PB ASA Michael Smith was kind enough to admit the mystery validly prescribed controlled substance in Lynn Feig Rosenthal’s possession at the time of her arrest was indeed Xanax.  Still, the case was viewed strictly as an Ambien problem, and despite the horrific driving pattern and Alprazolam, dropped to the previously noted Reckless.  Interestingly, defense attorney Brian Silber, who was very much in command during the 2:30 PM plea in absentia, refused to disclose the meds in discussions prior to the hearing, describing the issue as “a private medical concern“.

ASA Smith said Feig Rosenthal’s 595 cell phone video was never reviewed by the PB SAO.  Also, the refusal was tainted, as Feig Rosenthal reportedly wanted to offer up a urine sample, but refused when informed BSO would only take both blood and urine.  Silber was strong on this point, adding Team Rosenthal had prevailed at a DHSMV Formal Review Hearing dealing with those issues.  Additionally, Silber promised a press release explaining his client’s behavior that day to be published later this afternoon, detailing double dosage Ambien issues which he successfully argued caused the arrest.

The plea terms were as follows:

Withhold, 3 months administrative probation, 25 hours CS, substance abuse evaluation, and victim impact panel.  Restitution is ordered and reserved.  Because all the terms have already been satisfied and no follow-up drug/alcohol treatment recommended, the judge’s probation is essentially already over, as early term was part of the deal.

We’ve requested the video from BSO from the Main Jail sally port and judicial parking lot.  It should be public record, now that the case is resolved.  Mainstream media is also hot on the video trail too.

Lots of issues to discuss on this one, so wait for the press release and video …



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    Judge Rostenthal just pled “no contest,” in open court, which means she’s guilty. She must be removed from the bench now, unless of course the sweeties on the JQC want to continue to cover up the utter depravity of many on the bench in Florida.

    Jack Thompson, So Sue Me

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        Dear Ruined My Day:

        I have no idea what “that imaginary courtroom in the sky” would be. It would seem that you have no idea either. If it is a reference to some post-death/heavenly courtroom, I can assure you I am very much alive, doing some cool things with my life, by virtue of the power and grace of Jesus Christ. You might want to check him out sometime, Norm.

        Secondly, if your bizarre reference is to my state of disbarment, that will eventually be vacated. That will REALLY ruin your day. Peace, Jack Thompson

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    This song is dedicated to FJ McLarence

    you wouldn’t even know a diamond if you held it in your hand

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    Jahra is done so done. Bowman and Lee Jahra are coming over just to talk ok. Why is once, twice three times a lady playing.

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    This is disgusting! The Xanax was not a part of this case. It was a legally prescribed drug because, like for the millions of other people who legally use it, it was helping to ease some pain. Is that where we are now? Do we really want to invade someone’s mental health records to scorn a person who is taking a legally valid medication to help deal with a personal problem? Why not make it a requirement that every judge has to disclose every personal issue they’ve ever encountered and how they dealt with it? Oh yeah…that right…because judges are human just like all of us and they do their best to deal with difficult situations. One proper way to deal with personal issues is to obtain a valid prescription…and then hope some idiot doesn’t use that private information as a sword against you. Get a grip people!

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    Poor Broward Judges. They work so hard. The stress is overwhelming. Having to run a.Felony Division spaced out on Xanax and Ambien. Handing out JAIL TIME is hard work!

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    This berobed clown is responsible for being impaired, whether on prescribed meds or not, while operating a deadly motor vehicle. She should be removed from the bench by the JQC. Pathetic.

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    I think the disclosure of a person’s medical info without their permission (in this case, her pain meds that weren’t part of DUI case), is illegal.

    Sorry Bill, your pimping of FranzJahra has gone too far this time – should have left private stuff private. I heard rumblings that you could be facing some fallout for publishing her private med. info

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