Bruce Lyons, the next recipient of BACDL’s Harry Gulkin Award.  Congrats! 

BACDL at war – the proposed letter to Pete Weinstein in protest of Lynn Rosenthal’s possible return to the criminal division has sparked some real internal turmoil over at BACDL.  The emails are flying, and Robert’s Rules of Order may have the final say as to whether or not the letter will be sent out.  Developing …


Seventeen year old Brian Reidy, “Public Defender For A Day“, back in April, 1976, with then PD Warner Olds.  Old-timers will remember Brian’s Dad Jerry Reidy, a well-respected and long serving Bailiff, who couldn’t have been prouder when Brian passed the Bar eight years after this picture was taken.

Coming Not So SoonState Attorney Sarahnell Murphy?

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    Bacdl can’t even get a meeting w the CJ and the press doesn’t bother to call for quotes on court issues anymore. Zero credibility.

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    Bruce Lyons is an amazing and skilled attorney and he has always been a credit to our profession. He has menored many young lawyers and has always been willing to give of his time when requested by his colleagues. I am happy to see Bruce get the recognition that he deserved and I thank him for the many contributions that he has made to lawyers throughout South Florida.

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    I agree. Bruce is a true gentleman and a great lawyer. Broward County would be not such a shithole to work in if there were more lawyers like Bruce Lyons.

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    Bruce is a nice man and a gentleman. Please someone tell me when was the last trial that he won an acquittal for his client Misdemeanors, juvenile cases , and non jury trials excluded.

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    Bruce made his bones as senior attorney defending the likes of Lansky and Capone. This award is long overdue. Stop the griping.

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    Why can’t people in the legal community in Broward be happy for one of their colleagues when they are recognized for their achievements over several decades of work? Why is it always the case that people on this blog think that it is more important to be critical and demeaning of others than complimentary and supportive? Why not celebrate someone’s success that deserves recognition and not rush to say the most offensive or demeaning comment about that person? Why? Congratulations Bruce. I am very happy for you.

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