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*UPDATE* – Email from Jack Tuter confirming blog post breaking news of John Murphy’s retirement:


We’re told John Murphy has submitted his resignation, ending months of speculation he would retire before the end of his term.



*UPDATE*SS: Florida Supreme Court allows judicial candidates to declare political ideology


The Supreme Court today issued an interesting opinion concerning an out-of-county JQC case, Inquiry Concerning a Judge Hon. Casey L. Woolsey, which may impact non-partisan (by law) judicial elections in politically liberal Broward County and elsewhere.

While affirming a public reprimand for Woolsey on other grounds, the Supreme Court found a judicial candidate stating “I am a conservativedoes not violate the judicial canons, meaning calling your opponent a “conservative,” if true, or calling yourself a “liberal” in line with the reasoning of the opinion, could help sway elections here in Democrat dominated Broward.

From the opinion:

COMING SOON – “Hi … I’m the biggest liberal in the whole dang world and I’m running for judge …


Old-timers will remember both former Broward ASA Al Milian, now a circuit judge in Miami, and attorney Mike Catalano. They’ve been locking horns since the 1980’s, to the point a couple of Motions For Recusal filed by Catalano back in 2016 and in 2023 have landed Judge Milian in hot water.

Both motions were granted, but because Milian refuted the allegations made by Catalano in his recusal orders, the JQC is asking the Supreme Court for a public reprimand.

Read all the JQC docket entries here.

Forget it, Jake. It’s Browardtown.


Due to the continuing inclement weather, the 17th Circuit and Broward County Courts will be closed on Thursday, June 13, 2024. First appearance will follow a weekend schedule with Judge Ricca presiding. Shelter hearings will be held via Zoom at 1:30 p.m. with Judge Bristol presiding. Juvenile detentions will be held via Zoom at 11:00 a.m. with Judge Orlando presiding. An update as to operations for the remainder of the week will be made tomorrow. – From: 17th Circuit Emergency Message


*UPDATE* – We’ve confirmed the Sun Sentinel was writing up “Recusalgate,” when, at 4:56 PM, Stefanie Moon issued the following amended order reversing her earlier decision to not recuse herself off Johnny Weekes‘ case, simultaneously killing the impending Sentinel article …

The Amended Order:



Johnny Weekes filed an appearance on May 28th in a case pending before Stefanie Moon. Yesterday, he filed a motion to recuse based upon “pending Judicial Campaign,” after calling the judge’s office and being told to file appropriate paperwork. Today, despite JEAC Opinions 2011-08 and 84-12, Moon issued an order denying Weekes’ request for a new presiding judge, stating it was “legally insufficient.”

The Order:

JEAC Opinion 2011-08:

And from JEAC Opinion 84-12:


COMING SOONBring it on!

NBC 6: A question of ethics?

UPDATESS: Broward judge courts controversy after asking lawyer to join her campaign


NBC 6A question of ethics: Did Broward judge seeking reelection cross the line? (video)

Did Broward Circuit Judge Stefanie Moon violate judicial canons that forbid, among other things, “campaign activity” in courthouses during court hours?

” … NBC6 reached out to Judge Moon for her account of what was said after the recording stopped — offering to follow-up with her after hours when she was outside of the courthouse — but she said she would have no comment and would not address further questions … “

BrowardBeat (October, 2018): Candidate: I Never Authorized Questionable Ad

Stefanie Moon’s campaign for Broward Circuit Judge is entangled in questions over whether her advertising violated state ethics rules … “


SS Supporters of Broward Judge Carol-Lisa Phillips up for reelection blast opponent’s apparent revenge motive

WPLG – Broward Clerk of Courts employee Annette Daniels fired after filing to run for boss’ job