism in the criminal justice system, or the display of Confederate statues, symbols, and naming rights. But given the current prominence of the debates, years after these issues were first broached on JAABLOG, isn’t it about time courthouse stakeholders Jack Tuter, Mike Satz, Howard Finkelstein, Scott Israel, and Brenda Forman agree to transport Napoleon Broward’s statue as far away from the courthouse as possible?

We’ll be emailing and calling them next week to see.  Let’s hope they don’t pass the buck to the County Commission … 


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    Who was the moron that put it there in the first place? Shazam, a southern white male of that era was a pos. Crazyiness, should’ve known better. Ain’t like that part of the courts was built in the 50’s.

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    Always thought the statue of Napoleon Broward pretty much summed up the attitude of most of the judges of Broward and the entire Criminal Justice System ! NHI ? The list is lengthy.

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      From jaablaw 12 / 2016
      List Of Sitting Broward Circuit Felony Criminal Judges Disparate Sentencing Percentages:

      These percentages measure the additional confinement given to black defendants. A negative figure indicates white defendants were given more time.

      Felony Level 3rd 2nd 1sts

      Paul L. Backman 7% 23% -3%

      Dennis D. Bailey 68% N/A N/A

      Martin J. Bidwill 25% 20% 20%

      Bernard Bober 46% 62% 45%

      Geoffrey D. Cohen 8% -5% 7%

      David Haimes 42% 8% 292%

      Ilona M. Holmes 13% 7% 14%

      Ernest Kollra N/A

      Jeffrey R. Leveson 55% 95% 49%

      Edward H. Merrigan -1% 5% N/A

      Lisa M. Porter 73% 19% 144%

      Ari Abraham Porth 13% -16% N/A

      Michael A. Robinson 16% 5% 65%

      Michael Ian Rothschild 59% 44% -13%

      Elizabeth Scherer 25% 14% 136%

      Andrew L. Siegel 36% 47% 57%

      Anuraag Singhal 62% 97% 58%

      Michele Towbin Singer 24% 8% -14%

      Michael Usan 25% -14% 227%


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        Useless statistics. Ever think that the white people used for the statistics were committing less serious crimes? There are serious and less serious crimes for each degree of felony- for instance both aggravated assault and driving while license suspended third offense are third degree felonies. You dont think the aggravated assault deserves more time? Same is true for second degree (aggravated battery versus grand theft over $5000) and first degree felonies (attempted murder versus possession of a large amount of cocaine). If someone commits a serious crime do you really want the community wasting time feeling bad they got a long prison sentence?

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    Why not put a porta potty in the middle of the rotunda? Weinstein’ shoe shine stand didn’t work out but the terlet should get plenty of use.

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    Let’s not stop there…change the name of the county as well. What about City of Plantation and all it’s street names in the south acres like mount Vernon, etc. or over town in Dave county. How about Dixie Polk county names. So we can truly erase the past no names for people or places just numbers.

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      Good idea. Miami and Palm Beach aren’t named for a gigantic bigot. How about Fort Lauderdale County? It’s not a backwater anymore and the new name would help with tourism and development.

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    When you think of your own personal history, your remember both the good and the bad. All of the good and bad came together to put you where you are today. All of the good and bad today will make you who you are in the future. There is nobody who is 100% good or 100% bad. We should not think in absolutes, but rather recognize the dichotomy. It is perfectly fine to recognize an individual for his positive characteristics while still remembering his shortcomings.

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    thats a great point….how can we continue to live now in a county by this name? Or Plantation, or Dixie Highway!! Help me howard!

    Ha..Gelin didnt think this out when he hatched this statue idea hoping it might finally garner him the media fame this blog has conferred on other lawyers. But watchl, Gelin is going to push this and push this until he finally gets his mug on TV at last.


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    Too bad there isn’t a Vietnam to ship them too. That’s how Jim Crow did it before the mass incarceration era. What a County where the Republicans hoist their agenda on the majority Democrat population.

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      Another equally as bigoted quote attributed to another Broward County Judge.
      Diversity Training really went far with Broward judges, didn’t it ?
      Only as far as providing cover for Judge NHI Greene by another black Judge like Williams, and then diversity for Broward judges went down the proverbial toilet! Talk about a sell out !


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          Without a doubt the biggest moron that’s ever soaked taxpayers in the state of Florida or anywhere else. Add to that a lisp and you complete the package.

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      Suggestions for new statue:
      1.) President Dotard
      2.) Mug shots of DUI Judges set in marble relief
      3.) Gardiner crocodile tearing on the stand
      4.) Shirtless Putin on a horse
      5.) BCC alum Marilyn Manson

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          Crybaby Seidlin’s got my vote. Being a cab driver in NY before becoming a Broward judge should make him more than eligible for a contender.
          And of course trying to rip off the old lady in his condo rates him right up there too.

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    Nobody around the courthouse cares about this because they see racism every day. It’s a desensitized thing. The only way this gains any traction is if it’s brought to the general public.

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    Joes who don’t want to be called “public figures” should not practice so much vexatious litigation on issues of public interest that their name/case gets cited in ABA booklets

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      Please take notice that Eric Noveshen (“Plaintiff”) has initiated an action in the Seventeenth Judicial Circuit Court of Broward County Florida, cause number CACE-15-021424(18) (“the Action”), due to allegedly these libelous statements made by “***Anonymous***” on September 23, 2017 at 7:22 am herein. In the Action, Plaintiff seeks to subpoena the records of Jaablaw.com, Inc. for your identifying contact information to be sent to the Plaintiff. Plaintiff has served a subpoena on Jaablaw.com, Inc., the company that owns and operates this website, to reveal your identities. You have the right to file and serve a response to the subpoena. If you intend to file and serve a response, please do so, or notify us of your intent to do so, within twenty (20) days, on or before November 23, 2018, Eric Noveshen via email court@noveshenfightsback.com

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    A statue of Florida Governor Napoleon Bonaparte Broward stands in the hallway to the entrance to the new wing of the courthouse. Against this bronze behemoth we have often banged our head in frustration having once again been “browarded” by a judge up there- be it having our client’s bond revoked for getting a speeding ticket, or some other Broward nonsense.

    Now, posted on the Broward blog, comes word that ol’ Napoleon Broward was….(steady now) an avowed racist.

    Broward judges want to send every client who comes before them to state prison. Napoleon Broward just wanted to send all African Americans to a colony purchased for them for the purposes of keeping the races pure and separate. Since most defendants Broward Judges send to prison are African American, perhaps the statue is a good thing, as it appears Napoleon Bonaparte Broward is getting his wish, albeit a hundred or so years later than he wanted.

    Why are we not surprised that of all the possible persons significant in the history of Florida and this nation, that the powers that be north of the border put a statute of a racist in their courthouse?

    Of course they named the whole damn county after this racist, so why would anyone be surprised at anything that happens up there?

    See you in court, just not in certain courts, and now you know why.


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      I’ve been railing against this stupid statue being in the courthouse for years, long before it became a common thread. It’s disgusting, disturbing and disappointing that judges in Broward since time immemorial have succeeded in being racist, no big secret. But does the Broward Courthouse have to have a statue of a self avowed racist in writing standing as a salute, to be seen every day, to the type of judges we have on the bench in Broward ?
      Even our black judges don’t give a rip about their own people as long as they have a paycheck to collect.
      Where’s the honor among thieves in Broward? It’s every judge for himself in this swamp of a taxpayer paid joke of a Criminal Justice System in Broward County. Look at the trash we’ve got sitting as judges in this place. Nothing more than a bunch of political whores looking to stay on easy street.

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    It is time to remove the statue. I do not disagree with those who say we can not whitewash our past by ignoring it, but there is a vast distinction between acknowledging the past and honoring it. Choices we make in our lives have consequences, isn’t that one of the fundamental lessons the justice system teaches? Choosing bigotry, even over a 100 years ago, means you don’t get a statue in your honor.

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      Poor Dave another loss…the goal of a Qui Tam Writ is to file the action in hopes of getting the feds to investigate the transaction. If the feds investigated and recovered fines, DiPietro would be entitled to 25% of the recovery. Since the Feds declined to get involved case is over. Little Dave fails at another opportunity to make money off the tax payers.

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