Channel 10 has a twelve minute interview with Brenda regarding the thought process behind her controversial Facebook posting, and its removal. The first video after clicking the link is the WPLG news segment, with the full interview available further down the page.

Tone deaf?


“You say that it wasn’t about that, but you did delete it. Why did you choose to delete the post if you felt that?”

“I deleted it because it needed to be deleted because there were a lot of negative things being said towards me and my people,” Forman said.


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Your alerts on Brenda’s totalitarian Facebook nod last night set off a serious firestorm. After Oh, Brenda! was posted, Forman’s Facebook page lit up with angry commenters. Brenda haplessly tried to explain herself in a response or two, until deleting the entire post and comments sometime around 10:54 PM.

Luckily, lots of people managed screenshots as breaking news was unfolding before their eyes, resulting in this Sun Sentinel article by Tony Man early this morning: Broward Court Clerk Brenda Forman, running for reelection, posts quote erroneously attributed to Hitler on her Facebook page.

Man, for his part, got an earful from us a few minutes ago about uncredited story stealing, mostly because the Florida Bar is still waging war on JAABLOG based on the testimony of the now completely debunked Clerk of Courts. Man played dumb, but since the Bar, like the JQC and the Sun Sentinel, closely monitor this blog, we’re confident they’ll know that JAABLOG’s reporting has once again helped to thoroughly expose an unfit constitutional officer in Broward County.

In closing, one more thank you to all the tipsters and readers that make this blog happen.

From your lips or fingertips to the outside world!


Rafael Olmeda has the scoop concerning Brenda’s disclosure form woes.

The Sun Sentinel link is here: Broward clerk of courts to admit fault in ethics probe over finances.

From the article:

Forman, 62, and the Florida Commission on Ethics reached a proposed agreement in which she will pay a $5,000 fine for apparently blurring her financial assets and debts while omitting bank account information — Forman admitted the errors and said she overlooked some instructions and didn’t understand others. She denied deliberately misleading the commission.

The full commission meets on Friday and will either adopt or reject the agreement.

Portions of Brenda’s financial disclosures filed as Clerk of Court through 2019 are pictured below, together with an addendum which was filed to each year’s form on April 2, 2020. There are serious fluctuations from year to year, and a student loan not previously disclosed was added via the 2020 addendum. Her most recent disclosure, filed in June 2020, was posted on JAABLOG on June 8th.

Full financial disclosures for all elected officials can be downloaded here.


Marni Bryson and Bill Scherer were set for deposition this week, but both have been cancelled:

Whether or not settlement negotiations are underway is anyone’s guess, since the cancellations could be due to nothing more than simple scheduling issues, or related to recent filings and rulings by Bill Roby that may require additional litigation or investigation before the principal players are finally put under oath.

In any event, all the documents are available on the 15th Circuit Clerk’s website, including the following affidavit executed by Peter Kemp, filed by Team Bryson in this Plaintiff’s Response to Non-Party Tripp Scott, P.A.’s Objection to Subpoena Duces Tecum

Stay tuned …

ABA Journal – Law firm ordered to produce an email with judge’s nude photos (7/9)

WPLG 10 – Brenda Forman posts rambling Facebook video taking aim at political rivals


From Andy Siegel, head of felony, sent this morning:

Attached are updated procedures for setting matters on in custody dockets, cop information and august schedules …

It is similar to what was previously posted but has been edited to reflect common questions raised by lawyers when setting hearings. It also answers most of the questions raised to our JA’s when setting hearings.

Please read as it provides for open pleas if the defendant is out of custody. The division judge must handle the agreed negotiated change of plea docket on the day of an open plea is set from her/his division.

It follows the Supreme AO’s and 17th AO’s requirements. It gives zoom info for each session …

(emphasis added)

SS – Broward clerk of courts lashes out in Facebook video

The video is still available for viewing on Brenda’s Facebook page, and on the SS website too …


PB Post – Lawyer bests Marni Bryson in appeal

COMING SOONIs JAABLOG on a mission from G-d?


Brenda’s rambling Facebook Live broadcast from last night is the talk of the town this morning.

Wild, spurious claims abound about her opponents Paul Backman and Mark Speiser, as well as viciously untrue assertions about Arlene Backman, Rafael Olmeda, Adriana Alcalde, and yours truly.

No links here, as reposting may involve legal consequences. In any event, the video has been preserved, and is most likely being viewed across the state as we speak …