Brenda v. Blog will not be heard Monday morning.  The December 10 hearing has been cancelled, due to Michael Kaplan’s sua sponte recusal Order, pictured below.

Jack Tuter has in turn asked the Supreme Court to assign a neighboring, out-of-county judge to handle the hearing, recusing the entire 17th Circuit.

An interesting turn of events, as we were at one point considering asking for disqualification, given the rumors regarding Mark Speiser’s inability to have consistent in-court clerk support since his legal findings of bad faith against Brenda.

In any event, the bell has been rung.  If you were planning on attending, don’t waste a trip.  We’ll let you know as soon as everything is reset.

In other Brenda v. Blog news, we’ve been told she was shopping around some additional allegations, possibly in another attempt to get a temporary injunction in place, after Mily Rodriguez-Powell said no wayJAABLOG doesn’t know much more than that, but this Supplemental Affidavit in Support of Petition for DV was filed this afternoon.

Enjoy the pleadings, and buckle up.  It’s going to be a wild one.  On the advice of counsel Ed Hoeg we’re not telling our side of the story just yet, but we promise you won’t be disappointed …


It’s still America, Damn It!

JAABLOG still has it.

Whether it’s the Jill Levy transcript featured in the Larry Meltzer dismissed Bar Complaint, the ongoing Bobby Diaz v. Adriana Alcalde case (also featuring The Sun Sentinel), disgraced former judge Matt Destry grousing, or a recent Bar Complaint by Brenda Forman (with Dian Diaz as a witness), the Broward courthouse blog can still whip up a hornet’s nest of resentment in official types, even if we don’t bother to update very often anymore.

In any event, Forman has now upped the ante.  Despite already having a strike against her for “bad faith” courtesy of Mark Speiser, today we were served with this Order Setting Hearing On Petition For Injunction For Protection Against Stalking Without Issuance Of An Interim Temporary Injunction.

That’s right.  Mily Rodriguez Powell’s initial review found a whole lot of nothing, but Brenda still wants her day in court before Michael Kaplan.  The hearing is set for December 17, 2018, at 10:00 A.M.

Please plan on attending.  We’ve got Ed Hoeg  doing the honors, and he’s never boring, even without a Constitutional Officer who insists her picture can’t be taken in public.

Stay tuned … 2020 is just around the corner!

Coming SoonLetdown: Is the rumored impending JQC action merely a campaign violation case?

BrowardBeat Howard Finkelstein forbids office politicking with two employees running


1.) Tom Lynch today with the SAO’s new PIO Paula McMahon, until recently the Sun Sentinel’s federal courts beat reporter; 2.) Ted Deutch threw out the first pitch for Fall Little League this year; 3.), 4.), 5.) & 6.) Incoming judges: Corey Cawthon, Natasha DePrimo, Mariya Weekes with Mike Lynch, and Dan Casey with Andy Siegel.

Jqc coming

We’re told Jack Tuter announced at a judicial meeting today that the JQC will once again be opening up on a Broward judge, possibly as early as next week.

No further details were given.

Tuter also reportedly spoke about JAABLOG, and the importance of keeping judicial business secret.  It’s unknown if the JQC news, and the warnings about the blog, are somehow related.

Developing …


Here is an incomplete and totally unconfirmed list of courthouse rumors:

Ruby Green filing soon for Public Defender …

Ilona Holmes considering a run for State Attorney …

South: C. Cawthon

West: P. Francois, N. DePrimo

V. Hawkins: Family

Ledee: (?)

Backman FX ROC splits: ROC merges with D. Bailey Trial Division; Vacated FX Division becomes 3rd degree Felony Court (Casey).

Lerner-Wren takes misdemeanor Drug Court (Zeller) along with her existing Mental Health Division; Lerner-Wren Criminal Division goes to Mollica

Short List – 11 for 3 Supreme Court vacancies:

WPB now has its own Ryan LeVin …

YouTube: Dr Red Roberts (Brannon) & Rusty Brooks v John Harris & Del Apollo