Movement! – Rumors, rumors, rumors.  For instance … Dennis Bailey for John Contini, if he’s ultimately moved, which means Lynn Rosenthal may be replacing Barbara McCarthy in January, depending on how her campaign is going.  If Contini stays, in spite of today’s dust-up, Bailey would likely take McCarthy’s spot.

Why Rosenthal instead of Stacey Schulman, someone both the SAO and Defense Bar would welcome with open arms?  Your guess is as good as anyone’s, particularly considering the unsettling PAC sponsored anti-Jahra McLawrence mailers which surfaced during Rosenthal’s campaign.   Did her team have anything to do with the ads?  Definitely something that needs exploring.  In any event, if Peter Weinstein does send Rosenthal back, no one can say he’s not willing to court controversy.  That’s a good thing from a blogging standpoint, but probably not such a good thing for those who think the beleaguered 17th Circuit could probably stand a bit more calm.  Wait and see …

Lawsuit! – attorneys Steve Hammer and Mike Jones have sued their former colleague, attorney Richard Ansara, over a fee dispute involving a seven million dollar estate inherited by formerly homeless person Ronald Novack, the adopted son of the Fontainebleau Hotel’s founder.  Apparently, efforts to mediate the issues we first reported back in 2013 (see below) resulted in failure, leading to a complaint being filed July 7th.  The complaint does not specify just how much Hammer and Jones are looking to recover, but it’s thought to be a considerable sum, and should be borne out in discovery. The complaint is found here, filed on behalf of the plaintiffs by Deborah Carpenter-Toye and Casey MillsDeveloping …

Coming SoonWork Study 2015: time clocks for Judges? 

From JAABLOG (August 22, 2013):

‘Tis the season for fee sharing disputes.

(Here) comes a nifty little number involving attorneys Richard Ansara, Steve Hammer, and Mike Jones.  At issue is a reputed large settlement stemming from the estate of Fontainebleau hotelier Ben Novack, on behalf of Novack’s sometimes homeless son Ronald.  The Sun Sentinel has background information on the probate issues in this  2011 article.

Ansara, Hammer, and Jones are now infighting regarding what many believe to be a large fee that was paid to Ansara.  The legal issues, of course, will focus on the actual relationship between the lawyers, and whether there was shared representation of Novack.  We’re being told all the lawyers were involved in the case, were associated, and shared space, but that Ansara did leave at some point with the understanding that the Novack case was still a group effort.  As time went on Hammer and Jones reportedly lost contact with the troubled younger Novack, and were surprised to learn much later that the case had settled for an undisclosed sum.  According to a source close to the proceedings, Ansara reportedly started spending lots of money, which led to the discovery that the case had been successfully closed.

Michael Bernstein is Ansara’s lawyer.  He politely no commented earlier today, explaining that both sides of a “private dispute” are represented by counsel in a case that is in the earliest stages.  Former ASA Katie Phang is on board for Hammer and Jones, but we missed her call and hadn’t made contact as of the time of this post.  No lawsuit has been filed at this point in time, and mediation is likely, so stay tuned, just in case this thing takes on a life of its own …

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    Race Baiting For Judge Rosenthal
    by Buddy Nevins

    Although I believe Frantz “Jahra” McLawrence’s name lost the race for him, one reprehensible ad was used in the campaign against him at the last minute.

    The piece featuring a mug shot of McLawrence when he was picked up for a driving offense while in college. There were also two recent picture of him.

    “The underlying message is obvious: ‘There’s a n***** running for judge (again!) and he’s dangerous!!’” one political expert not connected to the race e-mailed to Browardbeat.com.

    The ad was the work of a Tallahassee committee, so Rosenthal can claim she had nothing to do with it. Wink wink, nod nod.

    Rosenthal should hang her head in shame for being associated with race-baiting during the campaign.


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      I heard about this after County Conference. Better to. check transponders for an accurate read though.

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    McLawrence never knew what he was dealing with from the beginning. It could have been such an easy win for him if he had played hardball like his opponent. He just didn’t get it. These people play to win with top pay, super easy work schedules and a BIG PENSION payout. He knew the steaks, just couldn’t put it together.

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    PD is impotent to do anything. He already give us Judge DiPietro. Thanks a lot. Insured her nomination and selection. Some things just can’t be helped! Lol

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    I heard she was telling people how shocked she was at police actions after her arrest how unfair it was, tee her maybe she will be defense Judge now.

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    Why not reward someone for making the Judges look like fools. Obviously the Jqc and Supreme Court don’t care.

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    Judge McCarthy sure seems to be absent a lot these days. Is that why she’s moving? To afford more campaign time on tax dime?

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    The 17th Judicial Circuit’s Chief Judge, Peter M. Weinstein, was this year’s recipient of the Stephen R. Booher Award, presented by outgoing president John Jordan on June 18, 2015 at the Broward County Bar Association’s installation. The honor recognizes jurists who display humanity, integrity, and dedication to the Bench, Bar, and Community.


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    Back to circling the wagons every time one of Broward’s finest gets opposition. McCarthy will be absent a lot soon.

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    Business must be bad ! Little Stevey and Jonesey riding on their former roomy’s coat tails for a fee? If either of them did anything but traffic tickets, maybe things would have turned out differently! Lol

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      Little Stevey has over a hundred million in tobacco verdicts and has tried numerous murder cases. Any tickets they do are considered favors. Jonsey continues to kill it flying under the radar and has a real estate empire in the multi millions. They could buy and sell the idiot who posted this. The rich get richer, but this one is not about the money. I think they are shooting for disbarment. Principle still means something. Shady things happened here. Ansara is an incompetent white trash punk with a degree who just got lucky and only because they gave him credibility. Remember, he was let go from the state attorney’s office after being investigated and his girlfriend being charged with credit card fraud. Shady dude.

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    Where is McLawrence these days ? He’s sort of dropped off the grid. Went for the prize and was out maneuvered big time.

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    Judge Schulman enjoys the Dependency Division and does not want to do Criminal. Why does Contini have to leave?

    What about sending Gillespie to Criminal?

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