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    Contini should have known better. Well drafted by the SA. Weinstein has no choice but to shuffle off another errant Broward judge to civil. Not many criminal judges work that hard anyway.

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    Contini is being targeted because he actually had the stones to stand up to the ASAs when they started with the normal Broward nonsense.

    A couple of weeks ago, I saw him refuse to send some poor slob to prison on a DWLS. The state got all in a huff because the guy scored, but he basically said “screw you, its a lousy D/L case for crying out loud, I can depart if I want to, appeal me if you don’t like it”.

    I hope he takes the same approach on the disqualification and forces the State to take a writ,

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    My guess is Weinstein will send him to Siberia. That’s what Mike wants, and it avoids a potential protracted legal headache.

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    ASA Kushner was in front of Judge Rosenthal as a 3rd, then 2nd and then in front of Judge Levenson when Rosenthal had her own legal troubles. So he’s used to judges thinking anything but the max prison sentence isn’t enough. He regularly received advice and pointers from his prior judges. This is the first time he’s been in front of a judge that doesn’t want to automatically launch defendants into prison for the maximum under the guidelines. This is the first time he’s been in front of a judge that would even consider a downward. you couldn’t ever open plea in front of the prior division judges. So it’s the first time in his career he’s having to show up and actually work. It’s also the first time he’s been before a judge that doesn’t just rubber stamp and echo what he says. So of course he’s going to try and get the judge disqualified. Kushner is like– “Downward departure, what is a downward?” He’s heard of them he’s just never seen one or witnessed one being granted.

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    Please appeal Contini’s ruling, Mike. This guy’s gotta go, straight over to dependencies, where he should have been in the first place for potty training. Who would be dumb enough to put this in an email?

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    “Your client sent an e-mail to Judge Rothschild and his wife which she deleted not wanting to get involved in this case again. ” why is a judge’s wife getting involved in her husband’s case in the first place.
    the e-mail was never send to the judge only to his wife after it was disclosed that the wife was influencing her husband’s rulings in a particle case and the judge was having ex-parts communication in this matter.

    the JQC had no jurisdiction because he had left the bench by this time.

    this matter was brought up to the attention of Satz. he swept it under the rug

    all you criminal attorneys out there the SA made this go away as to not open collateral review of his past rulings.
    the SA is in possession of this letter.

    can you imagine a judge’s wife influencing her husband’s rulings

    can you imagine the SA being silent on this

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    If what you say is false you are an idiot for spewing lies. If what you say is true, some people, Satz, Rothchild and wife have some explaining to do. Either put up or shut up.

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      Donnelly at SA handled (squashed) it. Initially some junior SA saw to proceed on it. File a public request.

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    Rothschild always was a wheeny ! I can easily see it happening ! Any help he might have had could only have improved things !

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    Good judges have always guided young attorneys. Stan Kaplan was a good example of a good judge, he always did the right thing. Never afraid of the SA’s office and yes guiding young attorneys whenever he so fit. The SA’s office respected him because they knew he did not play to their tune. His tune was the LAW. Every profession has it’s learning curve including this one. Good judges are paramount to having future good attorneys. To guide a young attorney is a long way off from the allegations at hand.

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      @ clash of gangs
      4 attorneys were cc’d on that email. one had the nuts to bring it to the SA. one of the other is now a GM. A JQC will need to be filed against another sitting Judge who washed over this to cover for Rothschild. Kennery at the JQC requested that a JQC be filed as this other judge was reprimanded and continued to exhibit behavior unbecoming of a judge. Stay tuned. this time there are 2 affidavits supporting a JQC against this judge. WHY is a judge’s wife involved in a case AGAIN..not just once but AGAIN.

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