BLAME GAME!Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Rafael Olmeda has the following:

An accused killer was mistakenly freed from jail after the Broward Clerk of Courts did not produce a routine document telling the jail to keep him there …

Prosecutors dropped a second-degree murder charge against (Eric) Vail in (a) shooting after a grand jury indicted him for first-degree murder for the same crime. He was supposed to be held without bond on the more serious charge, but the clerk’s office never sent that paperwork to the jail.

After the change to Vail’s criminal charges, the clerk’s office never generated a “capias” — or an order to arrest or detain the 28-year-old defendant.

The Broward Sheriff’s Office, which runs the jail, may have compounded the problem: It wasn’t required to check the clerk’s website to see whether Vail had other cases against him. Sheriff’s officials say checking the clerk’s website is not part of their routine procedures because it’s unreliable “and not an official warrant database.” The jail searches for a capias, a warrant, or a court order, not the clerk’s website …

Even without the capias, whether the Sheriff’s Office should have known to hold Vail remains in dispute. The April indictment contains an explicit court order to hold Vail without bond. Coleman-Wright said it was the clerk’s responsibility to notify the jail about that order with the capias.

But both the clerk’s office and the Broward State Attorney’s Office say they let the Sheriff’s Office know about the first-degree murder case. That information never got to the jail. Once the second-degree case was dropped, jail officials searched for warrants, a capias or some other court order with the Florida Department of Law Enforcement …

“If their query does not have them check their local database to see if the defendant has another case then the query is stupid,” (Howard Finkelstein) said. “The sheriff’s office and the clerk’s office need to stop focusing on blaming each other and start taking measures to make sure this never happens again.”

(Read the full story here)

So, who is to blame? 

Brenda Forman or Greg Tony?


YouTube: There’s a killer on the road …

BrowardBeat – The Next Election: Good Ol’ Boys Last Stand

 … Once in office it quickly became apparently that Ms. Forman was over her head. She was drowning in documents that her office regularly misplaced, we hear.

Now after bungling her job, Ms. Forman is under investigation for lying under oath and other wrongdoing …

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    Nothing surprises me when it comes to the Clerk’s Office anymore. The actions of Ms. Forman have led me to believe she’s in my opinion unfit for the job.
    What does surprise me is that the Sheriff’s didn’t have the wherewithal to catch it.
    This kind of mishap will hardly go unnoticed in the State Capital.

  2. 14


    It’s a toss up between the defendant that escaped out of the Broward Courthouse and went missing for a week, and this latest cluster F. Incidentally, you should run that article again.

    Do any of these idiots know or care what they are supposed to be doing ?
    All of this gross incompetence on the public dime…

  3. 17


    Procedures and Clerk of Courts use forms.
    Sometimes they fabricate fake police forms,
    (Sharon Bock),
    and sometimes they lose legitimate ones.
    Brenda Foreman.

    BSO needs and should have clear and standardized procedures followed. Clerks dropped the ball, our new sheriff is likely a retard squad to the clerks office

    Re: flow of information.
    The flow of information was the genesis, and cause.
    Disbursements of such information is the court clerks duty.
    Lets protect our new sheriff.
    We need him to flush out corruption.

    Brenda has no time to improve services, because she’s busy trying to get whitey Gelin, and, cut Forman’s balls off.

    1. 17


      No Problem.
      Fake Forms Notarized Here.
      All you can eat 12.980t’s. “All done covertly”.
      Judge Coates will knowingly accept the frauds in his court.
      Court Contractors exit ramp for theft'[s, and cover-ups.
      Stigmatize the complainants with a 12.980t form.
      Police not needed for the police forms.
      Just fill them out yourselves, and let the respondent see the exculpatory one months after the hearing.


      1. 12


        Suspicion of Free Speech is 11 Felonies.
        Here again, alleged victim demands detectives not make contact…. Sneaky 12.980t allows for no jury…..
        No police needed. Just fake paperwork, and corrupted judges.

        When the arraignment judge has no vic in the court room, and an ASA who can’t articulate a crime, the judge will auto-pilot and demand the only perceived weapon, (transparencies) .

        The judge will force you to waive The 1st. Amendment, as the judge will view The 1st. Amendment as a weapon.
        And make the bond high to punish those who do research.

    1. 15


      Shut the fuck up already Brenda, you stupid, blown out, aging whore.
      You’re bitter, cynical, and full of shit.
      You’re childless misery is why you attempt to “mommy” grown men, and you probably reek of cat piss as well.
      You just let a murderer walk.
      STEP DOWN!!!

      How dare you blame BSO.
      Go make a sammich for a cat, you lonely cunt.

      (Moldy Pussy)

  4. 2


    Buddy Nevins criticized Madame Clerk.

    Off with his head.

    Who does he think he is?

    Seize his computer and arrest him.

  5. 3


    Guys in my high school used to let the ball go through their legs in the championship game. It was no big deal.

  6. 17


    Chain of Communications >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
    Clerk to BSO…. Clerk to BSO….. Clerk to BSO…..
    Clerk to &($%#@@#? Does not work well.

    We need to protect our sheriff from these FLBar Gremlins.

    1. 17


      We need to support our new sheriff, next clerk Forman,
      and next bar President Mr. Gelin from political hits….
      They’ve weaponized our courts for political abuses of processes.

      This sheriff could be the key in making Broward “less hostile.
      He could be a deterrent on many levels to the truly bad guys,
      (both intrinsic, and esoteric). Time will tell. But we got to clear him from the political hits and set him free from the BS.

    1. 7


      I thought the Chief Judge signed an order precluding Judges from bringing their donkeys and goats to work?

  7. 5


    Brenda Forman & anyone high up in the existing courthouse. Sheriff Tony hasn’t been there long enough to figure out the inside schemes going on. With one Brenda gone it would be nice to do away with the other. And Howard Forman put all the existing processes in place so I hope someone else throws their hat in the ring.

  8. 20


    I think its time that Brenda Forman starts looking for another job. Preferably one that isnt in public service. The Clerk’s Office is a mess. I’m really kind of shocked this hasn’t happened more often.

  9. 15


    We’ve seen it before. When they start pointing fingers at each other, you can be sure they’ve screwed up big time.

    1. 2


      Well at least they canned him and BSO Active Shooter instructor/Resource Officer/Coward Scot Peterson is getting charged.

  10. 24


    Ruby is in your backyard of Century Village Pines and gaining ground. You should have fired her before she gained momentum.

    1. 14


      Good for Ruby ! Finkelstein thought he’d assert himself by demoting and humiliating Ruby, but all he accomplished was setting up Gordon for the rocky road of dissatisfaction to raise its ugly head within his own office. Gordon isnt thought of very highly anyway among the rest with high case counts when Gordon runs from a case like its a contagion.
      Not that either one of them will prevail in the race, there by flushing for good Howard’s idea of coming off, on his way out the door, all magnanimous leaving it to a minority. The new PD looks like its going to be Lynch who will make all the supervisors take hefty caseloads like the rest of us.
      Its about time. The PD needs a good and fair reorganization that will spread the cases out more evenly and put an end to supervisors sitting in front of their computers with their doors closed. Not the best situation.

      1. 2


        While I agree that Broward tradition proves that he with the most campaign money tends to win, I think Conway could take just enough votes away from Lynch that Gordon could end up prevailing.

        Ruby isn’t a legitimate concern to either candidate. Those who have met her on the campaign Trail say she just doesn’t seem qualified for the position, and those who know her in the courthouse think she’s just not experienced enough.

    1. 16


      Only Gordo’s gonna be left without a chair when the canary stops singing … Litl Howie’s movin on and leaving the carnival 🎡. The freak show has ended.

  11. 15


    Forman gave a stern motivational speech to her employees to correct the problems and so far it’s working.

    1. 9


      They couldnt find a pig in a poke. It took them over a week to catch the last guy and he turned himself in.
      This place is becoming more ridiculous by the day !!!
      I don’t know which is worse, the clerk’s office filled with a bunch of airhead bimbos or these old stooge bailiffs from NY padding their retirements down here in paradise.
      Then there are our judges …

    2. 7




  12. 28


    Its goes to show that these issues were systemic when Scott Israel was running things.
    Our new POTUS, governor, and Rep. are the result of our military, and the trifecta divine interventions.

    Our new sheriff maybe the peroxide needed for this county to heal its corruption wounds, take the temp. down on divisive race manipulations, and stand up to the REAL bad guys…..

    Support and protect Greg Tony he’s surrounded by bad actors, and the confirmation is in that he’s a white hat.
    Because Brenda The Black Hat , accuses him.
    If that not validation for Sheriff Tony, than what is?
    Tony’s vocations comes from a critical thinking strain of thought, Benda’s vocation came from Forman.

    Who’s used to invoking feelings into their professions,?
    And who is no allowed, because people would die?
    Think vocational backgrounds, and be thankful for the new guards. Give Tony a little time…..

  13. 52


    Just released!


    Date: June 10, 2019

    PIO Number: 19-6-3

    Broward Sheriff’s Office Department of Detention staff conducted a comprehensive review of the processes followed during inmate Eric Vail’s release from the Main Jail on May 30, and confirmed that all procedures were properly executed.

    Here is a timeline of the events that led up to Vail being released:

    – January 29, 2019 Inmate Eric Vail was taken into custody on a no bond warrant for first-degree murder (Murder 1) on case number 19-1440 and assigned jail number 501900331.

    – January 30, 2019 Inmate Vail appeared before a magistrate judge for the Murder 1 charge on case number 19-1440, and probable cause was found on this charge.

    – February 28, 2019 The BSO Confinement Status Unit received the State’s instruction sheet to change the Murder 1 charge on case number 19-1440 to second-degree murder (Murder 2), and the charge was changed in the jail database.

    – March 12, 2019 BSO Confinement Status received a capias from the Broward Clerk of Courts for inmate Vail for the change of charge from Murder 1 to Murder 2 on case number 19-1440 to prepare Vail for first appearance before a magistrate judge on the Murder 2 charge the next day.

    – March 13, 2019 Inmate Vail was scheduled for a first appearance on the Murder 2 charge before the magistrate judge, as well as an arraignment on the Murder 2 charge before the assigned division judge. The Inmate Court Schedule for Vail reveals he refused to go to court to appear before his assigned division judge for the arraignment. However, Vail attended magistrate court on the Murder 2 charge, and probable cause was found on this charge. Exhibit #1

    – April 03, 2019 Vail was indicted by the Grand Jury for first-degree murder, which is endorsed by a judge with a no bond hold for this charge. The Clerk of Courts creates a new case file for the first-degree murder indictment under an entirely new case number (19-4384) and files the State’s instruction sheet under this case number. NOTE: Neither the indictment with the no bond hold nor the State’s instruction sheet on this new charge were sent by the clerk’s office to the jail.

    – April 04, 2019 The jail received a data file (in the form of an excel spreadsheet) from the Office of the State Attorney that contained a data line pertaining to inmate Vail along with data lines pertaining to dozens of other inmates. Exhibit 6 Note: This data file received from the State does not reflect the charge itself or the conditions of bond for Vail nor does it contain any court order to keep him in custody. The data file sent by the State is compared electronically via computer with the jail database, which automatically reports back whether the subject is in custody. In this case, the system reported back that a person with the same last name, first name, and sex as Vail, Eric was currently in custody (“IN CUSTODY – LN, FN & SEX”). This data file is used to update existing charges for an inmate currently in the jail database and not to add new charges that do not already exist for an inmate. This information cannot be used to add a charge to an in-custody defendant as it is not a capias, which would contain the charges and the conditions of the bond.

    – April 08, 2019 The Clerk of Courts electronically transmits the court docket for Judge Scherer to the jail that reflects a hearing before the court for Vail on April 9, 2019, under case number 19-4384. Note: This electronic transmittal is used solely to prepare an inmate for movement to court the following day. It is not a capias and cannot be used to place a charge on an inmate.

    – April 09, 2019 An arraignment is scheduled for Vail on the first-degree murder indictment under case number 19-4384 before the assigned division judge. The Inmate Court Schedule for Vail reveals that he refused to go to court for the arraignment and, therefore, was not transported to court on this date. Exhibit #1

    – May 29, 2019 – The Clerk of Courts electronically transmits the court docket for Judge Elizabeth Scherer to the jail which reflects a hearing before the court for Vail on May 30, 2019, under case numbers 19-1440 and 19-4384. Note: See above note for April 8, 2019.

    – May 30, 2019

    a) Inmate Vail appeared in court on the still pending Murder 2 charge in case number 19-1440. The State Attorney’s Office announces a nolle prosequi (dismissal) on the Murder 2 charge, and a disposition reflecting this decision was signed by the division judge.

    b) The court disposition reflecting the nolle prosequi for the Murder 2 charge in case number 19-1440 was received by the jail. Exhibit #2

    c) The jail begins the release process for Vail on the Murder 2 charge on case number 19-1440 since the jail had not received any record of the Murder 1 Indictment on case number 19-4384 from the Clerk of Courts, and therefore that charge had not been placed on Vail in the jail charge database. NOTE: The jail cannot place a new charge on an in-custody defendant unless it receives official documentation from the Clerk of Courts describing the charge and the bond status.

    d) All required checks were completed and verified by the jail, including a fingerprint check, warrant check and sexual predator check, which revealed no active holds for any additional criminal charges. Exhibit #3

    e) Inmate Vail was released at 7 p.m. on the second-degree murder charge on case number 19-1440. Exhibit #4 and 4A

    – June 03, 2019 An email was received by the jail from an official from the Clerk of Courts, stating that no orders or capias have been issued by the court for Vail for the Murder 1 indictment in case number 19-4384. Exhibit #5

    If Department of Detention staff had received a capias, court order or warrant for the Murder 1 indictment at any time prior to his release, Vail would not have been released on May 30.

    Today, a meeting was held with the judiciary, State Attorney’s Office, Clerk of Courts and BSO to discuss a comprehensive process that’s more reliable and will help improve the existing system of distributing official court paperwork.

    At this time, Vail is at large. BSO investigators and the U.S. Marshals Regional Fugitive Task Force have prioritized the apprehension of this dangerous criminal.

    We ask the public to remain vigilant, and anyone with information on Vail’s whereabouts is urged to contact Broward Crime Stoppers at 954-493-TIPS (8477).

    Veda Coleman-Wright/Dir. of PIO

  14. 18


    It’s hard to believe this is an isolated incident.

    How many others of lower profile slipped through the cracks over the years?

  15. 14


    If he had lived near me he wouldn’t have seen the light of day until 2040 even if he’d been booked on a misdemeanor

    1. 9



  16. 8


    Dear Chief Justice since the Clerk and BSO are no longer following orders from trial dress to bail I am writing today to inquire if the military or another branch of government could lend a hand until the conclusion of the 2020 election cycle

  17. 9


    It’s elementary Watson. It was the Clerk, asleep in the juror room with the aroma therapy candle stick

    1. 1


      Mess? Nah, nothing could go wrong. Imagine a hypothetical. From pages of the local newspaper. Sun-Sentinel. Take a lady in her 50’s making 22k a year. Lets say she has worked maybe 2 years in the clerks office. After working various secretarial stints. Now as a better prank lets say she’s a genius with money…. and is freshly bankrupted and foreclosed on–and marries the incumbent clerk of 16 years and takes his name. Her third husband. Sounds likable. As likable as him on his third wife at the time. Convinces him to resign. With no higher education save an online degree? and some random courses, or so says that local paper that just won the Pulitzer Prize. They go on to say she had no “management or political experience”.. what is that anyway? Does it matter? And she allegedly cheered on 911 when she got to go home early…. per a reputable state attorney. Lets further pretend the former clerk wants his job back. OG clerk is back and 73 years young versus the incumbent female 60 year old or so.

      Here’s a prank we can play on Broward… Throw in a few more male names. Like in 2016. Big shot political names or establishment government names like in 2016. Males. Multiple males. Now, the 1.4 million voters of which more than half are female will certainly vote her back in just as they did in 2016. All these hypothetical facts wouldn’t matter because nobody outside the courthouse knows anything her or cares. What she looks like, acts like. Or even anything about the OG. Who was in local politics 40 years. They will look at the ballot for a few seconds and pick the one woman vs the few guys. Or the one that sounds familiar. The incumbent. Which the vast majority mistook her for last election.

      The voting public only knows who Trump is. And the incumbent Federal Democrats. That’s it. She’ll win for 16 more years unless hypothetically 1) more females step in. And 2) the guy(s) with no name recognition or chances get out–which they probably will. If that happens OG has a shot with his name and will step down in 4 years and someone else can take over.

      Long-shot…but if a Republican ran I’d think that the few local elderly Democrats that actually vote in the primary would know more about the race than the general public in November. And OG would probably win.

      1. 0


        Yah, have to agree. The million plus voters dont care about the Clerk’s race. The primary voters which are few may know. Howards only chance is to run head to head. He may even lose. As the populace doesnt know him.

        Local political hacks are wrong every time. and they were wrong last time she ran. Whoever’s running against her is just going to lose on name recognition and identity politics. Wasting their time and allowing Brenda in for who knows how long. Could be 16 years. Regardless of her record. And clerk’s usually dont have stories written about them in the newspaper. 99 percent of voters will see two similar names and take 10 seconds to pick out the one they think is recognizable. Or in office as noone likes to fire the incumbent knowing nothing about it/he/she More guys on Howard’s side assures a loss IMO as well. She just may be the only current courthouse employee to win in November. Obviously, nobody else is running. And the courthouse lifers are going to see a backlash as they have no name recognition. meeting 10k voters means nothing when 1.1 million vote. And agreed the only thing on people’s mind is “Love Trump” or “Hate Trump.” But its so overwhelmingly Democratic a lot of Democrats may stay home knowing our congressional districts are in the bag for
        Democratic contenders as noone is running against Debbie Wasserman Schultz or the beautiful Fredericka Smith. Yet they continue to spend in the hundreds of thousands per reporting period. Fredericka spent over 100k on birthday cards. I dont remember 100 percent but i thing the guy running against her has $103 dollars in his account.

  18. 29


    This is no laughing matter. The Herald says the person they let loose went to prison before on Attempted Murder case.

  19. 17



  20. 19


    If you ask me, all Broward incumbents should get the boot… I know how I’ll be voting. This place needs a good clean out and it wont be for these idiots releasing accused murderers back out on the streets !

  21. 2


    RE removal: unlikely under this circumstances: Governor appointed Tony: Forman could have gotten it over this but too much blowback could come at Tony as she defends herself.

  22. 7


    Things were so lax before that I’m letting them go on purpose to show the proper way to take in a bad guy.

  23. 13


    Restore honor and integrity to the Clerk of Court.

    Vote RICHARD BRIAN-KAPLAN for Clerk of Court 2020.

    “Take a chance on the crazy guy. It can’t possibly get any worse”

    1. 2


      Uh oh, the Richard Kaplan stalker may have finally stepped in it!

      Go ahead, try to claim truth as a defense as a joke but the real truth is: defamation is a tort.

      You just came out and wrote that a respected attorney in a management position at a government agency is mentally ill. You cannot couch that as “oh that’s just my opinion.”
      Although the victim in this case cannot claim massive damages from the tort he can at least get your motherfuking IP address you pussy.

      Your own reputation better be hoping that nothing comes of it because if your IP address and identity become known from all these defamatory statements, the Bar discipline would be the least of your concerns.

      p.s. get a life. All that angst and envy of someone who had the balls to take on a sitting judge will slowly eat you up.

  24. 20


    Before being appointed Sheriff, I was a retired road patrol sergeant and a registered Republican.

    After the appointment, I quickly changed my registration to Democrat and immediately transformed into an incompetent fool.

    1. 17


      2 party system is a gimmick….

      Good leaders are always attack by evil actors.
      Protect 45. Protect DeSantis, and Tony.
      Good v. Evil….

      Deep Fakes All Over.
      No Name John Mccain Hung Treason
      John Brennan FISA United Kingdom MI6 CIA FBI Royal Assassination Attempt of President Donald J. Trump Commander In Chief Of The UNITED STATES Of AMERICA QAnon President Trump Must Die FVEY Royal Coup AIRFORCE 1 June 10, 2018 Q Anon Air Force One SKY EVENT Assassinate POTUS 45 Reverse The IMAGE KDN-0000 ABEL DANGER Intercept ZIGZAG Bureau of Investigation June 10 2018 Target AF1 Assassinate Pres. Trump QAnon SKY EVENT Reverse The IMAGE KDN-0000 Raytheon AMRAAM Ramjet Hyper Sonic Missile intercepted ABM. Act of WAR CONFIRMED Trump Assassination attempt Fail of President Trump Q Post 1474 FOX M1 STOLEN TAKEDOWN Serco Air Force One Targeted by Deep State UK/CA/Chinese Ops Q Clearance Serco Controlled Defense Red Switch Network Q ANON KDN-0000 AF1 F-16s Intercept Specialized Weapons Package. CLAS-5. #Qanon Where did the missle go? Blown up in sky? Kill Destruct Neutralized BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM. Low Yield Nuclear Air to Air Weapon.

      So Brenda’s just another diabolical hit.

        1. 7


          Maybe if Broward Democrats would refrain from putting all these political woodchips in office, we’d get a few able and willing people wishing to give a new meaning to what’s called public service: Clerk of Courts, State Attorney, Public Defender, Joker Judges and Sheriff’s Office.

  25. 14


    Will someone please answer this question, is William Beamer Esq . Running for Broward State Attorney or for Broward Clerk of the Court. We have been hearing that he is definatley running for one of the two positions. He will have our support and vote for whichever office he runs for. William Beamer is a fine gentleman and will do a great job for the citizens of Broward County.William Beamer 2020.

    1. 0


      William Beamer is a gun loving freak and a Trump loving idiot that needs to go away never to be seen or heard from again. He’s a gun loving danger to society.

        1. 19


          Hillary learned the hard way there was no glass ceiling. Didn’t even have the class to show up and swallow defeat.

          This latest stunt by Brenda Forman sure isn’t going to improve her chances of staying Clerk of Courts !
          As far as I’m concerned, she can take Dian with her.

          There is no more room for another nitwit in the Clerk’s Office.

          1. 10


            Hillary and Brenda have the same mental illness as other female self-proclaimed authorities assumed by the same dilution.

  26. 23


    Broward County is notorious for the Peter Principle in action. Perhaps if the Clerk focused on her job and didn’t file frivolous and what appears to be a false affidavit in support thereof of a Restraining order let alone the Bar Complaint.

    1. 18


      Brenda is a airhead with even bigger ideas. Outside advice working on weak minds causes all kinds of mischief.

      1. 10


        Critical Thinking Question:
        1. Can cars be deadly?
        2. If certain peoples, race/tribe need a clinic on getting a drivers license, should those people even be driving?

  27. 17


    Trump knocked out the lawyer guilds freeing its members.
    No more Esquire BS.
    Perfect timing. Old Guard Down…
    Protect Gelin for Bar President, Tony as Sheiff, Desantis as Gov.
    What a line-up !!!!!!! 🙂

    Trump knocked out The NWO, Some guilds will follow.,.
    Our Lawyers will belong to the clients once again.
    Free Speech for Lawyers !!!!! EPIC. WWG1WGA.

      1. 17


        We’re living in the darkest political place in The U.S., , at a time the tides are turning…. This is epic….. “Dark to Light”…
        Its happening in real time, and will be localized….
        Localized as in “Broward / Palm Beach…..
        There’s very good reason for The Florida Bars free speech abuses.

        Stay Alert. Keep up the good fight….

      2. 5


        F—ing A !!! Soon, because of this BS, the bailiffs will be mistaken for West Point Cadets.
        Tony’s BS detector is cert’d and calibrated….

      1. 11


        Biden will sell scratch and sniff cards to win your vote …
        Desperate times call for desperate measures

          1. 5


            If a black is caught halfway into a window of someone’s house, what is a cop supposed to do – let him go to “keep the numbers equal” ?

            I think the key here is to simply stop committing crimes.

  28. 17


    For those of y’all that can do some actual research. An Assistant State Attorney got arrested yesterday for DUI. Can’t remember the name Ali b- something. Research away

  29. 17


    If he had box cutters, then he may be in The Florida Bar’s inner circles.

  30. 5


    We keep hearing around the courthouse and legal insider’s talking about William Beamer running for Broward County State Attorney. He would be a great choice for State Attorney and an asset to the citizens of Broward County. We would love to see William Beamer be the next Broward County State Attorney. An Excellent choice.

  31. 11


    The trooper was stalking ASA Ali Baba.
    Ali, when you get time I’ll have a 12.980t form ready for you.
    We’ll keep that bad trooper away.

  32. 9


    Courthouse insiders have informed us that William Beamer Esq. will be making a public announcement of his candidacy for Broward County State Attorney in the very near future. William Beamer has been quoted as say that he looks for to serving the good people of Broward County as their State Attorney and vows to be the very best for the citizens of Broward county. He looks forward to all of the support from everyone. Stay Tuned. William Beamer Esq for Broward County State Attorney 2020.

    1. 19


      You’ve never heard of William Beamer ?? Are you kidding, you must be a newbie attorney. William Beamer has been around practicing criminal law for over 30 years in Broward County. William Beamer is more that qualified to be the next Broward County State Attorney and has a huge following supporting his campaign. William Beamer for Broward State Attorney 2020 !!!

  33. 6


    Detail by Entity Name
    Florida Profit Corporation


    Filing Information
    Document Number
    FEI/EIN Number
    Date Filed
    Last Event
    Event Date Filed
    Event Effective Date
    Principal Address
    FT. LAUDERDALE, FL 33316

    Changed: 09/08/1989
    Mailing Address
    FT. LAUDERDALE, FL 33316

    Changed: 09/08/1989
    Registered Agent Name & Address
    820 N.E. 19TH TERRACE
    FT. LAUDERDALE, FL 33304

    Address Changed: 09/08/1989
    Officer/Director Detail
    Name & Address

    Title DP

    1126 S. FEDERAL HWY.

    Title DST

    1126 S. FEDERAL HWY.

    Annual Reports
    Report Year Filed Date
    1988 04/01/1988
    1989 09/08/1989
    1990 03/08/1990

    Document Images
    No images are available for this filing.

  34. 16


    Its funny, from reading the blog and newspapers there seems to be a consensus among “those in the know” that Brenda is highly unqualified. From accounts I’ve read she has no higher education, no real experience in the clerks office, and has made major blunders. This is the exact time for the governor to take action. As in November, she will undoubtedly win regardless as she did in 2016. It is amazing that this Clerk gets Black Robe syndrome. Tries to be on the JQC. (Conflict of Interest) Allows herself to have control of her own divorce papers (Conflict) and when judge wouldn’t seal they disappeared. Only to reappear when Howard’s capable lawyer made it an issue. There are many more instances of this person. She’s obviously getting these ideas from those she’s made friends with as applying to oversee lawyers as a sitting clerk with beefs against dozens? From what Ive read. I dont take any of this as fact. But if its true, its amazing how someone can get black robe fever so quickly as a Clerk.

  35. 19


    Is the alleged murderer that didn’t have the appropriate paperwork sent from the Clerk’s Office to the Sheriff’s Office still at large ?
    They are going to have a field day with that alone even without all the other baggage the present Clerk is dragging around. I sincerely doubt Brenda Forman will be Clerk after the election of 2020.

    1. 3


      Emotionally and culturally fueled distractions equivalates ‘s diminished capacity?

      Diminished emotional capacity equivalates ‘s >
      to easy to manipulate and weaponize?

      Has The Florida Bar emotionally manipulated and weaponize Brenda for “local juice”?

      Was Brenda being aimed at JAAB? False Flag?
      -SNAFU FLBar Censorship Declassified?

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