355 thoughts on “WILLIAMS v. SATZ”

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    This chick always had an overinflated opinion of herself for a bimbo ! Calling Dr. Red for a five minute eval !!! LOL

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      Marcus works, it’s never easy taking a beating from Moldolf although they should be used to it since it happens regularly.

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    Is that the best The Fink and clan can come up with ? You gotta be kidding me. It’s almost as pathetic as his one liners that are getting real old about now.

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    Give this airhead a pacifier and tell her this ain’t going to get her any attention of the kind she’s looking for . . .

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    The plan only works if Gordon comes in. Mike can’t win on only the condo Jewish population. Williams takes female votes and Gordon takes black votes and some whites with that white sounding name of his. Mikey could be in trouble. Doubtful,but it would be a hell of a fight. Remember satz has never faced a woman before.

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      Weeks would actually have to do something then. He can’t even get off his tired butt to take a case let alone take any risk of tackling Satz. Don’t make me laugh. Williams and Weeks couldn’t pull off anything because it would take some effort.

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    Is Ms Williams a D or an R? Mike needs to be beat in primary or at least taken to November. That way he will be stuck fidgeting and looking over his shoulder in minority churches for a year.

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    Hysterical if it wasn’t such an obvious cry for some kind of recognition. She would have done better to donate the filing fee to charity. But that would have been too charitable.

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    Teresa Williams is a total airhead with no support, no money, and even less brains but was the only one dumb enough to fall for Finkelstein’s line of “The Time is Right” .
    Notice Dumbowski didn’t step up to the plate. LOL

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    Teresa vs. Satz ? Now that is pretty funny not to mention lame. She’s the most viable candidate the PD’s office could scrounge up ?

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    Really comical considering the experience she’s up against. Who talked her into this one ??? i know she’s not that bright, but really ???

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      Experience? This guy brings the mentality and values from the segregated 1950s when he was coming of age. Enough already. We need a State Attorney who can protect us from violent criminals, instead of his diseased model of laying off liability on the Judges and juries on every little case. Prioritize prosecutions so prosecutors in the courtrooms can work out the silly cases and vops quickly and easily, leaving them free to focus their time and energy on locking up violent people forever.

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        One more thing. It’s important. I know he doesn’t believe in segregation or racism but he doesn’t do enough to control the police or case filing on obviously race based stoos and arrests. Look around any courtroom. It’s a terrible fact of the disproportionate representation of black people for offenses like drugs that everyone knows are committed equally by all people of different backgrounds. Why doesn’t he do something about it?

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          This argument won’t fly in Broward, Teresa, where more blacks proportionately commit crimes, are charged and incarcerated once found guilty than other circuits in the state. Voters have the last word on who they choose to act as protector of everyone else’s right to a safe environment in which to live and raise their families and repeatedly they have chosen Michael J. Satz to fulfill that responsibility and the trust that comes along with that awesome responsibility.
          If your argument holds any merit whatsoever, , maybe you should look to improving the quality of representation these lawbreakers receive from the Public Defender and your fellow defense attorneys before attempting to criticize the ethical behavior of someone who does more to keep the streets and schools safe from predatory repeat offenders who endanger our very lives every day than anyone else who holds public office.

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            Keeper of the Faith says “(Broward) where more blacks proportionately commit crimes, are charged and incarcerated once found guilty than other circuits in the state”

            Hmmmm. Sounds like a real problem.

            For instance, Broward is 5th in prison commitments statewide:


            Broward is #5, and they are still mostly black, KOTF?

            Sounds to me like KOTF is making the exact anti-SAO argument Williams should make, ie racial profiling/selective enforcement.

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              Haven’t u figured out where u are yet? This is Broward, wake up! Like anybody cares. These trough suckers stay forever. Ask the one term Public Defender how it works. How many double dippers still come back to suck at it a second time?

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              Howard Finkelstein takes over from Mr. Schreiber and Broward goes from 1 in the incarceration rankings to 5th. He deserves the Bacdl Gulkin and a thank you from Broward Commission and from so called Black Leadership.

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                I don’t think Williams or Satz has what it takes to stand up to Finkelstein but since one has been proven weak and ineffective against violent crime it may be time for a change.

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                  Satz has always walked away with the largest percentage of Broward voters than any other elected official. Better check your stats again. He’s unbeatable. Au contraire

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                  Satz tries cases. Does Finkelstein? Why doesn’t Finkelstein try a case against Satz and you’ll see who the last man standing is.

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                    This sounds fun. Ground rule, it must be a randomly selected felony, and Satzie gets the same lousy investigatory budget as a regular overworked Asa. No cherry picked winner with a bazillion dollars of discovery behind it and the Pope as a star witness. Just the usual no investigation by case filing, zero police work sack of doo everyone else has to struggle with. Prediction, Pony Tail gets a 15 minute NG.

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                      It’s obvious you’ve never seen Satz try a case of which there have been many. Pony Tail on the other hand hasn’t tried any for good reason. Satz wins 4 to 1 easy with Pony Tail losing his cowboy boots and playing scarce with tail between his legs.

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                Not that he’s had anything to do with it. Broward remains among the highest in black incarceration rates and it’s climbing. And for good reason: violent crime is higher among the black population.
                The baby food Finkelstein is spooning out is as empty as the hot air he spouts.
                It’s no secret the one liners are just as empty. If Teresa Williams is any indication of the attempts he’d go to to get anyone to run against M. Satz for SA, it’s just as weak.

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            This argument won’t fly in Broward is right. Broward is chock full of racist Northeasterners and Mid Westerners who long ago jesttisoned the civil rights part of being a Democrat. Deaf ears baby.

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    Is their another state attorney anywhere in America who has watched more guys to to death row, only to later be exonerated? Once? Okay it happens. Twice? Wow, that’s bad luck. Three? Are you shitting me? Four? Holy shit, wtf is going on down there?

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      The Broward state attorney is a real embarrassment to the legal community. I never tell people I practice there. We all hope Williams can beat him. He has a duty to our profession to remove himself, particularly given how many false convictions he has been responsible for.

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      Politicians sucking up to condo commandos. This is Broward after all. Give them a free tooth brush and you carry Century Village vote!

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      Williams is full of the Fink line but it ain’t gonna get her nothin. After he’s talked her into it he’ll leave her high and dry !!! LOL. Amazing how stupid some people are. Even more amazing is how full of it they are. She’s both.

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    Williams is a bad joke. First she was going to reshuffle BACDL. Then FINKELSTEIN talks her empty head into filing against Satz and the airhead goes for it ? She might be satisfied with getting an award for possibly being the dumbest bimbo in the courthouse among a field of others employed by the PD ! U gotta laugh at these idiots.

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    Breaking the rules is nothing new for the Broward Judicial Set. The rules are for everybody else don’t you know. Krauss is one among many that pimps herself out to the skeezball political schlepers while looking like Bugs Bunny with bad teeth and worse breath ! Don’t get too close. Give everybody a break Lea. Nobody but you watches cartoons anymore.

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    Quite frankly, you set of underachievers are motivated only by misogyny in calling your colleague Williams a “bimbo” and “airhead.” Krauss somehow also made it into your anonymous bitchfest in being criticized by her physical appearance, which is not something anyone has once heard spoken of regarding a male candidate. Learn quickly to respect these ladies, gentlemen, because if they do win I’m sure they’ll be the first to bust your non-existent balls.

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      Yes. Just what Broward needs.
      The placement of Paxil induced manics, who don’t know the difference between a law, and a feeling.

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    This sorry life support system for a vagina did absolutely nothing to curb shitz as pres of bacdl–this is just another fraud v. fraud.

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      Fraud, You may be right.
      Ms. Williams advice to me, was very fraudulent.
      And I trusted her, she advised to use Allison Kalliher Esq., and I got sold out, hook, line and sinker.

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        Aside from lacking clear thinking, These Fabian radical feminists, have less honor, than a rock whore on a Friday night.
        Williams is Likely to staff the SAO, with the substandard, Paxil driven manics, who can not distinguish, a law, from a feeling.

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        Williams will install an old tactic, and the flakes that she will install into the SAO, will doom Broward’s criminal division’s judiciary, into ruling on bogus cases, while, ignoring valid ones.

        It’s hocus pocus, for useful idiots, and the public will be harmed.

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    Yes indeed.

    Those who lie down with Dogs, wake up with Fleas.
    Much can be said about the spiritual signature, of persons who keep company, and “endorse unethical attorneys, who sell out their clients. Birds of a Feather, Flock together.

    Broward County, is best off, working with the Devil they know…

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    If a group of Social Justice Warriors get to decide who’s entitled to Due Process, and who’s not, we’re all in trouble.

    We must prevent Radical Marxists, from entering public office.

    “A man’s rights are to be determined by the Court, not by his attorney or counsel. It is for want of remembering this that foolish people object to lawyers that they will advocate a case against their own opinions. A client is entitled to say to his counsel, I want your advocacy, not your judgment; I prefer that of the Court”.

    Bramwell, B., Johnson v. Emerson (1871), L. R. 6 Ex. 367.

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    Both Teresa Williams Esq. and Allison Kalliher Esq., are “very unethical, and give a bad name to attorneys.
    This is why, The Florida Bar, is seemingly impotent.
    This is why, the public is in grave danger.

    Wait until someone with at least some ethics runs, because Broward does not need these frauds.

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      Allison plays with herself in court. Lucky she’s not running.
      Totally corrupt. And Teresa’s her mentor. Both are bottom feeding leaches on society. Broward deserves better.

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    We have seen just how effective Williams is within BACDL. Just another bimbo looking to get a job on the public dole. Don’t have much respect for someone whose all hot air and no action. She stands no chance (zero) of beating Satz. She’ll fall apart on the campaign trail early.

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    Can you say she’s a whimp without her having given u every reason to believe it ? She’s just trying at the urging of The Fink counting to spin a sound bite, to get her name out there hoping to get a little more business in the process. She’s got about as much stake in becoming SA as ATURD does of becoming a judge in Broward.
    These losers will do anything to get attention. Sad really, but Williams is nothin but a blowhard with nothin to back it up.

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    She’s got to be one of the dumbest people I’ve ever met. The garbage she spews out at BACDL meeting makes you think she’s really got a screw loose or something. Almost as dumb as Dumbowski. They should get together and form a new firm. They can advertise as the Biggest Bimbos of Broward.

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    Why all the hatred toward Teresa Williams? I’ve known Teresa for over 20 years, starting when she was a prosecutor in Dade County. In my experience, she was a diligent, competent and fair prosecutor. She is now a successful, board certified criminal trial lawyer. For those of you who have taken the exam, you know it’s not easy and to pass you must have a firm understanding of the rules of evidence and procedure. For those of you who haven’t taken the exam or who haven’t passed, well . . .

    As to her accomplishments at BACDL, Teresa was instrumental in getting the clerk’s office on line. Let’s face it, being able to access the police report without going to the clerk’s office is extremely beneficial to us all. To be clear, I’m not saying that she alone is responsible for that accomplishment, but it was through her insistence that the job got done when it did. Give credit where it is due.

    To those who suggest she is unethical, cite an example of her unethical conduct!
    To those who say that she can’t distinguish the law from a feeling, I refer you to the Board Certification exam – no feelings involved there.
    To those that suggest that they would rather keep working with the devil they know rather than accept change – stop living in fear, change happens, it will be OK.
    To those who insist on name callings – GROW UP!!!

    Regardless of whether you support Michael Satz or Teresa Williams or whether you believe she can beat Satz or not, she is running a fair campaign, citing her vision for change in Broward County. What’s wrong with that?

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    It’s been my experience that Teresa Williams has some good ideas but she’s weak on the follow-thru. Perhaps she should actually accomplish something she set out to do than just trying to take credit for an idea that was put together thru collective appraisal …

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    I’ve known Teresa a long time too. She tries hard which is more than I can say for the rest of u idiots ! Give her a chance and u might be surprised. Nobody is perfect.

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    Teresa has a low moral standards, and lacks work ethic.
    Hippie Larvae, are not serious people. They feed off “feelings, and not facts. The end product, is a disaster.

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    Williams is more impressed with herself than anybody else is. She creates more problems than she ever solves. Filing against Satz just shows how far removed from reality she is. Listening to The Fink shows how gullible she is. She crapped out with bacdl and she’ll crap out in her campaign against Satz.

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      Sounds exactly right.
      She’s also two-faced, and a back-stabber, similar to her hitch-hiking free loading friend, Allison. If she wins, she’ll end up pumping out key positions, to panhandling and unstable morons, that lack critical thinking skills.
      The corruption in Broward, will hit an all time high, not through intent, by stupidity.

      This group of Dippidy-Doos, need to get through their hot flashes, and water pills.

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        She’s got less of a chance than Jeb Bush and he’s dropped out. So will she. She doesn’t have the courage to make it thru an entire campaign. Wait till u hear the stupid reason she gives for flopping out. It’ll be about as dumb as everything else she says !

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    Just an exercise in futility this time around. Williams has the ambition but lacks the connections to make it work this time. She’s already proven that with her not so bright ideas within BACDL. Not being able to sell her ideas there she’s come up with running for SA. She knows she can’t win but she’s trying to get her name out there for a future run for PD against Gordon Weeks when Finkelstein steps down.
    Having her political machine set up she’ll make her move. A female PD with a new set of repayment buddies to hand out candy to.
    Watch the political climate in four years. It’ll be favorable to her plans. She’ll easily beat Weeks.

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      Unclean hands.

      Soap and a good scrubbing, is needed for her and her friends.
      “used forged documents and perjured testimony in her attempts to establish priority of invention in the Patent Office.” Mas, 163 F.2dat 507;
      see also Universal Builders, Inc. v. Moon Motor Lodge, Inc., 244 A.2d 10, 15 (Pa. 1968) (citing
      Hence, for the proposition that manufacturing evidence in the existing case, constitutes unclean hands a lack of scruples.

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    A female SA is ok, only upon an evaluation.

    Mood Swings = Law Swings. We need standardization, and letter of law, not whims, riding on unicorns……

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    A lawyer may require advance payment of a fee but is obliged to return any unearned portion. See rule 4-1.16(d). A lawyer is not, however, required to return retainers that, pursuant to an agreement with a client, are not refundable.

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    Dear Teresa,

    Please steer more victims to me, so I can fleece them for all they have, without “any representation.
    Us thieves, ( the radical feminist entitled left), need to stick together.

    Thank you in advance.

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      All in favor of government getting cut in half. Who needs to support all these useless idiots. End entitlements while we are at it . Trump has it right !

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    I’ve worked with attorney’s for 35 years.

    In my opinion,
    Teresa Williams is the most UN-ethical attorney, I have ever had been exposed to. She knowingly takes cases, where there are utter conflicts of Interests.

    She’ll be disqualified for sure, but her attempts, puts in focus, her spiritual signature.

    Be very careful Broward County.
    Teresa Williams, is by far, THE ULTIMATE FRAUD.

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    Teresa is an on adulterated airhead. She couldn’t even excel at basket weaving. She just wants a job on the public dole because business ain’t that hot. She’s not kidding anyone, only herself and her attention span isn’t long enough to convince herself of it. She’ll get two votes. One is hers and the other is her dog’s.

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    She’s been trying to make a name for herself since she failed to make a dent in BACDL. Her ideas were as stupid as she is. Now she thinks she can take on Satz ?? Time for the long awaited frontal lobotomy!

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    Well’s she’s got a big surprise coming in the 15th. Circuit.
    If she shows, so will a valid Florida Bar complaint.

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      Standby, There’s a Florida Bar Complaint, likely on the way…
      Major Conflicts of Interests, UN-Vailed.

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    Satz is a corrupted criminal who pursues Israel’s interests above American’s interests. He does not care about justice, he just wants to ensure that Jews will rule Broward. And sorry, there are no “MORE BLACK” criminals in Broward as it was stated here in comments by some people, it is just that Whites, and in Broward case, Jews have more money and thus they get to avoid court, while black people who are more poor (not more criminal) get to spend time in jail for petty crimes over and over. So it is time for him to go… Teresa JUSTICE is in your side, you will WIN this election!

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    Look what this guy said earlier in the thread:
    This argument won’t fly in Broward, Teresa, where more blacks proportionately commit crimes, are charged and incarcerated once found guilty than other circuits in the state.

    And none called him a racist….

    and other people attacked Teresa as a woman:
    She’s a cunt. nuff said.

    And the bottom line is this:
    The Broward state attorney is a real embarrassment to the legal community. I never tell people I practice there. We all hope Williams can beat him. He has a duty to our profession to remove himself, particularly given how many false convictions he has been responsible for.
    also quoting from someone who posted here.

    Basically none cares this guy does not care about justice, and if you say anything about it you are a natzi???
    how simplistic some people think..

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    I heard you got a Bar Complaint. You Fool.
    Your Dirty Deeds, Are Ego Driven.
    You’re too arrogant, and disrespectful, to hold office.
    Hopefully, you’ll be disbarred, before its too late.

    Enjoy the rewards, of your evil deeds.

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    Williams is a total whimp. She’s got no chance of beating Satz. She’s shown how stupid she is within BACDL and its known what a whackjob she is. Nothing but a BIG MOUTH with NO SUBSTANCE WHATSOEVER.

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    She was foolish enough to get involved with a PBSO CI/ “Defense Attorney” in PBC,, and pumped privy info out.

    When doing favor, for a fellow attorney, “never”, allow then to do the dog work, leaving your NOA, i.e. Bar Card, and a (s), in the hands of the “fellow attorney”. If you can mange the case, don’t put in a NOA.

    Further, never allow a CI, / Defense Attorney, use your Bar Card, throughout the court house, just because the fellow attorney has a Bar Card, but uses your NOA.

    Also, how does a criminal defense attorney, become a CI, on their own client? In general, stay away from CI/ Criminal Attorneys.

    Williams is involved in several interesting UN-Lawful projects, and is about to see the light.

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    Nobody but nobody was ever under the impression at any time that she was smart ! Just another bimbo looking for attention. Looks like she’s about to get some !

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    How is she going to manage all those ASA’s,
    if she can’t manage one?

    Never give another member a blank check, using a Bar Card.
    Never take a case, “against, someone you’ve given council.
    Never up load privy work product.
    Never allow opposing parties, your clients work product.
    These are basics….

    Very Basic Ethical Conduct, is Demanded, and not Requested.
    Due Process is Important.
    Respect for FL Bar Rules, is important.


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    The CI/ Lawyer, had three lawyers represent her, in five months, in the task of committing Fraud on the Courts. A hearing that takes 40 minutes, should last 5 months, with three lawyers.

    Other lawyers, see the crimes that the CI/Lawyer has committed, and is committing. But not Teresa……
    Teresa jumps in, without looking. Reckless, is not the quality, the 17th. needs.
    Teresa has her own idea of ethics, and it’s a Fraud.

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    Its not like Teresa, to violate a court order twice.
    Must have been blind-sided by her CI , lawyer “friend”.

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    Teresa wrote about you on her blog. You’re greedy pricks who just want money from clients. You don’t care about your clients. The private bar is evil. She can’t manage one current state attorney because she thinks they’re too dumb. Like she’s so smart. Lol what a lowlife. She wouldn’t keep anyone who’s smarter than her which is everyone. I wonder what lowlifes who couldn’t hack it in private practice she would hire. She thinks third world Miami is so great. She wants to hire a bunch of investigators and doesn’t know how to manage money. Her main supporter is someone who was convicted of ripping off an old lady. He can’t even vote! Help me Howard picked a winner here. He’s too busy blaming Satz for his crappy record and sub par representation of indigent black defendants. He’s the cause of the incarceration rate. Teresa is just a patsy. She’s not smart enough to run anything by herself. By the way – She’s mad at everyone who didn’t give her money. Speaking of greedy!! Watch out!! Maybe Dr Red can help her find all her missing screws!

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      You are correct,
      Teresa Williams, and Allison Kelliher, are UN-ethical thieves.

      They will ruin Broward, by creating a larger racial divide.

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        Williams doesn’t have a chance in hell of winning so what’s all the hoopla about. She’s as dumb as a stump and twice as ugly and couldn’t argue her way out of a wet paper bag. I AM WOMAN HEAR ME ROAR. More like a squeak.
        She can go back to making fajitas on a street corner in front of the new courthouse and preaching her bs if she wants after she goes down in flames after the election. Now I just wish she’d shut her big twat. Her radical feminist crap is way over the top and nobody wants to hear it.

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          My guess is whoever wrote this scathing, misogynistic indictment of Theresa Williams and used big man words like “twat” is one of the pigeon poop for brains defense attorneys who strolls into court in a pair wrinkled Target khaki pants (all their “No one is ever hiring you” law practice can afford) thirty minutes after the judge has taken the bench, adjusts their “Dude I can’t even tie a Windsor knot so I buy skinny ties” tie and tries to hop the smarter, much more capable public defender in line. They then ask for the ninth continuance on a possession of cocaine, which gets granted, because Broward, and go to the cafeteria to hang out with all their other “boys” and make jokes about Di Pietro’s rear end.

          It’s cool, but get a life.

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    The militant nature of Marxist feminists and their ability to mobilize to promote social change has enabled them to engage in important activism.

    While some radical feminists propose that the oppression of women is the most fundamental form of oppression, one that cuts across boundaries of all other forms of oppression, others acknowledge the simultaneous and intersecting effect of other independent categories of oppression. These other categories of oppression may include, but are not limited to, oppression based on race, social class, perceived attractiveness, sexual orientation, and ability

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    Also, Allison Kelliher Esq, , is an over weight, under-achieving slob used to work for the SA, and took dives on the cases, where Teresa was the defense attorney.

    Naturally, a vote for Williams, would increase the pan-handling from the tax payers, and support these useless, and spent hags.

    Let them go through their hot flashes, on their own dime.

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    Satz has been grand exalted mystic ruler of BroWeird sending non-violent black drug offenders to the Department of Corrections on tax payer dime for four decades. I don’t care if Theresa Williams has ethical issues or not. They aren’t ever going to be as unethical as letting the same clown show run the county for four decades. A vote for Satz is a vote for white privilege.

    1. 0

      White school, white church, white profession, whiteness all around.

      Maybe she’s a self-hating whitey, who wants to be mighty.

  47. 1

    Now that N.O.W. endorsed her, perhaps she can drive up contributions, by selling Black and Latino baby parts on ebay with planned parenthood. A turn-key opportunity, a chop-shop brokering service of sorts.

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    Satz isn’t Jim Crowe. That’s ridiculously inaccurate and incorrect. Does Jim Crowe prosecute police officers and sacrifice his Pba endorsement? She’s a two face. You think she’s going to be better but she would be substantially worse and incompetent. She acts like she is going to represent the urban community but she has a Pba contract to represent bad cops? She has to over compensate for her whiteness by pointing finger at other whites as racist but really she probably pays a lot of money to keep the kids away from the blacks.

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      Two Faced Teresa is a fraud…..

      Replace Satz with an improvement,
      and not The Sneaky Spent Skank, who’s in the Tainted Tank, and will take her bribes to the bank, from freeing the ones who rank.

      Teresa gets the bumps, by giving others lumps.
      She’s short like a runt, and lies like a cunt.

    2. 1

      The only thing “ridiculously inaccurate” is your spelling of Jim Crow. Otherwise, Satz is that. The Southern Poverty Law Center has criticized his disproportionate black conviction rate, the incredible number of death row exonerations under his watch, the fact he’s sought the death penalty against more black men than any prosecutor in the BIBLE BELT, let alone Florida, etc.

      The man has had four decades to lead. He’s never done it. It’s a shame– he has capable #2s and #3s and the few homicide prosecutors he’s had that weren’t egotistical maniacs (still trying to get on the bench, mostly) are gone now.

      It is time for a change. Williams isn’t a perfect solution but honestly even most the 3rd rate defense attorneys in this county would be an upgrade.

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        Oh I guess they taught you the proper spelling when you were young (since some of your family or teachers growing up were in the KKK.) You’re a moron for supporting a woman who was “trained in the philosophies of Janet Reno.” You know who she is right? AKA Bill Clintons “greatest mistake”, the woman who is responsible for murdering innocent unarmed women and children at WACO, and for effectuation of a botched international child pick up order where she had a swat team raid a house and point assault weapons at a young child. She was actually stupid enough to allow the press inside to photograph this. Williams is a total jackass to think that makes her look good. Janet Reno is an embarrassment. Satz has actual experience. This Williams candidacy is a joke and angry nobody’s giving her money and the sub sentinel has has number. Don’t be surprised if this nasty low class campaign she’s running isn’t an excuse for her to try to have a special prosecutor from miami assigned to her cases. Her blog makes Donald Trump look sophisticated. Sorry you don’t understand the problems in the black community, but the incarceration rate is a problem nationwide. Easy to blame Satz because you don’t get it. As if South Florida constitutes a Bible Belt? Incase you forgot this is really southern New York -not Georgia or Mississippi. Plus, if there’s anything in the Broward legal system negatively impacting black defendants — it’s that sorry excuse for a public defender we have.

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          You’re right- blaming Williams for being trained under Reno makes much more sense than absolving Satz of his prior relationship with Reno.

          And learn to read better- I know mediocre attorneys kill it here in South Florida where a good law degree is any law degree but the argument wasn’t that South Florida “was” the Bible Belt, it was that Mike Satz pursues the death penalty more than almost any state attorney IN the Bible Belt. He likes murdering people and has for four decades.

          Thanks for the FYI on the black community. Mass incarceration is a problem nationwide, you are correct. Of course the problem is linear- I’ll let you in on what that means— each body matters. Satz increases a linear problem at a rate exponentially faster than most state attorneys. And he does it with a trail of tears and exonerated defendants longer than any county in the state behind him.

          Satz had four decades. He has done enough harm. It is time to move on.

          As for the “blame it on the public defender” arguments- two things.

          First, I missed the part of my commentary where I defended Howard or the way he runs his office. Point that out to me.

          Second, spend time in another jurisdiction and find a PD’s office with more vigorous attorneys. You seem half-intelligent– you know as well as I do I’d imagine that the unironed target khaki pant privates that think they are God’s gift would get outlawyered by most the line attorney PD leads in this county any day of the week. Hell, most the privates that actually ARE effective in Broweird were PDs. I don’t think blaming underfunded public defenders offices for America having an incarceration rate that dwarfs Putin’s Russia is the way you want to roll.

          But carry on and vote for Satz! 40 more years!

          1. 1

            You might explain while you’re at it why the PDs office in Broward has one of the lowest win rates in the entire state. It’s not because they’re stellar attorneys. It’s because the training ground for new attorneys is so poorly administered.
            At the rate PDs are leaving the office, the highest number proportionally ever, it denotes a failure of supervising staff to carry out their duties and perhaps even worse explanations could be tendered if you are to attach any credence to the complaints being offered by the large numbers who have left and are still tendering their resignations.
            One of the largest complaints continues to be high case counts and low pay coupled with the fact that supervisors continue to carry no caseloads of their own thereby alleviating the pressure brought to bear on those carrying more than their fair share of the load.
            No, I suggest you take an unbiased look at the problems within the Public Defender’s Office before make blanket sermon comparisons to the representation being furnished by the Private Defense Bar.
            I think you would do well to recognize the problems within your own back yard before casting aspersions of a nature that sound more like a hollow excuse for jobs poorly done than a credible critique on the quality of representation being offered by Public Defenders.

            1. 0

              Exactly. Nothing like taking over a case from “help me Howard’s” office. You can bet your bottom dollar that client has been sitting in jail for months, doesn’t know who their attorney is, never spoke with them, never met with them, and has some sort of story that could lead to possible exculpatory evidence – except the evidence is spoiled, misplaced, destroyed, or missing because it’s been ten months. Nothing like letting an innocent guy sit in jail for ten months for a vop he didn’t commit. But — that’s somehow the prosecutors fault that the pd doesn’t talk to them about the case because they don’t know anything about it– a pd who does such a poor job representing mostly indigent black defendants? Gimme a break. You think someone who looks up to Janet Reno will be better?

  49. 0

    Anyone BUT Satz! Anyone. 40 years of Satz hasn’t worked. It’s not surprising that the Sun sentinel endorsed Satz but it’s disgraceful. Broward has an ugly criminal justice history. 40 years of that ugly history has been under the Satz regime. People should read the Herald because he sentinel is not a real newspaper. There’s no actual news in the Sun Sentinel.
    Broward, however, has attracted a national reputation for questionable confessions. DNA testing in 2000 and 2001 exonerated Townsend, whose confessions mostly involved Broward murders, and Frank Lee Smith, who had spent years on Death Row for a murder conviction built upon a purported confession. Smith died in prison.

    Anthony Caravella
    Frank Townsend
    Frank lee smith
    All exonerated! The real killers were still free to kill again! We’ve had 40 years of terrible history in Broward under Satz. Teresa Williams would be way better than Satz. Anyone but Satz!

  50. 0

    My Plan for Freeing Broward’s Blacks

    ‘for the suppression of the minority of exploiters by the majority of the wage-slaves of yesterday is comparatively so easy, simple and natural a task that it will entail far less bloodshed than the suppression of the risings of slaves, serfs or wage-labourers…

    And it is incompatible with the extension of democracy to such an overwhelming majority of the population that the need for a special machine of suppression will begin to disappear’.

    Lenin does not say so explicitly, but there is a suggestion that Lenin advocated the arming of the proletariat to defend their interests, possibly unmediated by the state. He says ‘the mass of the population will rise to take an independent part, not only in voting and elections, but also in the everyday administration’.

    That said he also recognizes that, for a while at least, it may be necessary to continue to employ members of the former state bureaucracy, although they will be paid no more than a worker and will be ‘simply carrying out our instructions’.


  51. 0

    I just got back in town from, and noticed this flake is actually running for an office.

    So Florida is tremendously hilarious.

    1. 0

      Almost as hilarious as electing the same old Jim Crow prosecutor to the State Attorney post four consecutive decades, no matter how many men he tries to kill on death row or how many prisoners get exonerated.

      Name five high-ranking black attorneys that have stayed at that office. Even Laventure left. Good lawd the man sucks.

      1. 1

        There are rumors that Michelle Obama is actually a man … Quit beating your chest Michelle and follow your real dream. If you really weren’t born with a pair, get some.

  52. 1

    All Satz has to do to offset Williams edge, is just to say he’s black.
    Williams thinks she’s black, so the may do better with an imitation, that an SA that won’t even make pretend.

    Teresa Williams, is a self-loathing, UN-ethical, race baiting, hippocrate, with the loyalty of a rock whore on a Friday night.

    She’s the type of puke, that has dragged this country down.
    Don’t vote for this regurgitated hippy, Frankfort Schooled, Tavistock net outcome, useful idiot.

    She steals blood, from the bleeding.

    1. 0

      I guess you’re not voting for her. Personally I just think she’s an attention seeking twit looking for a government job.

      1. 0

        A Typical Academic Pan-Handler, with Anti- American Views.
        Broward was spared this UN-Ethical Attorney, and the Gremlins that surround her.

    2. 1

      Finkelstein put her up to it. He’ll desert her like a rat on a sinking ship after it’s over.
      Benson and Miller same scenario.

    3. 0

      She didn’t get the chance to put her chumps in, did she ? Lol. Williams gave it a try and you have to admire her for that. But alas, it’s the same crap that’s run the show for a long time with no change in sight.

  53. 1

    Race and Gender Baiting, is UN-ethical.
    Its one of the reasons persons of leadership of our society, keeps us walking on all fours.

    Milking all the hate, is not a legitimate platform.
    Its an Old Gimmick., and is used by the not so qualified, as a crutch, for a lack of meaningful solutions.

    For Gods sake, Its the SA’s office, and not an Ashram
    Vote No on Teresa Williams, and her Utopian Unicorns, that will be placed in key positions.

    1. 1

      Williams couldn’t sink any lower than she already has. She will lose big time and you can bet after a good cry about how it it was all set up to see her fail, her last whaling words will be her last.
      Her Whining BS has fallen on deaf ears for the last time as far as her self serving political career is concerned.
      Heard enough of her BS in BACDL. Now she’s gonna see what it’s like to scrape by like the loser she is.

  54. 0

    Lets keep Barner out of the black robes. She will have the worst case of Black robe fever ever. She is unqualified as a low tier foreclosure attorney. Horrible judicial temperament. Bad even for Kounty Kourt.

  55. 1

    Congrats Mr. Satz!
    Satz gotten tougher on politicians who line their pockets and police officers who break the law. “Over the years, we have successfully prosecuted public corruption cases against three county commissioners, six elected municipal officials, a school board member, and six key appointed officials.

    The Clown that ran, ran under false pretense, and at the expense of the less fortunate.

    Keep up the good work.

  56. 0

    It looks like Teresa Williams is back to work as an UN-ethical Attorney.

    As chair on one of the 17th’s grievance committees,
    The Florida Bar announced that Ms. Williams does not need to adhere to Florida Bar Rules 4.1 4.3, and other violations.

    If a “prospective client” comes to your office, and discusses details of a case, a lawyer can not represent the opposing party.

    The Florida Bar has waived this Rule for Ms. Williams.
    Ms. Williams is a special type of fraud.
    She’s a chair on a grievance committee, and not subject to the same rules, most lawyers would not think of violating.

    A lawyer found guilty of having violated another rule is necessarily guilty of violating Rule 4-8.4(a). Florida Bar v. Feinberg, 760 So. 2d 933 (Fla. 2000). A lawyer was found to have violated the prohibition against violating the rules of professional conduct through the acts of another where he assisted his client in an illegal campaign contribution reimbursement scheme. Florida Bar v. Brown, 2001 WL 776667 (Fla. 2001).

    Attorney’s Duty of Confidentiality
    The ethical duty of a lawyer not to affirmatively disclose information related to the representation of a client. Unlike the attorney-client privilege, the duty of confidentiality is in effect at all times, not just in the face of legal demands for client information.
    Illustrative case law
    See, e.g. Nix v. Whiteside, 475 U.S. 157 (1986)

    It not only involves a breach of the individual attorney’s public trust as a member of the legal profession, but also represents an attempt by the offending lawyer to induce a third party to engage in fraudulent and corrupt practices. Such conduct strikes at the very heart of the attorney’s responsibility to the public and profession. We are, therefore, not inclined to leniency in bribery matters, absent mitigating factors in the individual case.
    Id. (quoting Florida Bar v. Riccardi, 264 So. 2d 5, 6 (Fla. 1972)). “Our honored profession is soiled by the conduct which has brought Karahalis to this day. If we do not act to cleanse the stain from our profession, we would depart from our oath and give the citizens of this state cause for concern.” Id.

  57. 0

    4-1.8 (2) Use confidential information to a client’s disadvantage

    FL Rule 4-1.8 bars a lawyer from: (1) preparing an instrument making the lawyer or a close relative the beneficiary of a gift unless related to the donor; (2) acquiring literary or media rights to any portrayal based on an existing representation; or (3) acquiring a proprietary interest in a cause of action. FL Rule

    4-1.8 limits the circumstances under which an attorney may: (1) enter into a business transaction with a client; * (2) use confidential information to a client’s disadvantage; (3) provide financial assistance to a client; (4) accept compensation from a third party; (5) settle claims involving multiple clients; and (6) limit the attorney’s liability for malpractice. The guiding principle of FL Rule 4-1.8 is fairness.

    Comment FL Rule 4-1.8. The idea is not so much to prevent attorney-client transactions as to ensure fairness to all parties. Thus, many of the rule’s provisions are designed to ensure that the client has ample opportunity to seek outside advice before entering into any business transactions with the attorney.

    Ms. Willaims knows these rules. But she’s better than other attorney’s. and seemingly has “special privileges.

  58. 1

    Bar Membership has its Privileges.
    17th. Grievance Committee Chairs, are Above the Law, and Exempt from all required decencies.

    Please do not question. Or we will invoke our “Selective Enforcement and Politically motivated agendas , and pull your ticket.

    Yours Truly,
    Staff Council

    1. 1

      We can thank our lucky stars this Major Bimbo didn’t get in. Otherwise we’d have a female version of Finkelstein. It would have been a consummate battle of the one liners.

  59. 0

    A Fortune Cookie for the Ethically Challenged.

    Whenever any officer of the court commits fraud during a proceeding in the court, he/she is engaged in “fraud upon the court”. In Bulloch v. United States, 763 F.2d 1115, 1121 (10th Cir.1985)

    Set forth five elements of fraud upon the court which consist of conduct:

    1. On the part of an officer of the court;

    2. That is directed to the ‘judicial machinery’ itself; 3. That is intentionally false, willfully blind to the truth, or is in reckless disregard for the truth;

    3. That is intentionally false, willfully blind to the truth, or is in reckless disregard for the truth;

    4. That is a positive averment or is concealment when one is under a duty to disclose;

    5. That deceives the court.” Demjanjuk v. Petrovsky, 10 F.3d 338, 348(6th Cir. 1993)

  60. 0

    A Fortune Cookie for the Ethically Challenged

    “Fraud upon the court is fraud which is directed to the judicial machinery itself and is not fraud between the parties or fraudulent documents, false statements or perjury. …It is where the court or a member is corrupted or influenced or influence is attempted or where the judge has not performed his judicial function — thus where the impartial functions of the court have been directly corrupted.

    “”Fraud upon the court” has been defined by the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals to “embrace that species of fraud which does, or attempts to, defile the court itself, or is a fraud perpetrated by officers of the court so that the judicial machinery can not perform in the usual manner its impartial task of adjudging cases that are presented for adjudication.” Kenner v. C.I.R., 387 F.3d689 (1968); 7 Moore’s Federal Practice, 2d ed., p. 512, ¶ 60.23.

  61. 0

    Lawyer/Client Confidentiality Rules have been waived…

    Florida Bar Staff Council Ms. Maura Canter has Ruled that Attorney Teresa Williams,
    (a Chairperson on a FL Bar Grievance Committee), is exempt from adhering to FL Bar Rule 1.18 (a) and (b). Rules under 4.1, and 4.18 (2), and 4.5-1 (c).

    According to Florida Bar Staff Council Ms. Maura Canter , a “prospective” client has no reasonable expectation of confidentiality.

    In other words, Attorney Teresa Williams has been made exempt from the same rules, other attorney’s are forced to follow. There seems to be an esoteric process at the FL Bar, that selectively enforces the rules.

    Its amazing the The FL Bar allows for the violation of these basic rules, for those in a position to “rule on the ethics of other lawyers, but that’s exactly what these fraudulent hippocrates are doing.

    One of the 17 Circuit’s Grievance Committees, is infected by a woefully UN-ethical attorney, who’s charged with determining the ethical standards. The wolf, watching the hens.

    Once word gets out that there is no assurances in confidentiality, between a lawyer, and a prospective client,
    at least 50% of prospective clients, will seek council from out of state attorney’s.

    The public, and the Florida Board of Gov., needs to remove the filth, that marginalizes the legal profession on a daily bases, “beyond repair.

  62. 1

    Its amazing how altering the structure constants of FL Bar Rules, retains a sliding scale of element structure of enforcement.

    This is usually the net outcome of corruption, under the force of political purposes, and personal gain. Its the suitable circumstances., that guilds the whims of staff councils.

    Doing business in Florida? Hire an attorney with multi-state memberships. Or, get legal advise from a non member.
    UPL seems to have been officially waived, due to a FL Bar default in a contractual obligations…

  63. 1

    1. The Florida Bar is an extension of the FL Supreme court.

    2. Ms Williams sits as chair on The 17th FL Bar Grievance Committee “A”.

    Corruption is the abuse of power by a public official for private gain or any organized, interdependent system in which part of the system is either not performing duties it was originally intended to, or performing them in an improper way, to the detriment of the system’s original purpose.

  64. 1

    1. The Florida Bar is an extension of the FL Supreme court.

    2. Ms Maura Canter, sits as Staff Council of The Florida Bar.

    Corruption is the abuse of power by a public official for private gain or any organized, interdependent system in which part of the system is either not performing duties it was originally intended to, or performing them in an improper way, to the detriment of the system’s original purpose.

  65. 0

    Both, Ms. Teresa Williams, and Ms. Maura Canter, are trashing the legal profession for their feminist belief systems.

    Both, Staff Council Maura Canter, and Teresa Williams are corrupted beyond the definition of corruption.
    In the eyes of the public, their corruption taints every ethical lawyer in Florida.

    Know where your membership dues go.

  66. 0

    There you go man, keep as cool as you can.
    Face piles And piles Of trials With smiles.
    It riles them to believe that you perceive
    the web they weave.
    And keep on thinking free.

  67. 0

    Actually what may be going on with Ms. Williams, as a chair of a FL Bar Grievance , FL Bar Staff council is a manipulation of consolidated powers.

    Naturally Ms. Williams feels UN-restrained under FL Bar Rules.
    As staff council is her “co-worker, and being chair of a FL Bar Grievance, allows for the unwritten exemptions to comply with the FL Bar Rules, by virtue of her position as chair of a FL Bar Grievance. This paradox happens to be yet another Bar violation, Implemented by Williams, but solidified by staff council/co-worker, Ms. Maura Canter,

    8.4:600 Implying Ability to Influence Public Officials
    Primary Florida References: FL Rule 4-8.4(e)
    Background References: ABA Model Rule 8.4(e), Other Jurisdictions

    Commentary: ABA/BNA 101:701, ALI-LGL 113
    Implying the ability to bribe a judge is taken particularly seriously. As the court stated in Florida Bar v. Swickle, 589 So. 2d 901 (Fla. 1991): “In particular, suggesting that one has the ability to bribe a judge strikes at the core of our legal system.

    Our system is designed to insure that equal justice prevails for all, whether rich or poor, powerful or powerless. When people are led to believe that justice is dispensed on the basis of corrupt influences, the public cannot have confidence in the integrity or impartiality of the judiciary or the bar.

    The entire judicial process is undermined as a result.” Id. at 905 (citations omitted).

  68. 0

    FL Bar Staff Council’s contention, that Ms Teresa Williams, and her staff’s legal conversations with a prospective client. is “not confidential”, and that Ms Teresa Williams can now represent the opposing party fly’s in the face of any ethical attorney.

    4-1.6 (confidentiality); 4-4.4(a) (improper methods of obtaining evidence); 4-1.2(d) (assisting a client in criminal or fraudulent conduct); and 4-8.4 (general misconduct rule).

    One committee also cited to The Florida Bar v. Hmielewski, 702 So. 2d 218 (Fla. 1997).

    In Hmielewski, the Florida Supreme Court upheld a referee’s findings of fact and ordered a three-year suspension where Hmielewski knowingly used documents improperly obtained by the client.

  69. 0

    Duty of Confidentiality for “ALL” Lawyers.

    Lawyers have an ethical obligation to protect information relating to the representation of a client. Rule 4-1.6(a) of the Rules Regulating the Florida Bar addresses the duty of confidentiality and states:

    (a) Consent Required to Reveal Information. A lawyer shall not reveal information relating to representation of a client except as stated in subdivisions (b), (c), and (d), unless the client gives informed consent.

    The comment to the rule further states:

    The confidentiality rule applies not merely to matters communicated in confidence by the client but also to all information relating to the representation, whatever its source. A lawyer may not disclose such information except as authorized or required by the Rules of Professional Conduct or by law.

    A lawyer must ensure confidentiality by taking reasonable steps to protect all confidential information under the lawyer’s control. Those reasonable steps include identifying areas where confidential information could be potentially exposed. Rule 4-1.1 addresses a lawyer’s duty of competence:

    Competence A lawyer shall provide competent representation to a client. Competent representation requires the legal knowledge, skill, thoroughness, and preparation reasonably necessary for the representation.

    The comment to the rule further elaborates:

    To maintain the requisite knowledge and skill, a lawyer should keep abreast of changes in the law and its practice, engage in continuing study and education, and comply with all continuing legal education requirements to which the lawyer is subject.

  70. 0

    Perhaps Ms Canter can read up on lawyer/client confidentiality.
    Or, establish an ethical environment, by acknowledging the Rules.

    The fact that a FL Bar Staff Council can just “wipe-out” the 6th. Amendment, for her co-worker, is outrageous to any reasonable person…..

    Cabanas v. Ford, Armenteros, Manucy, Inc., 727 So. 2d 1100, 1101-02 (Fla. 3d DCA 1999). The test for determining whether an attorney-client relationship exists is a subjective one, hinging on the client’s belief that he is seeking legal advice. Bartholomew v. Bartholomew, 611 So. 2d 85, 86 (Fla. 2d DCA 1992). But the client’s belief must be reasonable.

    The attorney-client privilege arises in the context of a relationship having great significance for the protection of fundamental personal rights. For example, the ability to speak freely to one’s attorney helps to preserve rights protected by the fifth amendment privilege against self-incrimination and the sixth amendment right to legal representation.

  71. 0

    The garbage she spews out at BACDL meetings, shows she’s not all there.

    You go! Expose these crooks.
    Scorch the earth, and burn those bleachers.
    The Florida Bar badly needs a flush.
    Flush twice, as its a long way to Tallahassee.

    Official Incest , is Corruption…

    1. 0

      Well then, at least we know that with the likes of Teresa Williams sitting as chair on a grievance committee, Pure evil and corruption will continue to flourish Broward County.

      Broward dodged a big bullet, when Teresa Williams lost her bid to be elected as States Attorney.
      Pay attention. Teresa Williams is likely to slither over to the elections office, and file another race in the future.
      No one is safe, when vipers slither.

      Teresa Williams lacks honor, and ethics.
      Her spiritual signature , is written with the blood of her victims, (The UN-Knowing Public at Large). Her ability to harm the public is obtained through her Florida Bar Membership.
      Never vote for this off-spring of Satan.

      Florida Bar Staff Council Maura Canter, supports Florida Bar Violations.

        1. 0

          Big hit with the delusional. She never saw herself as part of the group. I guess its just a fashion show, and a hunt for the fictional collectives attention.

          Sound bites fade. Leaders lead, by doing.
          She lives in a holographic fed, mirror-neural world of illusions. Her epistemology is one of self-deception, which give s the the appearance of sincerity, when in fact she’s a opportunist feeding off synthetic decent, seemingly, as a maggot would thrive off bacteria.

          1. 0

            This describes a few of the diabolical , although its sad this one chair’s a grievance committee. Very Sad.

            We really need to raise the bar, at The Bar.

  72. 0

    The Florida Bar’s 17th. Circuit Chair Person, Attorney Teresa Williams should payattention to Rules the Govern The Florida Bar.

    Rule 4-4.4 Respect for Rights of Third Persons
    In representing a client, a lawyer shall not use means that have no substantial purpose other than to embarrass, delay, or burden a third person or knowingly use methods of obtaining evidence that violate the legal rights of such a person.

    All defense attorney’s should know, not to be a “confidential informant” against their client, while representing their client.

    I think that’s a conflict. I think that’s UN-ethical.
    Although I don’t chair a grievance committee, these are basic concepts.

    1. Defense Attorney’s , who become C.I.’s against their clients for a PBA endorsement, is UN-Ethical.

    I was wondering how Tersesa Williams, running on a Black Lives Matter platform was able to pull off a PBA endorsement.
    I thought it was a pretty good trick….

    But I see the value from a LE POV, of having defense attorney’s become C.I.’s on their clients. I guess the cases go smoother, with less resistance.

    Teresa (The Flipper) Williams , knows many tricks.

  73. 0

    6th. 101

    Brookings v. State, 495 So. 2d 135, 139 (Fla. 1986) (quoting Mills v. State, 476 So. 2d 172-76 (Fla. 1985), overruled on other grounds by State v. Rodriquez, 500 So. 2d 120 (Fla.1986)).
    By encouraging full disclosure, a client is able to receive fully informed legal advice without the fear that his statements may later be used against him

    Supervision. According to Opinion 08-451, Model Rules 5.1 and 5.3 also apply to the outsourcing of services:
    • Rule 5.1 provides that lawyers with “direct supervisory authority over another lawyer shall make reasonable efforts to ensure that the other lawyer conforms to the Rules of Professional Conduct;” and

  74. 0

    I agree.

    In The Florida Bar v. Cibula, 725 So.2d 360, (Fla. 1999), the Court stated:
    “Not only does the law demand truthfulness under oath, but the obligations of our profession demand it. As former Justice Ehrlich has stated, ‘…our profession can operate properly only if its individual members conform to the highest standard of integrity in all dealings within the legal system.

  75. 0

    “Special” Membership Rules, Under The Florida Bar’s Selective Enforcement Program.

    Florida Bar Staff Council Ms Maura Canter has allowed
    Florida Bar 17th Grievance Committee Chair, Teresa Williams’s firm, to violate 4-1.6.

    COMMENT – Rule 4-1.6

    [1] The lawyer is part of a judicial system charged with upholding the law. One of the lawyer’s functions is to advise clients so that they avoid any violation of the law in the proper exercise of their rights.

    [2] The observance of the ethical obligation of a lawyer to hold inviolate confidential information of the client not only facilitates the full development of facts essential to proper representation of the client but also encourages people to seek early legal assistance.

    [3] Almost without exception, clients come to lawyers in order to determine what their rights are and what is, in the maze of laws and regulations, deemed to be legal and correct. The common law recognizes that the client’s confidences must be protected from disclosure. Based upon experience, lawyers know that almost all clients follow the advice given, and the law is upheld.

    [4] A fundamental principle in the client-lawyer relationship is that the lawyer maintain confidentiality of information relating to the representation. The client is thereby encouraged to communicate fully and frankly with the lawyer even as to embarrassing or legally damaging subject matter.

    [5] The principle of confidentiality is given effect in 2 related bodies of law, the attorney-client privilege (which includes the work product doctrine) in the law of evidence and the rule of confidentiality established in professional ethics. The attorney-client privilege applies in judicial and other proceedings in which a lawyer may be called as a witness or otherwise required to produce evidence concerning a client.

    The rule of client-lawyer confidentiality applies in situations other than those where evidence is sought from the lawyer through compulsion of law. The confidentiality rule applies not merely to matters communicated in confidence by the client but also to all information relating to the representation, whatever its source. A lawyer may not disclose such information except as authorized or required by the Rules of Professional Conduct or by law. However, none of the foregoing limits the requirement of disclosure in subdivision (b). This disclosure is required to prevent a lawyer from becoming an unwitting accomplice in the fraudulent acts of a client. See also Scope.

  76. 0

    Another Perk, as “Special” Membership Rules, Under The Florida Bar’s Selective Enforcement Program.

    Florida Bar Staff Council Ms Maura Canter has allowed
    Florida Bar 17th Grievance Committee Chair, Teresa Williams’s firm, to violate 4-1.6. and encourage staff members in Ms. Williams firm to do the same.

    Florida Bar 17th Grievance Committee Chair is a Fraud.
    So much for setting an example

    Rule 4-1.10 Imputed Disqualification: General Rule
    (a) Imputed Disqualification of All Lawyers in Firm.
    While lawyers are associated in a firm, none of them shall knowingly represent a client when any 1 of them practicing alone would be prohibited from doing so by rule 4-1.7, 4-1.8(c), 4-1.9, or 4-2.2.

  77. 0

    Teresa and corrupt friends are noting more than alley cats feeding from the same dumpster.
    Feeding rights were issued retro-actively by the Florida Bar,
    when The 17th Grievance Commitee “A”, decided to place a thoroughly corrupted attorney in the chair person position.

    Another Bar complaint coming…..

  78. 0

    In this extremely unusual case, a fraud upon the court was practiced on the court by Ms. Teresa Williams, (private attorney), and her attorney client, an ex ASA reject.

    These attorneys did perpetrate a fraud upon the court. To maintain the integrity and credibility of the judicial process, this instant case is one where the fraud on the court did in fact actually subvert the judicial process.

    No court system can function without safeguards against actions that interfere with it’s administration of justice. This concern must be balanced against the necessity for finality of court judgments; thus only actions that actually subvert the judicial process can be the basis for upsetting otherwise settled decrees.”

    In Demjanjule v. Petrovsky, 10 F. 3d 338 at 352 (6th Cir 1993), the court relying upon Professor Moore’s frequently cited definition of fraud upon the court. Professor Moore explained fraud upon the court as follows:

    “Fraud upon the court should…embrace only that species of fraud which does or attempts to, subvert the integrity of the court itself, or is a fraud perpetrated by officers of the court, so that the judicial machinery cannot perform in the usual manner its impartial task of adjudging cases that are presented for adjudication, and relief should be denied in the absence of such conduct.”

    “While an attorney should represent his client wiith singular loyalty, that loyalty obviously does not demand that he act dishonestly or fraudulently: on the contrary, his loyalty to the court, as an officer thereof, demands integrity and honest dealing with the court. And when he departs from that standard in conduct of a case, he perpetrates fraud upon the court.”

  79. 0

    Fourteen of the 50 U.S. metro areas with the highest concentration of fraud and related complaints are right here in this state. Among those 14: the Tampa Bay metro, which ranks No. 18 in the country. Also on the list are other big Florida metros, from Jacksonville and Orlando to Miami-Fort-Lauderdale-Palm Beach.

    Thank you Florida Bar

  80. 0

    In his many popular books about the sleazier side of Florida, author and Miami Herald columnist Carl Hiaasen immortalized the “sludge” theory of American geography: “If you pick up the country and tilt it, all the sludge would pool in a peninsula at the lower-right-hand corner.” That would be Florida.

    It’s no coincidence that Florida also holds the title as the No. 1 state for mortgage fraud, especially during this past recession and burst housing bubble. And, of course, Florida remains infamous from almost a century ago when real estate scams commonly sold swampland to distant buyers in the chilly Northern states.

    According to the FTC report on fraud, identity theft was the top category in 2014 with 13 percent of the nation’s overall complaints. Once again, Florida had the highest per capita rate of reported identity theft complaints.

    This particular fraud, though, was clustered in different metro areas in Florida.

    At No. 1 nationwide, the Miami-Fort Lauderdale-Palm Beach metro area had the highest per-person number of identity theft complaints. Among the top 10 U.S. metros for this fraud, Tallahassee ranked No. 4, the Naples area ranked No. 5 and Jacksonville ranked No. 9. (Tampa Bay and Orlando tied at No. 17.)

    Bottom line? If you live in Florida, expect to be a target of scams. Be skeptical. Be tough. Get educated about how to avoid frauds, and to report those you do encounter.

    It’s a very easy prediction that Florida will still be the nation’s fraud capital next year.

    Thank You Florida Bar 17th Grievance Committee “A” Chair

  81. 0


    The requisite fraud on the court occurs where “it can be demonstrated, clearly and convincingly, that a party has sentiently set in motion some unconscionable scheme calculated to interfere with the judicial system’s ability impartially to adjudicate a matter by improperly influencing the trier of fact or unfairly hampering the presentation of the opposing party’s claim or defense.” Aoude v. Mobil Oil Corp., 892 F.2d 1115, 1118 (1st Cir. 1989) . . . .

    The trial court has the inherent authority, within the exercise of sound judicial discretion, to dismiss an action when a plaintiff has perpetrated a fraud on the court, or where a party refuses to comply with court orders. Kornblum v. Schneider, 609 So. 2d 138, 139 (Fla. 4th DCA 1992).

  82. 0

    I find that attorneys like Teresa Williams, routinely allow judges and judicial personnel to violate the Constitutional rights of litigants. When they do, they have violated their oath. If a judge denies your rights to due process, as I have experienced repeatedly, the opposing counsel has a DUTY to act on your behalf, but this has never happened.

    The dishonest attorneys like Teresa Williams, and Caroline Anderson, simply look the other way and laugh their behinds off when no one is looking. These frauds lurk about the Florida Circuits, because they are the Florida Bar.

    Attorneys Teresa Williams, and Caroline Anderson sells clients privileged work products from the firm they operate, to the opposing parties.

  83. 0

    The Law Firm of Williams and Trese LLP are fast.
    They will grab the eys of their clients, and selll them back before they’re blind.

    These Dogs Stole Things.
    1st. 2nd., 4th., 5th., 6th., and 14th.

    The Law Firm of Williams and Trese LLP are Frauds.

  84. 0

    Florida courts have long recognized the principle that a party who has been guilty of fraud or misconduct in the prosecution or defense of a civil proceeding should not be permitted to continue to employ the very institution it has subverted to achieve his or her ends. Carter v. Carter, 88 So.2d 153, 157 (Fla. 1956). This “fraud on the court” can and should result in the case being dismissed with prejudice.
    Ten years ago, the fraud on the court doctrine was infused with decisions which took an increasingly harsh stance on fraud committed by personal injury plaintiffs. As the Fifth District Court of Appeal stated in Cox v. Burke, 706 So.2d 43, 47 (Fla. 5th DCA 1998):
    The integrity of the civil litigation process depends on truthful disclosure of facts. A system that depends on an adversary’s ability to uncover falsehoods is doomed to failure, which is why this kind of conduct must be discouraged in the strongest possible way.

    A number of decisions followed which affirmed dismissals of claims where plaintiffs lied about their medical histories or causes of injury. Commentators chronicled these cases, noting the new found vigor of the fraud on the court doctrine. Donald A. Blackwell, J., 20 (July”The ‘Big Lie’,” Fla. Bar /August, 1999).

  85. 0

    Teresa Williams, and The Law Firm of Williams and Trese LLP , ought to turn over her emails the The Florida Bar, and the Ms Bondi.

    Collecting information under the guise of council, and then working for the opposing party, “using the work product, and privileged information to harm that prospective client is despicable.

    Crooked Teresa is a Fraud.

    1. 0

      If Teresa wants to get on the public toolbox so badly I think they should employ her as a mold sniffing hound to figure out where all the water leaks are causing mold buildup in the new courthouse. That way she can remain relevant and still do CITIZENS OF BROWARD a service while collecting an honest paycheck.

      1. 0

        Its a nO GO. she was attracted to the SA position, because of the moister.

        Water Rats are less useful than a K-9,
        but are better at adapting in environments with filth and moister.

  86. 0

    Feminist Kunt’s get mad when you point out the abuse.

    Speaking from personal experience, there are few creatures more demeaning to women than other women.
    Gossip, cattiness, jealousy, back-biting, spreading nasty rumors about each other – generally speaking, women can be absolutely TERRIBLE to other women. In fact, I think I’ve been treated worse by other women than any man has EVER treated me.

    Not saying that I have to cry and run for a safe space when I get this treatment from women – I buck up and deal with it.
    All this does is create an atmosphere where men are suddenly these horrific monsters and women are supposed to flee in terror whenever they see anything that reminds them that men exist (so much for being strong and independent).

    It’s just more division and distrust between certain demographics. Considering how well that’s worked out when it comes to race over the last eight years, I can only imagine what that’s going to do for relationships between men and women over time.

    Marxist Indoctrination’s, has created toxic Pusssy.

    1. 0



      Here is where you see he emailed me that he goes onto PBSOTALK. Helpful? I don’t know. But I will cross-examine him about the site.

      Sent from my iPhone

  87. 0

    A Normal Woman explains what happens when you deviate from The Florida Bar Rules.

    Contradictions in a formal system, depletes credibility.
    “Willful Violations” provide Contradictions.
    UN-checked Contradictions, makes The Florida Bar rules, inconsequential.

    Its an ethical race to the bottom…

  88. 0

    Feminist Frauds Upon the Courts

    Even if somehow you are proven innocent, you can still be hosed because civil courts, like family courts, is not based so much on evidence as it is on emotionalism.

    If you’re a man and you’re up against a woman, unless it’s obvious that she’s a complete loon, she’s got a huge advantage going in, even if her case is complete bogus.


  89. 1


    1.7 Conflict-of-Interest: Current Clients

    (a) Except as provided in paragraph (b), a lawyer shall not represent a client if the representation involves a concurrent conflict-of-interest. A concurrent conflict-of-interest exists if:

    (1) the representation of one client would be directly adverse to another client, even if representation would not occur in the same matter or in substantially related matters; or

    (2) there is a significant risk that the representation of one or more clients would be materially limited by the lawyer’s responsibilities to another client, a former client or a third person or by a personal interest of the lawyer.

    (b) Notwithstanding the existence of a concurrent conflict-of-interest under paragraph (a), a lawyer may represent a client if:

    (1) the lawyer reasonably believes that the lawyer would be able to provide competent and diligent representation to each affected client; and

    (2) each affected client gives informed consent, confirmed in writing.

    (c) Under no circumstances may a lawyer represent a client if:

    (1) the representation is prohibited by law;

    (2) the representation involves the assertion of a claim by one client against another client represented by the lawyer in the same litigation or other proceeding before a tribunal.


  90. 3


    Here is where you see he emailed me that he goes onto PBSOTALK. Helpful? I don’t know. But I will cross-examine him about the site.

    Sent from my iPhone

    1. 1

      Criminal Defense Attorney’s and Firms, should never, ever, flip on their clients.

      If wanting to supply legal work product to a LEO and agency, work for, or become a States Attorney. Pretending to be defense attorney, while selling out the client is awful, and almost UN-heard of. How despicable… What low lives.

      Thank you vikileaks for shinning a light on the evil darkness, that exists in BACDL, 17th. Circuit, and Florida’s legal industry as a whole.

      So many great attorney’s reputation gets tarnished, when a fraud pops-up, and sells their clients freedom for a quid pro quo.

      Is there “any” bottom?

      1. 0

        Eureka !!!!
        Maybe this is how to get a “PBA endorsement” as a “Black Lives Matter” candidate. I’ve been wondering how that happened. Just add Three-Parts Evil with water, and stir….
        “The Slippery Slope brew”.

        Bravo!!! That’s the ticket!
        Even Hillary would blush with that “hat trick”.

        1. 0

          If true, and that “vikileaks” is was work product to a LE, from a attorney, then the existence of a pattern thus depends on context, particularly on the nature of the underlying offenses.

          Attention to the nature of the underlying offenses is necessary because of the heightened civil and criminal penalties of RICO are reserved for schemes whose scope and persistence set them above the routine.

          1. 0

            The conventional wisdom is that the “relatedness” aspect of a “pattern” is not difficult to meet, and as a result, the issue is seldom litigated.

            To establish “related” predicate acts, a RICO plaintiff need only show that the predicate acts have similarities regarding the following characteristics: purposes, results, participants, victims, methods of commission, or other distinguishing characteristics.

            These criteria are generally construed.
            The “same or similar purposes,” for example, can be as generic as the desire to hoodwink someone out of
            money; the similar “results” may be no more than to have achieved just that; the cast of similar “participants” need not be entirely uniform over time; similar “victims” may be related to one another solely by virtue of having been victimized by the same enterprise (and not necessarily even all of the same defendants); similar “methods of commission” may be as non-specifically alike as defrauding—and any other similar “distinguishing characteristics” may be offered to prove that the offenses are related.

  91. 0

    Wow! The vikileaks upload seems to indicate an attorney communicates case strategy, to someone named “Victoria”.
    I certainly hope that Victoria is that attorney’s client.

    How did you get that vikileak? Any more vikileaks available?

  92. 0

    Существует гораздо больше …
    Я жду телефонного звонка. Если нет телефонного звонка, может быть, еще немного вверх нагрузок во вторник.
    Проверьте вторник.
    Я рад, что Вам нравится.


  93. 0

    We can learn from history…..

    Soviet government archives show that parties of Bolshevik operatives sent from the Smolny by Lenin took over all critical centers of power in Petrograd in the early hours of the first night without a shot being fired. This was completed so efficiently that the takeover resembled the changing of the guard. The capture of the Winter Palace was more dramatic, with the Red Guards storming it at 2:10 a.m. on 8 November [O.S. 26 October] 1917. The Cossacks deserted when the Red Guard approached, and the Cadets and the 140 volunteers of the Women’s Battalion surrendered rather than resist the 40,000 strong army. The Aurora was commandeered to then fire blanks at the palace in a symbolic act of rejection of the government. The effectively unoccupied Winter Palace fell not because of acts of courage or a military barrage, but because the back door was left open, allowing the Red Guard to enter. A Red Guard named Adamovich remembered gasping as he burst into the palace, as he had never before seen such luxury and splendour. A small group broke in, got lost in the cavernous interior, and accidentally ran into the remnants of Kerensky’s provisional government in the imperial family’s breakfast room. The illiterate revolutionaries then compelled those arrested to write up their own arrest papers. The Provisional Government was arrested and imprisoned in Peter and Paul Fortress after the ministers resigned to fate and surrendered without a fight, and officially overthrown.

  94. 0

    Association-in-Fact Enterprise
    Any group of entities or individuals that is “associated in fact” may be a RICO enterprise.

    Historically, many courts required the association-in-fact enterprise to have some structure or hierarchy and an ongoing legitimate purpose that was different from a group that is joined solely to violate RICO. In United States v. Bledsoe the Eighth Circuit held that an association-in-fact enterprise must exhibit three characteristics:

    (1) a common or shared purpose among its members;
    (2) some continuity of structure and personnel; and
    (3) an ascertainable structure distinct from that inherent in the pattern of racketeering.

  95. 0

    Where’s the new vikileaks?

    I found it interesting, that
    “retained defense attorneys and law firm,” would actually send the work product of their client, as a confidential informant, to a detective in Law Enforcement.

    Is this email message authentic?


    Here is where you see he emailed me that he goes onto PBSOTALK. Helpful? I don’t know. But I will cross-examine him about the site.

    Sent from my iPhone”

    If this is what defense attorneys are doing in Broward, is there any wonder why the false convictions?

    Don’t blame Satz…..

  96. 0

    “vikileaks” say:

    ООН-этический адвокат устанавливает наживку, чтобы удвоить пересечь ООН-подозревая клиента. И стать конфиденциальным осведомителем.

    Но, адвокат действительно работает с Толбертом.

    Translation: UN-ethical lawyer sets bait to double cross the UN-suspecting client. And become a confidential informant.
    However, the lawyer worked with other side.
    Under FL Bar Grievance Chair Directives.

    “””Absolutely not to either one or two–I totally think that Tolbert put on a show and lied to the court. She should be held in contempt”””.

    if I was worried about a bar complaint on every case, I would not be an effective attorney. Remember I have no political aspirations so I am ready for a fight!

    Sent from my iPhone

  97. 0

    > If you file a JQC against Coates, it is much easier to get a change of venue, or at the very least a new judge
    > Sent from my iPhone

  98. 0

    vikileaks – ООН-этический адвокат устанавливает наживку, чтобы удвоить пересечь ООН-подозревая клиента. И стать конфиденциальным осведомителем.

    Но, адвокат действительно работает с Толбертом.

    Translation: UN-ethical lawyer sets bait to double cross the UN-suspecting client. And become a confidential informant.
    However, the lawyer worked with other side.
    Under FL Bar Grievance Chair Directives.

    Attorney was working for the persons involved., she made believe she was going to file changes on a corrupted court contractor to get money, and legal work product.

    Here’s where she lies.

    “This is my plan….

    1-dealing with the police first. I have to get them to admit there was a wrong-doing on their part. I need them either to acknowledge it was a fraudulent report or I’ll even take that there was a mistake. If I can do this, I would suggest we go to the State Attorney’s Office and file charges against Tolbert. She should be arrested in my opinion, if I can get the evidence.

    2-after dealing with the police, then I draft the motions. I need to draft the motion to recuse and the motion for re-hearing on the restraining order at the same time. We will need to file it with the court and I will physically drop off a “courtesy” copy to the judge himself. Clerk sets a date.

    3-once that occurs, we have this woman served.


    Sent from my iPhone

  99. 0

    это как подлый юристы юридической фирмы Williams и ТОО Trese место clients в их зоны комфорта, прежде чем дать рабочий продукт правоприменение.
    Они любят, чтобы украсть, продать клиенту.

    A Lawyer at Williams and Trese LLC., will steal you money, and hand over work product to the opposing parties, and law enforcement for political endorsements. ( A New Low)

    Be Careful. Sneaky lawyers steal.

    Here’s the caring con artist setting up, and fleecing in the following.

    “It sucks. And I’m going to try and work with you as much
    as possible. I genuinely like you and the more I read into the case, the more infuriated I get’.

    As a lawyer, I am not supposed to emotionally involved in cases, but that’s what drives me. And I will do my absolute best for you because it is abhorrent what had been done to you.

    > A new year will be starting soon and be positive.

    > Sent from my iPhone

  100. 0

    First they bad mouth judge, to place you in comfort zone.
    Then they extract the information for law enforcement.


    I thought you would enjoy the following story. I cannot give you too many specifics but I was speaking with a former client of mine who is currently going through a divorce.

    Guess who is his judge? Coates. And he told me
    that Coates was giving him the hardest time and both he and his lawyer are
    having such a difficult time explaining even the simplest of things…

  101. 0

    The new script for mob snitches, and UN-Ethical Confidential Informant a privately retained lawyer from Williams and Trese LLC. is to make up story’s, and file complaints against their own clients.

    Here’s the standard accusations, Private Attorneys now accept scripts from LE, as they work both sides at once.

    Accusations include, but are not limited too, threatening cops, and guns. This is a new “catch al”l for all mob informants, and UN-Ethical Attorney’s to spew. PBA endorsements are hard to come by these days. UN-Ethical Attorney’s need to be creative, and the 1st. , and our clients 6th, piecemeal to LE.

    This lawyers client, had nothing to do with the site.
    But the client was a sell-able item , and the lawyer, a sell-out.

    Here’s just one of the back stab emails.


    Here is where you see he emailed me that he goes onto PBSOTALK. Helpful? I don’t know. But I will cross-examine him about the site.

    Sent from my iPhone

  102. 0

    Florida Bar Rules : 1.11, 4-1.12, or 4-1.18.
    The purpose of screening is to assure the affected parties that confidential information known by the personally disqualified lawyer remains protected. The personally disqualified lawyer should acknowledge the obligation not to communicate with any of the other lawyers in the firm with respect to the matter.

    Similarly, other lawyers in the firm who are working on the matter should be informed that the screening is in place and that they may not communicate with the personally disqualified lawyer with respect to the matter. Additional screening .

    Prospective Client. A person who discusses consults
    with a lawyer about the possibility of forming a
    client-lawyer relationship with respect to a
    matter is a prospective client.

    (b) Confidentiality of Information.
    Even when no client lawyer relationship ensues, a lawyer who has had discussions with learned information
    From a prospective client shall may not use or reveal
    that information learned in the
    consultation, except as rule 4

    1.9 would permit with respect to information of a former client.
    (c) Subsequent Representation. A lawyer subject to subdivision (b) shall May not represent a client with interests materially adverse to those of a client.

    (3) Partners, Associates, Employers, or Employees
    of the Firms of Grievance Committee Members or Board of Governors Members Precluded From Representing Parties Other Than The Florida Bar.

    Members of the firms of grievance committee members or board members shall may not represent any party other than The Florida Bar in disciplinary proceedings authorized under these rules without the express consent of the board.

    UN-Ethical Attorney’s, should hide under the wings of a FL Bar Grievance Committee’s chairs, who owns a legal firm.

    Forget the local politics. Mr. Harkness of the FL Bar, ought to look at this case.

  103. 0

    If true, then this is quite disturbing….

    There is a point at which the law becomes immoral and unethical. That point is reached when it becomes a cloak for the cowardice that dares not stand up against blatant violations of justice.

    Kurt Huber

  104. 0

    My Thank You Tour:

    Thank you Broward County, for not letting The Utterly Corrupted Teresa Williams take the SA’s office.
    Never Compromise with a Crooked Lawyer who becomes a Confidential Informant on their client, as they steal monies.

    There will be no Compromising , and no mediating, with defense attorney’s , who become C.I.’s against their clients….

    Any Compromise of Ethical Values is Evil.
    Here’s how evil wins….

    And, Teresa Williams is as Evil as they come.

  105. 3

    I don’t know how evil she is. More like desperate to get on the public dole like so many others ! Take a look around and see how many desperados are looking to put the taxpayers on the hook. They’re literally falling over one another.
    And then you have the double dippers who still can’t get enough. Count them. Check out the PD for example.

        1. 1

          She’s got a lot more courage than the rest of u whimps ! At least she tried and came pretty close to deposing the old fart.

  106. 0

    Yes. Its systemic. Its a sub-culture of creepy crawlers.
    Soon, some Up-Loads, of actual Photo’s of court room corruption on this site. It fetcher’s pan-handling double-reverse dippers.

    Words are one thing, photo’s another….
    Its nice to have legally sufficient evidence for R.I.C.O. , before claiming such.

    Stay tuned.

  107. 0

    Rumor has it, former SA candidate Teresa Williams has now moved her UN-Ethical legal services to Palm Beach County.
    She spreads her vile radical feminist venom where ever she takes her skanky self. This flagrant flake argues cases to support her own election fraud, in obtaining endorsements.
    Williams is Broward’s Poison, so keep that odious anti-American leftist tramp, in Broward.

    Thank you in advance.

  108. 0

    President Donald Trump Describes
    Teresa Williams, Esq. and Allison Kelliher Esq., Demonic Epistemological platforms of the Radical Tramps.
    Teresa Williams, Esq. and Allison Kelliher Esq., are Demonic .
    They sell out their clients, by posing as “defense attorneys, while being confidential informants.

    They are liar’s and frauds. And the 15th. has got a good look at these pukes, as they’re cases fall apart….

  109. 0

    Just like the rest of the political scum: chit in one valley and move onto the next. WPB is not far enough away for the likes of Teresa. What a humper.

  110. 0

    Teresa Williams “The Defense Attorney”, is a Confidential Informant for the corrupted portions of Law Enforcement…

    That’s pretty UN-Usual…. The acceptance, is UN-heard of…

    1. 1

      Could it be after all the sleazy, greasy moves on behalf of judicial campaigns in Broward, it’s going to be Turd on the grill this time up ?

  111. 4

    The JAAB blog is hardly worth reading anymore. Just a couple kindergarten meatheads with boners for each other. Bill you did do a public service for us & I’ll watch for the next item of interest. Otherwise, meh.

    1. 1

      Teresa loses and beats it no further than WPB ? Lol. That’s about the extent of her beat feet imagination and bus fare.
      She’s a loser and has worn out her welcome and blowhard tactics in Broward. She’s got the intelligence of a doorknob!
      Wont miss her big mouth and stupid self serving loser ideas.
      Where is she working ? She doesn’t have the sense to hang out her shingles! Lol

  112. 2

    If you’re ship gets sunk in the Court House Ocean, and you’re drifting past potential legal representatives and firms, and you start to drift towards Williams & Trese LLP.

    RULE 1.

    RULE 2.

    RULE 3.

  113. 1

    Broward Defense Attorney’s who become Confidential Informants need recognition, for the diabolical work that they do.

    BACDL’s Informants of the year should go to these two.

      1. 0

        Family Division Professionals.
        This is why I go Eastern Europe / Russia.
        Western women are screwed up.

        Don’t vote for SCUM.

        1. 0

          Teresa is not only one of the most stupid people I know, but is starting to look a lot like a blind mole rat …
          Her other friend is just one ugly wench.
          Both need to enroll in a house for wayward women.
          BACDL has a lot to be proud of … lol
          Sad chicks.

    1. 0


      1. 1

        To The BACDL Members
        I found that my Election was Hacked by The Russians:

        To the Russian Retards:
        You dirt bags hacked my campaign. Putin’s an asshole, and the Ukraine is part of the globalists agenda. Its not Russia.
        So get out.

        They hacked me and I’m going after their asses.
        If you have evidence of this, send it to me. The Russian hacking needs to stop.
        The Russian’s are always interfering. They’re all criminals, and I’m putting an end to it.

        Please send me what you got. And I’ll show you how to handle the those stupid Russian morons.

        Teresa Williams
        861 Orichid Dr.
        Plantation, FL

  114. 0

    BACDL ???
    This swine actually sits as chair on The FL Bar 17 A.

    Its Good Friday, she’s likely hanging Jesus Christ on a Cross and spitting on him right now. While claiming to represent him.

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