Something straight out of The Keystone Cops came our way last week, but seeing as how the punch line is anything but a laughing matter, we sent it over to Bob Norman for the attention it deserves.

It’s about an inmate sitting in the BCJ charged with Murder One, and some Detectives who may believe he’s innocent.

Channel 10 has the story Monday, so stay tuned …

DBR/Meet Ed Merrigan

Tamarac Talk Endorsements

DBR/Milian v. Gomez (Miami)

LA Times Editorial/No Condoms For Porn Stars

8 thoughts on “WPLG MONDAY”

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    Tamarac Talk also endorsed FJ Mclawrence. Not a good sign for the reckless driving, ambien and xanax taking, Rick Scott Republican appointee Lynn Rosenthal.

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    Mr. Mclawrence was endorsed as well in Tamarac Talk. I think this was a good choice. I saw him on TV . His responses were thoughtful.

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    It’s funny watching these same 2 or 3 Jahra supporters write as though The Jahra has a chance …

    Let’s face facts: those aware of his true beliefs (all the MalcolmX posters on his wall at the PDs office) + his decision to run in every judicial race for the rest of his life until he wins = not the best choice for judge.

    It’s time The Jahra just foregoes that pay raise he hopes for by becoming judge.

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    Panic has set in. Team Rosenthal knows they have had too many missteps and all the bad press on the networks has made this a very close race. This is not what they should be doing. The truth is it’s out there and the voters don’t like it. Rosenthal’s reckless driving where she could have killed someone, her ambien and xanax pill popping, her and her manager Alan jean’s dirty tricks and negative campaigning have swayed momentum to McLawrence. The courthouse crowd sees this race as close and hoping McLawrence wins.

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