SAO UpdateSarahnell Murphy states she is running for SAO, and should file around July 1st.  Rumors that Judy Stern will be guiding the campaign remain unconfirmed …

Chris Mancini is rumored to be filing for SAO as an Independent, which should close the primary.  Chris would not confirm or deny when reached by text message earlier today …

Suskauer Update Jonathan Friedman, Michelle Suskauer’s successor as counsel for Anthony D’Amico before Jimmy Cohn, has filed this Motion to Withdraw Plea, with exhibits and transcripts.

D’Amico’s letter to the judge regarding disbarred attorney John Garcia, and the transcript featuring Cohn asking Suskauer about the Florida Bar Rules were previously posted on JAABLOG, while the transcript of the plea colloquy from February 14, 2019 is found here.

Excerpts from Friedman’s Motion and the transcript of the plea are pictured below, as well as Cohn’s order requiring the Government’s response by June 28th.

From Motion To Withdraw Plea:

From Plea Colloquy:

Government response due June 28th:

Remember When You Were Young? – photo from Statewide Prosecution, circa 1990.  Recognize anyone?

COMING SOONDoes Jesus belong in the jury room?