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    Usan’S GOT BIG PROBLEMS he doesn’t even know about. What’s more, they’re being exposed.
    Count the days until Election Day.

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    Only 113 more days of doing this until Election Day:

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      You can tell all the judges are out campaigning because the courtrooms are empty with judges nowhere to be found.
      Typical Broward judge stuff.

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      Broward judges are so busy campaigning there’s no time for doing their real jobs. Check it out. Nobody is doing anything. Empty courtrooms.

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    Lynch and fellow schleps will do anything to pinch off the public trough. It’s not like they’ve ever done anything but suck the cream because Daddy Lynch and Baby Lynch are Government Gofers big time.
    The idea of Baby Lynch being Circuit Court is a joke. No wonder nobody has any respect of The Court anymore. It’s been taken over by underachieving political whores who deal with garbage punks like Ahearn and Co.
    and they get away with it is the most unbelievable part.

    Lynch cheated to win by creating scam with his best friend scumbag Ahern who recently cyber-hijacked Judge Usan’s domain name. Lynch, who was a hack lawyer and lackluster judge at best, gave stupid advice to Kollra to hire this scum and now Ernest pays the price for the “dumb as a rock” Lynch. Judges, ask Lynch about his ties to fatboy. Ask Lynch about his unethical election law participation with Tom Lauder (another one of his very good buddies) and Ahern. This dope would have had no chance of winning but for his association with these immoral and unethical scumbags.

    How about all those campaign checks Lynch SURREPTITIOUSLY issued to numerous fictitious names at ATurd’s request. WTF is that about? What were they trying to hide / accomplish? Clear cut election law violations. Odd ball Lynch will have some explaining to do.

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    Only 112 more days of doing this until Election Day:

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