Laura Watson’s JQC trial began this morning in Room 347.  A Federal judge denied her request for injunction over the weekend.  No word yet on whether the judge was in pajamas working from home when the Order was issued, wearing golf apparel or a bathing suit, or whether she had to make a special trip to the office before ruling.

Stop on by Room 347.  JQC trials don’t happen all that often, even in Broward.  Both the DBR and Sun Sentinel were in attendance, and a photographer as well, so there should be something in the mainstream media for anyone interested.

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14 thoughts on “TRIAL!”

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    My heart is beating fast!! God knows we need a new Judge with some real family court experience.

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    Federal court denied the injunction, but is the lawsuit still technically pending?

    Is Watson going along with the trial or is she saying that everyone and everything has to be recused because of her federal lawsuit?

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    Is anybody Home? Is it not blantantly apparent thatn this poor excuse for a global ‘Superpower” is quickly morphing into a Socialistic Dictatship, which is arming itself to the teeth with ammuntion, armord vehicles designed to oppose civil disobedience, the movement to justify depriving us of our Constitutional Right to Bear Arms, our dwindling expectation and protection of our privacy and virtually every other possilbe, tell-tale sign that the proverbial Shit is about to hit the fan!! This Country, by and through the current and most non-transaprent and fiscally irresponsible administration is detemioned to shred whatever is left of our beloved but fading Constitution , all in the name of the Almight Dollar and a global monetarty system requiring a national identification card for all Americans!! More Americans are denouncing their U,S. citizenship and troops from overseas have been recuited and bought over to occupy this fading and corrupt nation, in anticipation of the civil unrest and anarchy that is just waiting to explode in the streets of our major cities! Immigration reforms designed to dilute and compromise whats left of our American culture and , the usual apathetic, useless and sorry excuse foer the American collective conscious, is asleep at the wheel! WAKE THE F**** UP PEOPLE…its this very same apathy and death of the American brain stem that is what precipiated the Rise of the Third Reich under Hitler’s Germany!! Anyone who doesnt see this self-desruction coming is without question brain-dead and deserving of their own enslavement! Is there anybody out there???

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    @12:41 there are plenty of people out here but most of us as sane unlike your insane ranting and Obama hating. Take a xanny bar and calm your ass down

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    I can’t tell you the number of friends I have renouncing their US citizenship. I’m thinking about doing the same now that i’ve discovered you live in my country.

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    Spot on 12:41–but your larger picture is too far above most to grasp because they are all part of the problem, not the solution. This cesspool is live and well and so infused with itself it cannot smell its own stink–screw the bar rules and Canons that require otherwise.

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    Wouldn’t waste my time seeing how they decide to deal with Judge Watson. Bet is on that they fry her a new one. Nobody likes her anyway. Just another Broward Judge looking for a free ride.

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