JQC v. WATSON – it’s almost over, folks.  The JQC has rested, and the Defense already started with its character witnesses.  Tuesday saw Tom Lynch and Watson’s childhood friend/JNC member Terrence O’Connor going to bat for the embattled judge.  Star witness Jack Seiler takes the stand tomorrow at nine, with the whole mess wrapping up shortly thereafter. 

Is this a clear cut case of the Florida Bar punting on a serious matter, or is the JQC railroad running full steam, as some claim?  It’s still hard for us to tell exactly what this whole thing is about, and judging from the confused looks on some panel members’ faces, we’re not the only ones.  One thing’s for sure, when juror Mayanne Downs, past president of the Florida Bar, asked Watson if she had checked with the Bar’s 1-800-ETHICS anonymous hotline to make sure a complicated contract indemnity provision passed muster, it really made the JQC look bad. 

And to think the Supreme Court still hasn’t been able to deal with the egregious and insulting conclusions in Gardiner’s Bar case, while Watson’s convoluted JQC matter has thus far proceeded with lightning speed …

“Don’t Blame Us” – in all fairness, it seems some of the Gardiner Opinion delay is due to Respondent’s answer brief not being filed in the appropriate font.  Got that?

From the Supreme Court’s docket in Bar v. Gardiner:

Respondent’s answer brief, which was filed with this Court on July 12, 2013, does not comply with Florida Rule of Appellate Procedure 9.210 and is hereby stricken. Respondent is hereby directed, on or before February 5, 2014, to serve an amended answer brief which is double-spaced and submitted in either Times New Roman 14 point font or Courier New 12 point font …

Come on.  It’s not going to hurt that bad, is it? …

“Beyond the Pale” – that’s how Howard Finkelstein categorizes reports of attorney Bradford Cohen’s  recent outbursts against this here blog, and developments in his own ongoing dispute with psychologist Michael Brannon

You can read about Bradford Cohen v. JAABLOG over at BrowardBeat.com, and you can see /files/34726-32374/jan_27.pdf”>and was forwarded in January to Satz, as part of a follow-up general request for investigation into a variety of issues.  Satz’s blustery responses SDFL: Judge Richard Rosenbaum

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    Hello, kids. Yesterday Judge Watson emailed me and thanked me for information I sent her regarding The Bar/JQC’s high-tech lynching of this uppity judge, to paraphrase Justice Thomas.

    I informed her that both the 1948 Bar Integration Order, entered by the Florida Supreme Court, prohibits bar complaints filed by litigation opponents. That order is still good law.

    Interestingly, I noted further to her, the Preamble to The Florida Bar Rules also prohibits bar complaints filed by lawyer opponents.

    If you don’t believe me, kids, then look it up. Bar complaints are SUPPOSED to be filed by aggrieved clients or disinterested third parties. It is forbidden that they be used as a means of collateral attack by disgruntled opponents. That is the law. That is the law broken as to me and to Judge Watson.

    She thanked me for this information, and I suspect we will hear a bit about it in her defense proceedings.

    As an aside, Mayanne Downs is a dangerous joke. She should be arrested for bribing a judge, Judge Dava Tunis. Jack Thompson

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    How can brad be mad about something written on a blog he doesn’t read.


    Bobby D and Jose I

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    Cohen is just a hot air defunct point man for Diaz. Not that he ever hits the target, lol. Also known as The Punk, you’ll still find him brown nosing around for crumbs.

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    Typical Lit’l Red stuff. He’s hit the mat hard and still whining about it. Three strikes and you’re out. Thought he might have learned that as a wrestler in his career as Dr. Red. Guess not. It’s gettin old about now. You can’t be a championship wrestler hobbling around on crutches, bub. Now he’s just red faced and lookin for work and dreaming about the good ole days.

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    Thanks for telling the truth, Trudy. These people think they can intimidate anybody when they can’t get their way. You’ve shed some more light on the inner workings of these creeps. Keep up the good work. One of these days they’ll figure it all out, but not if everybody lets them get away with these tactics.

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    Pretty easy to figure out what the claim against Watson is all about. Read Judge Crow’s opinion in the underlying case. Essentially it involves fraudulent conduct in settling her side of the case without either contacting her co-counsel or the clients. Her claim that her law firm benefited and she didn’t is silly. It’s all about $1,000,000.00 in the coffers at least. not chump change even in these inflationary times.

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    Another misfire by Diaz. You’d think he’d find a more worthy messenger than Cohen though. He must be running out of idiots willing to bear his load of crap. Cohen’s a weeny.

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    Run for office again Brad if business is that bad. But attacking somebody about how they dress is about as ridiculous as it gets. You’re not on TV anymore, you wimp.

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    It’s funny how these has beens will do almost anything to get attention. Buy the dude a new tie if it bothers u that much. Facing each other off with cell phones isn’t indicative of low testosterone. More like a ball-less wonder shooting blanks.

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    Does this mean we have to suffer Brad Cohen appearing on channel 7? Talk about painful! He can’t possibly be as big a dummy as he looks.

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    Not another Branno Blooper. This dude just doesn’t know when to quit. You’d think he’d have run out of gas by now.

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    Watson is finally facing the music. Must sound pretty shrill about now. Hope they throw her off the bench.

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    Dr. Brannon sure is a colorful guy… Why has it taken so long for the Garfield affidavit to hit the wall?

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    I’m glad to see Howard Finkelstein taking on these monsters. They’re used to sweeping this kind of stuff under the rug. I don’t know what to say about Dr. Brannon and this newest development.

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    From: amendmentone@comcast.net
    To: ajordan@ca11.uscourts.gov
    Sent: Wednesday, February 12, 2014 1:29:12 PM
    Subject: US 11th Circuit Court of Appeals Judge Adalberto Jordan Has Blood on His Hands

    Dear Judge Jordan:

    You, more than anyone else other than the makers of the Grand Theft Auto games themselves, is responsible for multiple copycat deaths and now the mimicking of Grand Theft Auto video games by six-year-olds.

    See a headline in the news today around the globe: http://www.southwalesargus.co.uk/news/11001937.Warning_after_Valleys_
    pupils_as_young_as_six_act_out_rape_scenes_from_Grand_Theft_Auto/?ref=var_0 and also

    http://www.cnn.com/2013/08/25/us/louisiana-boy-kills-grandmother/ as to an eight-year-old who copycatted GTA in killing his grandmother.

    I filed a federal civil rights action, assigned to you, which asserted that I was being targeted with baseless Florida Bar complaints filed by the makers of the Grand Theft Auto games as a means to silence me. I proved that The Florida Bar had done this years earlier and had had to pay me damages for such targeting. You pretended that the prior incident of targeting had not occurred.

    You mocked me for asserting in your courtroom that my “discipline” by The Florida Bar for my appearance on CBS’ 60 Minutes in which I warned American parents that such copycatting behaviors were occurring was akin to punishing Paul Revere for his Midnight Ride. I was accurate in my comparison. I was a latter-day Paul Revere and you are a latter-day facilitator of the illegal distribution of porn to children.

    You lied in your rulings about case law that does not even exist. You ignored my absolute right to an evidentiary hearing as to whether there was any factual basis for my assertions that The Florida Bar was engaged in a targeting of me because of my activist Christian faith. You assumed there was no factual basis without hearing what the facts were, and in doing so you stood the law on its head to benefit The Florida Bar with whose officials you had gotten cozy. You are supposed to treat a complaint as if it were reciting facts, unless proven otherwise. You gave me no opportunity–NONE–to prove there was a factual basis for my allegations.

    You even refused to reinstate my civil rights action when I proved that the lawyers for Howard Stern entered a Consent Decree with the FCC by which they paid decency fines “based upon FCC complaints filed by Miami’s Jack Thompson.” I was disbarred for allegedly lying about the indecency nature of the Howard Stern Show. You know all this. You had a duty to vacate your dismissal order in light of what the federal government ruled to render it a joke. You refused. You are as corrupt as The Bar.

    You were even there at the annual Florida Bar convention in Orlando in 2011 when The Bar gave my Bar referee, Dava Tunis, its annual Award of Merit, officially thanking her, specifically, for her illegal rulings in my Bar “trial.”

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    This was bribery after the fact in the light of day. The Bar had NEVER done such a thing before. You couldn’t have cared less, because you wanted The Bar to grease the skids for you to sit where you now sit, an ethically challenged, lawless judge on the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals. Your buddies in The Florida Bar put you on the Eleventh Circuit, and you would not think of doing anything to inconvenience them, your benefactors, with the truth.

    You have corrupted the judicial process. You have aided and abetted the corruption of The Florida Bar, and what is worse, you have assisted the molestation of millions of children by a video game company, Take-Two, that preys upon them with interactive sex, violence, and perversion of all kinds.

    Your grandchildren will be harmed by what you have done. Nice going. Explain that to their parents, your children. I would suggest that you should be ashamed of yourself, but you are below the act of shame. You had the last clear chance to stem the tide of murder and rape simulation to other people’s children. You punted, because you are a corrupted coward.

    Warm personal regards, Jack Thompson

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    Obsess over you? What in the world are you talking about. I was disbarred for appearing on 60 Minutes and for forcing Howard Stern off terrestrial radio through bogus bar complaints brought by the game maker and the stern broadcasters. It is not “obsessed” to point out that events have proven me prophetic and that The Bar, as can be seen in this Judge Watson episode, is increasingly corrupt and out of control.

    Maybe you are obsessed with doing nothing about anything except thinking of your own quaint sensibilities. Why don’t you obsess about the Constitution? If you’re a lawyer, you took an oath to do just that.

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    Let’s see now… Brannon’s chief competition for referrals in the PD office prior to 2007 submits an undated affidavit that was not sworn and she closes it out by kissing Finkie’s ass. Hmmm… wonder what the motivation was there? Nice try Block-head.

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    So the blog hit another hanging curve out of the park. Why can’t they send a worthy opponent?

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    Ants do tend to get crushed with anvils around here. Oh look, a cockroach, break out the bazooka……

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    Cohen a creep? Whatever gave you that idea? He’s been wandering around lookin to make himself a celebrity for as long as I can remember and still the guy’s shoveling the brown stuff.
    That is unless he runs for office again with the same results as last time. Can you say Loser with a capital L?
    He’s a dumb, loud mouthed idiot with very little talent like his buddies Bobby D. and Izzy with the same gripe and about as much drive.
    Only now his prospects have dwindled down to providing janitorial services for a select couple of judges who use him like a roll of paper towels but can’t give’m any cases anymore like in the old days.
    Keep a firm grip on it Brad. Sounds like you’re slippin bad.

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    Watson is really stupid. With witnesses like Jack Seiler, her fate is alread sealed with the JQC. These oinkers really like sticking together even with the junk they push.

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    He’s just another poor loser with no money now to contribute to the judicial campaigns of oily judges in broward who took it from Rothstein and Co. too!
    Who is kidding who?
    He’s gonna claim now he’s got hemmoroids from the stress of losing his lawsuit against Finkelstein when he’d have better luck just using preparation H and quit whining about how he’s been mistreated.
    Especially in light of Block-Garfield’s affidavit.
    He’s got no one anymore to blame except himself for his own lack of judgment and the advice of his slimy friends who are just as bad as he is.
    Always thought he was full of it. Now it’s clear for anybody to see.
    I applaud Trudy Garfield for coming forward with the truth no matter how much time has intervened. Good for you, Trudy. You’re just another one that realized what you were dealing with and told it like it is.
    He is what he is and there’s no getting away from it.

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    That guy Brannon is not even a lawyer and he so owns you guys. So funny to see how he controls you idiots and you play right into his hands. Bloggers can be so friggin’ dumb.

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    Trudy Block-Garfield just another court whore. Lets see she can join the likes of Sheri Bourg-Carter that had to go because she is devoid of morality. You people in Broward are fools if you are still using people like Dr. Brannon and Trudy-Block Garfield. Want to read about some of their blatant lies just pick up the book Protecting My Child. Don’t worry all of you psycho psychologist are soon going to be revealed all over the net on blogs, and in books. I think your names might even be on the United Nations investigation of people that endanger children. I might be anonymous now, but not for long. Remember the psychos above will do anything or say anything for money. I can’t wait to see if you try to come after me, I look forward to the lawsuits, bring it on. Each week I will reveal a few more corrupt creeps in Broward. The book has been selling like crazy so you just can’t hide the truth, especially when it is taken right from the horses mouth. Or should I say pigs.

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    Speaking of children and you expect the dirty corrupt Satz, judges and lawyers and GALS to give a dam. Only if there is money to be made. I write this for the few good lawyers who fight through the Broward legal system gallantly, knowing how the corruption is perpetrated all around them. And unfortunately the few good judges don’t seem to have the balls to report the misdeeds and perjury of the above people. Here is the biggest clue to any decent lawyer out there, if the lawyer, judge or GAL receives an award of recognition by a jury of his peers then know right off the bat he is corrupt. Take Jeff Weissman not sure if he is a lawyer or GAL who believes in pedophilia. Yet, he was voted lawyer of the year for protecting pedophiles. Yes, I am sure all of you lawyers who defend pedophiles want Jeff Weissman on your case and pay his firm handsomely. This is for the lawyers who find Jeff has been assigned the GAL of your case, be aware he believes that there is absolutely nothing wrong with adult males touching children. He is a follower of Richard Gardner who invented the theory PAS, which Jeff uses whenever possible. Also I think Judge Korda is also a pedophile as he teaches other judges about the use of PAS. PAS condones fathers touching their children, and to quote Richard Gardner “these children should be taught that it is perfectly natural for fathers to have sexual feelings towards their children”. Too bad Richard was a bon-a-fide pedophilia that testified in hundreds of cases across America which placed innocent children in the homes of perverts and pedophiles. In my case he stated that he didn’t see anything wrong with a strange man rubbing a child in bed with only his underpants on. Jeff Weissman will have to face his maker as he is a believer in pedophilia, I hope someone warns his wife. So if you are trying to defend a pedophile then call Jeff Weissman, but if you are trying to defend a child who has been abused then make sure this man is taken off your case, he shouldn’t be allowed any where near children. Also, that includes Vicki Plant Richard Eade and Judge Korda if he is still around these are all people who would sell children into sex slavery if they had a chance. But most importantly along with Brannon all of the above defend pedophiles. So to the good judges and lawyers if you are using any of the people in Broward who have won some type of recognition keep them the hell away from children. Because let me tell you this not one of those now adult children would defend Jeff, my own son in particular wants to sue him for allowing a pedophile near him. This will not stop you people who harm children for the sake of money. I have already started my campaign which is nation wide, as it seems that lawyers across the nation buy into the pseudo-science of PAS thinking it natural for adult men to touch children inappropriately. Waiting for the proof it’s out there, already published and circulating. Bow Wow Jeff, Eade, Plant

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    “I’ll tell you what “beyond the pale” Howard – your 8 head. More powder at 7….

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    Agreed time for change of blood to look at these cases! I have had very good results, honest to the point and straightforward opinions with some very sharp expert witnesses in this field. Look beyond your noses and maybe Howard had the right idea to broaden the scope of who could have all these cases, if Brannon was spending 20 min. or less in jail on a criminal case, what the hell was he doing anywhere near a family case that requires so much more time dealing with the innocent children? Is that where he is planting or lumbering into these days? Is this his new area of expertise, give me a break, then were all in trouble here in the courthouse…having him in criminal was criminal enough please do not tell me his is venturing into other venues. Someone stop the hypocrite fast before someone gets hurt by this blowhard!

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    Ask A-Turd how he gets his feed. From Ross, that’s how. He’s been gobbling up crumbs from Daddy Hog since he worked for Daddy’s little girl spreading his foul odor. Follow your nose. That’s how you’ll find him. Daddy Hog’s been gettin him family cases. That’s how he survives, on pig feed. You seel your soul, you pay the price.

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    Well since we are surely divided on here or at least 80-20% for the piggy so when do the other 20% wake up and smell the little piggy? Seems if a wipe out is in order—then wipe the piggy out! Why is the State being so stubborn and they are juris doctorates? Are they that hell bent on getting the defendant?

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