Thanks, Buddy – it seems everyone around the courthouse really enjoyed BrowardBeat’s take on Cohen v. Blog, at least from the feedback we got.  And while critics are correct that the high road wasn’t taken by either party before things spun out of control, absolutely everyone is wondering what could have prompted the other guy to cross into the creep zone.  That being said, we’re satisfied this is over,* even if some of you still persist in spreading wholesale lies regarding a certain somebody being called “a derogatory name for a gay that starts with an F“.  It never happened, of course, and while Mr.Cohen’s distant relationship with the truth in this area may be infuriating, it goes with the territory of being a self-appointed cyber finger-pointer.  Besides, it hasn’t been of any concern to friends, while others we’ve never met need only look back over the years of blogging to see that JAABLOG’s core message of equality and justice for all has never wavered.  And so, without further ado, on with the show! …

* Although JAABLOG’s polygraph challenge  to Cohen remains open ad infinitum.

Gardiner Reply Brief – here is the Amended Answer Brief of Respondent, filed by Dave Bogenschutz on January 23rd.  It’s a 52 page unmitigated Mitigation-Fest, with plenty of cites to the trial transcript.  In other words, it’s a complete bore, since so many of Gardiner’s celebrity witnesses were left unmolested by Bar prosecutors.  Whatever.  Hopefully the Supreme Court rules soon, considering everything is filed.  Check out the docket here, and read all the documents filed in SC11-2311 here.

DBR: Judge Watson’s Attorney Warns JQC That It’s Reminiscent Of KGB

142 thoughts on “WEDNESDAY NOTES”

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    David was the worst lawyer I ever had. He was so busy protecting the corrupt judges, that he sacrificed his clients. Read Protecting My Child and you decide. Jaablog awarded David attorney of the year in 2009 for being the main reason corruption has continued in Broward for so many years it was because of David’s great lawyering to help get scumbag lawyers, and politicians off, and a few court appointed psychologists. Jaablog’s article was quoted in the book along with several reporters from Miami that researched the same situation. Where is Serpico when you need him? Actually, he wasn’t so smart just vey well connected. Lets face it in the end you can cite many cases, but more importantly you must have the ability to spin the law to fit your need. Too bad, he still works for so many of the bad guys in the court system. The one judge he really didn’t like, was the best and fairest judge to me, so what does that say?

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    Bill Gelin’s description of himself in Wednesday Notes as “a self-appointed cyber finger-pointer” would be more complete as a middle finger pointer at those whom Finkelstein and his minion Gelin dislike.

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    Bogey’s got what he’s always wanted now. A self-important conniving disgraced former broward judge who’s still in hiding awaiting her fate from the Supremes while dragging his tired bum around still trying to act important when the parade has left him all alone looking pretty pathetic. Give the guy a break. He can’t even figure out the right font to use in his amended answer. The big banana is all he’s ever wanted.

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    What a dweeb, Brad. Try doing your own thing instead of somebody else’s bidding and grow some big ones. Until then you’ll remain what u are, a real DB. Let Diaz fight his own battles. We’ve all seen what he’s amde of.

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    I still dont get how Cohen, who says he doesnt read the blog, became crazy over something written here?

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    Masterful spin control by The Bradford. BB seems to have bought into it as much as The Donald.

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    Hey Bill, you are a man who is not afraid to tell the truth. So tell us, does Lynne ever scream out Brad’s name when the two of you are in bed together? Or does she just scream out John, Jay, or Renee? Honestly. You can tell us.

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    Brad’s got plenty of time to read the JAAB. He’s not doing much else unless you count kissin butt as a full time job. And that’s still not getting him anything. The blowup was probably over a client they were scraping over. Times are tough. How low can you go? Ask Brad.

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    Is it true Izqueerdo dressed up as tommy the rain conductor and infiltrated the day care where Bill’s child goes to get the photos for Brad?

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    I think this is awful disturbing. All jokes aside. What does Cohen intend to do with pictures of children?

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    Amazing!! 52 pages fulla things like citations, case law, quotations from (TR-xyz’s) that this kunt expects to be accepted by the court. When I finally get a 3.850 evidentiary hearing TWO years after filing the motion, she expressed he resentment of my filing a motion of “some 40 pages” (actually only 23–but what can anyone expect from such a judicial liar) fulla the exact same things that actually required granting my motion as a matter of law, she declared it should be ignored and disregarded and my right to appellate counsel for her and raft’s breaches, be denied. What a two-faced beatch. But at least it gives Bogey too sides of her mouth to pleasure him. Oh yeah–the denied the actual motion, too, by intentionally omitting not only the major failures to impeach, object to fundamental prosecutorial malpractice errors or preserve the record, etc–but totally omitting any reference to even the actual specific major issued contained in the motions to make it appear they did not exist where by defense counsel failed to use the sworn documents the state provided of the alleged victim confessing and describing how he had intentionally been the aggressor the prosecutor had him lie about in trial that negated the state’s case because raft told her to. but in typical gardiner fashion, lied and denied and the 4th accepted it despite all the (TR-xyz’s and case law) cited. Shouldn’t this waive her right to cite TR-xyz’s and case law in her defense or have it considered when she ignores and refuses to accept it for those who appeared before her?

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    All I need to know about your elevator confrontation with Brad Cohen is anything he has to say about it I would immediately disregard. The guy’s a punk and I wouldn’t hire him to clean my toilet. I think the guy is absolutely retarded or something.

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    Sounds like Brad’s been hoisted by his own petard once again. Where common sense should reside, there only seems to be stupidity… To mention in the heat of an argument someone’s kids is really somewhat out there. To have had it captured on tape and to deny it when confronted by a reporter who was privy to its content is just as bad.

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    It’s hard to come down from thst high perch Brad was on for a while. But, alas, it didn’t bring him either the added business or the fame and spotlight he craves. How did he find out what day care Gelin’skids go to anyway. Stalking kids????

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    The verdict yesterday in Jacksonville is another example of the abject stupidity of Stand Your Ground. The law allows cowards to act out of character and then when the coward is challenged he pulls his pistol and goes to work. Then the coward claims he felt his life was threatened. The law is a joke neither the coward in Jax nor the gutless piece of excrement that claims the name George Zimmerman would have been involved without their guns. Two gutless cowards

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    Zimmerman/Martin was not a Stand Your Ground case no matter what the media wanted everyone to think. It became a way to attack SYG by giving everyone false information. In the Dunn verdict yesterday, the jury rejected SYG on counts 2-5 and minimum mandatory sentences apply. The defendant will likely die in prison.

    I might agree they were both gutless cowards, but the SYG law isn’t the reason. It would help if the media told the truth.

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    Registrant Name: Bradford Cohen
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    Registrant Phone: +1.9545237774

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    This is like a cat toying around with an injured dumb rat until the head is inevitably ripped off.

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    All the arrogance and bravado was amusing when he was young. Now that he’s a documented has been it’s bizarre and pathetic.

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    Hey 666, re: Zimmerman/Martin-are you a lawyer? Because you clearly do NOT know what the actual SYG law says and you misrepresentation of it to us “third parties” is a bar rule violation–which, if you are a lawyer–you also, according to the bar rules–you are “presumed to know.” The fact that you do NOT know makes you not only a blithering eejut, but a typical BSer who is not smart enough to know how stupid you are. In fact–O’Mara himself even stated it was not an SYG which is why he never fought it on those grounds. I was a simple case of justifiable use of deadly force ABD justifiable homicide according the language of each of those statutes. It’s too bad that garbage mouths are what inhabit the entire Broward legal cesspool. Yeah, I know–ignorance of the law IS your excuse along with every other lawyer, particularly the ones who have been benched who routinely disregard it because mickey mikey shitz tells them to, and often with Howie’s consent and support.

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    Seems to me that Zimmerman’s antics and various run ins with the law should give pause to the yahoos that acquitted him. Only in Florida do you get acquitted of shooting someone and get convicted because you missed the other guys in the car. Interesting how both cases were charged by the same State Attorney and botched in both.

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    theeeeere you go, 7:51–let’s just cancel the law as written because you don’t like Zimmerman’s “antics.” Maybe you would like to be “unlawfully” convicted simply because somebody doesn’t like your “antics”–you anti-constitutional rhetoric and you complains diminished by somebody just as stupid as you are. Remember–the 14the amendment and Florida Const. parallel “equal protection” constitutional provisions should not apply to you the way you decide they should not apply to Zimmerman. Now I KNOW you must be a lawyer–even a Judge!!!!

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    Wow! Four posts in a row for Trudy. Isn’t that the record Bill? Must be that South Carolina moonshine!

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    Bogenschutz may have gotten the font correct in his brief this time, but I have to honestly say that I’ve never read a bigger crock of lame excuses and contrived nonsense in my life.
    Between that and the witnesses that testified as to her sterling reputation as quoted in his brief, well, there can be no further doubt that he scraped the bottom of the barrel of the likely candidates of the biggest bunch of hypocrites and political dissemblers and milkers in Broward county.
    The repeated references to her state of depression are without a doubt the most ridiculous.
    And then they tie the knot?
    You gotta hand it to these oilers, you can’t make up this kind of stuff and wouldn’t want to.
    Makes you doubt their sanity, never mind their so called stainless reputations.
    It will be interesting when the Supreme Court comes down with their decision deciding her fate. I for one would not want to be in her position. But one thing is for sure, they’ll enjoy the brief: It reads like a cartoon.

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    It’s like a whiney plea for mercy. Don’t think she’ll get much after what she pulled. If Scheinberg got whacked twice as hard, so should she only more so.

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    Not only did Bogey get what he always wanted, but so did scumbag former US atty Tom Scott–he asked for it–he got it!!!!! She’s theirs for the “taking.”

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    With all these lies told on this blog by lawyers, it is amazing that any judge can believe anything that is said in court.

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