Rumors have been flying all week as to the possibility of Liz Scherer quitting the Broward circuit bench.

It all started Monday, after some good-natured comments in open court from Liz strongly hinting at bigger things to come in her future.

Given her recent media ubiquity, many speculated a departure could be media related, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

Other rumors center on Scherer leaving for private practice at the family powerhouse firm of Conrad & Scherer, either locally or in the North Carolina office, nearer to where Liz’s equestrian passions are focused.

Accordingly, the following email was sent to Scherer and to her judicial assistant this morning. A similar email was also sent to Bill Scherer, managing partner of Conrad & Scherer. None of the emails have been answered as of the time of this post:

So there you have it.

Is there another circuit court vacancy on the horizon?



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This is only the second time in JAABLOG’s roughly seventeen year history that a blanket ban has been issued.

Thoughts and prayers to B.L. and his family ….


*UPDATE* – First Appearances experienced Louis yesterday, and today as well …


Multiple criminal division courtrooms have been Zoom Bombed this morning.

An innocuous cartoon is reported to have appeared, posted by someone going by “Louis” and a last name that is not being printed here, followed by a cut to a man in graphic, full on self-abuse mode, with audio.

Luis had also figured out a way to stop the judges from quickly disconnecting him, forcing a complete Zoom shutdown for all participants …

COMING SOONSomething else about a penis …


Lindsay Chase email sent today, President of BACDL:

At this time I would like to formally congratulate the Nikolas Cruz Defense Team for winning the 2023 Gulkin Award!

The recipient of the Brian G. Reidy Award is Melisa McNeill!

We have moved the date of the Gulkin ceremony to September 7 at 5:30 p.m. in order to accommodate all of the award recipients …


*UPDATE*SS: They were accused a decade ago of selling prescription diet pills over the internet. A judge just threw out the case

According to Siegel, the prosecution tried to “goad” the defense into seeking a mistrial “from the moment this trial began” in mid-January, “for the purpose of gaining prosecutorial advantage”

“This trial was an abomination,” said attorney Jim Lewis …

A sixth co-defendant, Dorothea Thompson Robinson, pleaded guilty and agreed to testify for the state. But when she took the stand, she said neither she nor her co-defendants had done anything wrong … “



Statewidegate ended badly today, at least for the State of Florida.

Andy Siegel dismissed all cases because of an egregious discovery violation, with jeopardy attached.

Michael Weinstein, who filed a Motion To Dismiss For Prosecutorial Misconduct, had this to say earlier today:

The State hid the ball throughout the entire trial. Ultimately, their hand was caught in the cookie jar during their final witness. The Court found there was clear and blatant prosecutorial misconduct, and granted all of our motions to dismiss.

The Sun Sentinel was present for the dismissal, and during Siegel’s reportedly strongly negative critique of the prosecution’s actions and performance. Hopefully a detailed article will publish later today.

Congratulations to lawyers Michael Weinstein, Jim Lewis, David Fry, Phyllis Cook, Michael McDonald, and Michael Tenzer for a job well done …