Mary Robinson is doing great, but due to the normal rehab schedule, John Fry will be taking over her division.  Steven Shutter will be handling Fry’s duties up at the north satellite.  The switch may be happening as early as this week, much to the relief of the county judges who have been taking turns covering Robinson’s docket.  Today relief duty judge Olga Levine handled the chore, while Bobby Diaz didn’t appear to have any court at all.

In other Fry news, all the candidates vying for O’Connor’s circuit spot were final interviewed yesterday in Tampa.  Expect news of the appointment soon …

26 thoughts on “WELCOME BACK, FRY”

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    Bobbie D. Still playing the absent role? Funny how many other judges help out when they can and Bobby can’t do anything help lighten the load. Same old Bobbie playing the same old game.

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    It’s time to ship all the Judges not interested in working in court all day every day to Satellites.

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    Diaz is what he is. Don’t count on anything extra. He’s luck if he gets passed noon three days a week. And you actually think they’d name the new courthouse after him? Think again.

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    Don’t expect much and that’s just what u get from Daiz. This is the Broward Judiciary we’re talking about.

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    Send Booby D to a Satellite courthouse aka Lazy House for do-nothing judges who for the most part pretend to work a few hours a day and leave early to chill some more.

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    Judge Fry is a stand up guy. I’m sure he volunteered to help. He is a Marine. He doesn’t leave others in time of need. I hope he becomes the next Circuit appointee.

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    Cowards, such a bunch of cowards in Broward. When a judge’s seat opens up there are many candidates. When a sitting judge is up for reelection, you are lucky if one person will run against him. You are all F*@King Cowards. Honestly, what the hell did you become a lawyer for if it wasn’t to defend people…oh, I forgot it is all about the money. You Judge Charles Greene are the biggest coward and slime ball. Having hearings without notice and then purging the hearing from the court records. That will come to light your children and grandchildren will read about how you perverted the law.

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    The effort one puts into winning a judicial race in order to go on a six year vacation, you are the master Bobby.

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    That division won’t be running like molasses now. Why not put Fry in charge of County while things are in flux. Get those cases tried.

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    Levenson will have a running mate & so will Ferren. They are both paranoid . Buckle up it’s going to be a bumpy ride.

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    Forget the slackers. What about the extremists? 3 or 4 cases on a docket or a trial and go till all hours of the night! At the end of the day, screw the people because you don’t want to come back tomorrow! I say administrative order, no court beyond 6….especially when it’s not paid OT! Get lives workaholics!!

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