From Andy Siegel:

We are adding another in-custody docket running every afternoon effective July 6, 2020. This “additional PM” docket will be running at the same time as the current PM docket. The “additional PM” docket is under the control of each division judge. Thus, effective July 6, 2020, there are three in-custody sessions. A schedule is attached assigning times to each division for each docket for the month of July 2020.

All in-custody dockets have a seperate zoom link. All hearings for the docket shall be scheduled with the division JA assigned to that division. When scheduling a hearing make sure to give an accurate estimate of time necessary. Please reach out to resolve the matter before scheduling. We are all trying to work together. I ask you to read the online general procedures set forth for in-custody dockets, they are applicable to the “additional PM” docket.

Once again, we have to work in time parameters. The AM docket runs from 8:30a.m.-12-00p.m.; the PM docket runs from 1:30:p.m.-5:00p.m. and the “additional PM” also runs from 1:30pm until 5:00pm. If a matter is not finished by 5:00pm it must be finished on a future date. Remember, BSO controls the order of appearance, please do not request to be called out of turn.

Lastly, If the matter involves an individual in BSO custody, on an out of county hold, it must be set through my JA, Sabrina. The matter will then be set administratively.. I will make arrangements to address it as soon as possible on my docket or another division’s in-custody docket. The methodology for addressing out of custody holds is controlled by Supreme Court AO. (Note: I will be available to address other criminal division administrative matters as before.)

This will continue until the courthouse reopens to the public for hearings and in-custody individuals can be brought to the courtrooms.


The SAO’s felony case filing unit located outside the main courthouse is closed today, following a Covid-19 positive diagnosis in a staff member. She’s reportedly doing fine, but now one of the few SAO units that hasn’t been able to function in full-on remote fashion due to the hard-copy driven case filing process is shutdown pending a thorough disinfecting, with employees currently seeking Covid tests. We’ll update soon, but in the meantime, attorneys are cautioned to keep an eye on 33 day deadlines for incarcerated clients …

COMING SOON Sun Sentinel to endorse Sarahnell Murphy for SAO? …

PB Post – Former Florida Bar president cleared of wrongdoing

Miami Herald – Why some Floridians want to rename Broward County, Plantation and Lee County (Napoleon Broward statue)


Former Florida Bar President Michelle Suskauer was, as predicted, cleared relatively unscathed via diversion on May 18th. As you may recall, the case was opened after concerns raised by federal judge Jimmy Cohn.

The entire Grievance Committee (GC) recommendation referenced above and below is found here.

The case seems to have taken all of twelve months for the Bar’s one time leader to be cleared. Brenda v. Blog, featuring the Bar’s least favorite lawyer, is now 600 days old since the initial complaint was received by the Bar without it having been presented to a GC.

Here’s how the GC defended Suskauer against the media coverage of her case, despite the Oath she swore to become Bar President, mandating familiarity with the Rules Regulating The Florida Bar, also pictured below:

PB Post – Broward/Palm Beach Conflict Laden Straub case …


Ruby Green, BACDL president, via email earlier today:

I just got off of a zoom meeting with all of the key players. Looks like everything, besides the Clerk office will stay remote until at least the end of July. They are trying to introduce thermo scanning. Now, with the numbers rising…it could be longer. I will keep you up to date. They are testing out mock juries remotely and said that we probably won’t be able to have a jury in the building until at least September, maybe longer. I invited the Clerk to speak at our next meeting on July 6th, so please join us at noon to ask questions!


LOCKSTEP!Mike Satz’s problems over Jeff Chukwuma have gotten worse, as this letter was sent over to the SAO yesterday from the Broward County Chiefs of Police Association, citing concerns they have with Jeff’s impartiality and fairness.

The letter is significant because management is now in lockstep with police unions, which could force stronger action from Satz. We’re told other letters are also being prepared, so stay tuned …


Brenda v. Blog Update – a tremendous and heartfelt thank you to John Howes. His masterful work was a service to all those reading and posting on JAABLOG, and to fans of the United States Constitution. As previously stated, the Bar dropped the IP Address related issues via letter at the end of May, and it was all because of John’s tireless efforts, performed voluntarily and as a courtesy in the name of professionalism and freedom. We can’t thank him enough.

All the remaining aspects of Brenda’s complaints are now being handled by the latest Pro Bono Warriors to join the JAABLOG cause, Adriana Alcalde and Geoff Cohen.

Adriana, a former HTU ASA, is known as an aggressive and incisive litigator, who was also the recipient of what was basically an apology letter from a Bar Grievance Committee, after being the target of a complaint filed by Bobby Diaz that had an anti-JAABLOG component. We couldn’t be happier that such a talented litigator with a proven track record of standing up for free speech and Democracy has agreed to take the baton from John.

Geoff, of course, was the founding presiding judge of the Domestic Violence Division in Broward Circuit Court, which he helmed for decades before retiring. He’s agreed to come on board out of principle as well, and wield his unprecedented expertise. As with John and Adriana, we’re touched that a lawyer of Geoff’s caliber would take the time to join the fight, and look forward to seeing everyone under oath and in a courtroom soon …



The DBR picked up on Jack Tuter’s Zoom email posted on JAABLOG yesterday morning, and made a real story of it. Whether or not they got wind of the issue from JAABLOG is unknown at this time, but please keep the tips and stories coming, and we’ll do our best to get them to the outside world. The DBR’s story Broward Chief Judge Is Clamping Down is here.

The DBR coverage has started a bit of Zoom mining, and this morning the above picture was sent over to JAABLOG, showing APD Dan Maggio reacting to the PDA incident described by Tuter when things “got a bit steamy.”

As far as the ASA who “presented her case from bed,” we were on that day, and have it on very good authority that she was wiped-out from singlehandedly dealing with four kids and work, and that the bedroom was the only quiet room in the house available for Zoom purposes. Accordingly, those screenshots will not be posted.

Please drop a line if the other described incidents from the DBR are readily accessible. Of course, the most amusing Zoom court moments thus far have been provided by litigants and their witnesses, if anything about pandemic conditions can be deemed amusing at all …