Guest columnist Charlie Gasko writes:

The RRA meltdown is close to resolving.  As reported in the local newspaper, plenty more legal types will be facing charges.  I’m thinking maybe around twenty.  Deals are being made behind the scenes, since the statute of limitations is about to run.  If these folks don’t flip and cop out to lessers, they’ll be tied up with RICO charges that’ll make their heads spin.  Some of the names may surprise you.  After that, the Bar goes into action.  Buckle up for a bumpy ride.

(Mr. Gasko currently resides in the Tucson, Arizona area.  His views are purely conjecture, however he has been known to have extremely accurate insights into the inner workings of federal agencies in the past.  Again, none of the above has been confirmed, but is in line with many of the rumors we’ve been hearing around the courthouse)

Senior Judge Army – add retired 4th DCA judge Mark Polen to the growing ranks of Peter Weinstein’s senior judge army.  From what we’re being told, Polen is supposedly coming to Foreclosures in the next few weeks, while Joel Lazarus is now the permanent Sunday First Appearances judge “for the sake of consistency“.  Frankly, none of Weinstein’s hardcore addiction to senior judges makes any sense to us, given the soft schedules of so many public servants currently taking home full time pay and pension benefits.  Whatever the case may be, count on seeing lots more of Peggy Gehl, Kathy Ireland, Barry Stone, Steve Shutter, John Frusciante, Lazarus and Polen, and a lot less of the people you actually voted for …

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    Retired Judges Dijols, Avalos, Gonzalez, Richards and Watson are also still working at Courthouse I believe.

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    could only hope that that Russell Adler gets the maximum and then some

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    Too bad Judges can’t accept gratuities. Lazarus could put a tip jar on Bench. Does he need money that bad?

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    “There is an extra push [to prosecute] these home burglaries,” (ASA Tony)Loe said. “We want the word out that we’re looking for you, and we’re waiting. If you go into a home, you better hope we’re not there.”

    Hurley ordered a $175,000 bond for Jackson and a $350,000 bond each for Soto and Guerrero.

    Hmmm…. Is someone a candidate for Judge?? or just want the system to go round and round for the big money $$$

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    Now that filthy additional ling scumbag Polen back into action. the JQC and the USDC SD knew all about him and lied in dismissing complaints and complaint of his criminal AND tortious actions because that court claims it can ignore factual evidence and “broad-brush dismiss” legitimate complaint if it want to.

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    Now slimebag judge Polen is Baaaaack!!! This is how garbage gets recycle in Broward.
    tis criminal along with his 4th DCA panel buddies dodged a JCQ verified complaint of criminal action on the bench under the guidance of judge protector Backman who also protected Gardiner, Carney and HIMSELF. What n amazing lawless system we allow and maintain. and the green cash grows all around, all around…and the green cash grows all around. Recusal is only a word, not a duty to this and the other scumbags.

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    This dude will be around until he squeezes the last sheckle he can or dies in the process. When are you going to get it? It’s like shaking the money tree anytime you need a dime.

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    Is the Chief Judge election soon or something? What will be next? A full time judicial masseuse?

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    Canada stop child torture shared your link: “It’s time for every child to get justice, it’s time for their needs, feelings and rights to be with their mother and family they love be restored, as this mother, author and artist says after her and her son were segregated for 6 entire years of his childhood, when her son begged to live with her. What kind of society allows this destruction of mother and child bond?

    Okay, it’s time for me to get some justice. I wrote a book and I use a pseudonym, many interviewers have asked me to give the real name of the people in my case. So I have started to post regularly on the South Florida site and I have started my own personal blog against my GAL named Jeff Weissman. I repeat everywhere I can that he is a supporter of Child abuse and pedophilia. As he never protected my child. Maybe, he will come after me for Defamation…I dare him. Just think about how many of you mothers lost your children because of lawyers, psychologist and GALS telling lies about you. That lie resulted in losing your child. In a defamation case there is normally claims of money damages because your reputation is ruined. Well, what is the price of the years you missed of your child’s life? I know that you moms who still have young children in the system and are kept silent that way, can’t speak out. But mothers like me it is time to do everything possible to bad mouth and defame these people. I will keep you posted

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