Thoughts and prayers Marc Gold suffered a mild heart attack while on vacation in South Africa.  He’s doing fine, and managed a personal phone call to Peter Weinstein to make sure his criminal division was in order.  He should be leaving for the States shortly, after doctors are certain the long flight won’t be a bother.  Send a prayer to the Heyer/Gold family, and to all those defendants awaiting sentencing who may get stuck with a new judge while Marc is out recuperating …

Congrats! – the Public Defender and the SAO are losing a homicide lawyer each.  APD Gabe Ermine is out the door, Broward’s newest criminal PA.  Gabe says it was a difficult choice, but the right one for his ever-expanding family.  Gregg Rossman is leaving the SAO for similar reasons.  He’s partnering with David Bauman, who recently lost existing partner Dan Kanner to the county court bench.  But unlike Dan and Gabe, Gregg’s plans don’t include taking criminal cases.  Well done!

Bob Norman, Part II – speaking of Gregg Rossman, Bob Norman interviewed him last week in conjunction with the Coral Springs homicide case where detectives believe they may have the wrong guy in custody.  Click here to see the rest of the story, which aired Tuesday.  We’ve got a lot more coming on this one, together with a trip down exoneration lane, forever named in Satz’s honor.  Developing …

ECO madness – Broward isn’t the only place where the judicial canons are being tested by ECO sponsored advertising.  St. Lucie judge Phil Yacucci, facing a challenge from Steve Smith, won a temporary injunction shutting down an ECO sponsored website, which was digging a little too deep for incumbent comfort.  George Shahood issued the order, and now it’s up to the Fourth DCA to see if it sticks.  TC Palm has the story here.  In the meantime, back in Broward, everyone is talking about the anti-Jahra McLawrence  ads, including some reporters we know.  Do they run afoul of the Canons, and generally speaking, can a candidate be held responsible?  Or are ECO’s the new face of judicial elections?  Stay tuned …

Fun in the Sunshine – click here for Lynn Feig Rosenthal’s judicial application, redactions courtesy of Rick Scott’s Office of Open Government.

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11 thoughts on “TUESDAY NOTES”

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    Jahra McLawrence & the Caribbean Community supported Satz & Ross in their most recent elections.
    Jahra McLawrence is the wrong choice for judge

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    Rosenthal application points to an even greater lack of community service than her election website portrays. How was it possible to get appointed without community service? Where did her juice come from?

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    to 8:53, great point!

    How does a person ask Bill to call him a ‘homicide attorney’ when nobody knows of him ever trying such cases?

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    Scum is scum and Shahood is scum continuing to scum up the works. Shahood was scumming with Gardiner as fer back as 2000 when a mandamus was pending against her in his court for not doing her lawful duty in her court that he and his cohorts were delaying while at the same time he was “having” he sit with him on appellate cases, so that a 3.850 could NOT proceed, and the mandamus necessity was actually case law he had written. and the JQC said this was okay.

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