So you want to be a judge? – here are some of the people rumored to be running for judge next time around: Betsy Benson (for Linda Pratt’s seat), Lea Krauss, Deborah Carpenter-Toye, Brad Collins, and Jahra McLawrence.  Keep an eye on the JNC applicant pool for Gary Cowart’s seat too; some of the above may be applying just in case Charlie Crist emerges victorious, while others familiar to those who follow the appointment process may finally be fed up enough to take their case to the voters after multiple failed attempts to get a fat pension the easy way.  The application deadline is November 10th.

No surprise …  Iris Siple, Chief Administrator for the Clerk of Courts, is running for Clerk, and Howard Forman will be publicly supporting her.  Good luck!

Thank you, BACDL – word on the street has BACDL preparing a strongly worded letter to Pete Weinstein, opposing Lynn Rosenthal’s return to the criminal division.  We’ll publish the letter when it becomes available …

Is the wheel broken? – please drop a line if you’ve got any concerns regarding the various court appointment registries.  Rumor has it judges are once again going off the wheel, and have been for a very long time.  No one around here takes court appointments, so it’s hard for us to tell, and your help is needed.  If you feel others are getting more than their fair share, let us know.  The Clerk, official keeper of the wheel, has provided a list of every criminal/juvenile division court appointment over the last four years that they know about, which we’ve begun comparing to JAC payouts out of Tallahassee.  So far there are major discrepancies, but we need to broaden the comparisons and double-check our methodology before calling for Bob Norman.  Any guidance will be greatly appreciated …

Easy Eissey Mark Eissey granted yet another continuance last week to Cindy Imperato, whose PB DUI was continued to December 5th, which is three days and a year from her arraignment date.  Will this one have any bearing on Broward’s February chief judge election?  Wait and see …

Speaking of North of the Border – PB chief judge Jeff Colbath is all over the news wearing a robe, after wrapping up John Goodman’s second DUI manslaughter trial today.  By contrast , Broward’s Pete Weinsten is in the paper wearing a tuxedo, his seemingly favorite form of dress, having a grand old-time schmoozing with the political set at last weekend’s Broward Mayor’s Gala.  Nice work if you can get it …

Lastly, thoughts and prayers Eddie Kay is in hospice, but everyone knows a heavyweight champion of Eddie’s caliber can never be counted out.  Sadly following on the heels of June Johnson’s passing in late September, days before her sister Joan also expired, a long time Clerk’s employee.  Where does the time go?

Coming Soon – RRA SOL DOA; CJ election Update; Weinstein’s Top Secret Traffic Magistrates; Judicial reassignment mania!

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Miami Herald – Finkelstein v. Hurley

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27 thoughts on “TUESDAY NOTES”

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    Give Whiney a break. He was working hard at the gala lobbying to get Judges the pay raise he keeps talking about. Yeah, that’s the ticket.

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    I guess Imperato is glad she doesn’t have a Judge who likes to say final continuance 6 months into a case.

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    Bacdl talks a good game but they’ll throw her a party and give her a plaque after Rosenthal is back. That’s how they roll.

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    Really, Jar-Jar is going to try yet again? If you can’t beat a judge who is facing criminal charges, on video acting like a wack-job, etc. etc. etc., what makes you think that the 4th time is the charm?

    Who is giving this guy advice? Jordan Jordan?

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    Win or lose its funny he only has to file to drive them off deep end hopefully he’s looking at Destry now.

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    I doubt it. I heard Peter went limp as this was progressing and only backed his Judge after he drew an opponent for Chief Judge. Correct me if I’m wrong but this story makes sense from what I know of Peter.

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    come on Jahra – give it up already (3 separate times the voters AND the legal community have said No)

    what is it with your thinking that inexperience = a good reason to be a judge?!

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    So McLawrence, advocate for the “unsuspecting community,” wants to run again?

    If he were smart, he would wait out the next few elections. But intelligence certainly isn’t his strong suit.

    So good luck again, Jhara. August, 2016, will be an interesting month for your next campaign. There is more hiding in your glass house, but your next opponent will already have enough. You know what I mean.

    And by the way, as if you guys don’t already know, nobody cares what the BACDL has to say.

    One more thing – to the judge who thinks he’s posting here anonymously – you will have an opponent in four years. You know who you are. So do we.

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    Maybe Iris can hire more unqualified family members to supervise at the Clerk’s Office, with the advise and consent of Howard. It is obvious to everyone in Broward that not only the judiciary needs some new blood and serious changes, but the Clerk’s Office needs some professional management that has a client based approach. This will never happen with electing anybody from the current management there.

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      What happened to all the losers with Black Robe Fever? Did they finally give up and realize they have made fools of themselves and thats all they will ever be?

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        I think I spotted one of them in the back seat of a jeep at Bone Fish Grill. He was dinning on “PINK” snapper, braised with brown nipples and a side of hummer sauce. I didn’t stick around to see what was for desert but I am sure it was YUMMY!!!! I just hope it didn’t ruin that new car smell.

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    Jahra does not have enough experience to be a judge. What about the following list of luminaries.: Mardi Levy Cohen Stacy Ross, Liz Scherer, Cal Evans, just to name a few with little to no experience when they took the bench. The only question that group ever asked in trial … Officer what happened next and that is just a short list of our presiding geniuses

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    The only way Mclawrence could ever be qualified to be a Broward Judge is if his daddy was a Judge or a JNC member or if his name was Jewra Mclawrenceberg.

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    Don’t forget about the infamous Adrianna acalde for judge cowarts seat. Rumor is she fibbed about the Harrasment of countryman to begin her begging for the robe. Just what Broward needs. Another lying judge.

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    So what happened to all those grand Adrianna Alcalde predictions of a sweeping victory? ….just crickets!

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