12 for 2

The following applicants have been forwarded to Rick Scott for consideration to replace Renee Goldenberg and Dale Ross on the circuit court:

Daniel Casey, Tom Coleman, Martin Fein, Phoebee Francois, Keathan Frink, John Fry, Stephanie Moon, Michele Ricca, Andrew Salvage, Max Soren, Claudette Vanni, Michelle Zeiger.


The Judicial Nominating Commission for the Fourth District Court of Appeal is pleased to announce the following nominees have been submitted to Governor Rick Scott (in alphabetical order) for his consideration for appointment to the Fourth District Court of Appeal resulting from the retirement of Judge W. Matthew Stevenson:

· Manuel Farach

· David Haimes

· Janis Keyser

· Jeffrey Kuntz

· Meenu Sasser

· Anuraag Singhal


At 8:19 PM it looks like …

Brenda Forman is your new Clerk of Courts …

Mike Satz gets four more …

Gundersen and Krauss in a circuit run-off in November …

Duffy and Rifkin in a circuit run-off in November (Destry defeated) …

Barbara McCarthy gets six more …

Mike Lynch a new circuit judge …

Kal Evans gets six more …

Barner and Sokoloff in a county run-off in November …

Richards and Di Pietro in a county run-off in November …

Kathleen McCarthy a new county judge (Zaccor defeated) …

Betsy Benson a new county judge …

Mollica and Peterson a county run-off in November …

Deb Carpenter-Toye a new county judge …


COMING SOONGuess who’s up in 2018?


a1 a2 a3 a4

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1.) Team Bryson gets nasty, inadvertently winning an endorsement for opponent Lisa Grossman; 2.) If Mark Kushner pulls off an upset victory over Betsy Benson, he may be barred from the criminal division, where there are plenty of accused murderers and felons; 3.) Funny, Lea Krauss didn’t seem like much of a leader back when she was an ASA in disgraced former judge Ana Gardiner’s division, along with former ASA Peter Patanzo; 4.) Photograph courtesy of BrowardBeat.com: “Ad For Judge Nina Di Pietro Appeals To Racists.

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Below is the list of applicants for the two Circuit Court vacancies as a result of the resignations of Broward County Circuit Judges Renee Goldenberg and Dale Ross:

1. Daniel A. Casey
2. Tom Coleman
3. Andrew C. Demos
4. Martin S. Fein
5. Phoebee Rebecca Francois
6. Keathan B. Frink
7. John D. Fry
8. Pamela M. Gordon
9. Michael Heise
10. Jennifer Wigand Hilal
11. Tara Horvitz
12. Suzette Hyde
13. Stephanie C. Moon
14. Robert G. Nichols
15. Shlomi Presser
16. Michele McCaul Ricca
17. Mark W. Rickard
18. Andrew L. Salvage
19. Max G. Soren
20. Scott R. Strauss
21. Madeleine Torres
22. Claudette Renee Vanni (Bowman)
23. Mariya Weekes
24. Gerard S. Williams
25. Michelle Zeiger



Rosaln Baker Sutton, Amy Borman, Daniel Casey, Reginald Corlew, Cynthia Dienstag, Manuel Farach, Donna Greenspan Solomon, David Haimes, Mark John Hamel, Janis Brustares Keyser, Jeffrey Kuntz, George Metcalfe, Jean Marie Middleton, Stefanie Moon, H. Michael Muniz, Kathleen Roberts, William Roby, Mily Rodriguez Powell, Pamala Ryan, Meenu Sasser, Raag Singhal, Richard Valuntas, Daniel Weinger


Florida Bar Announcement 

Interviews will be conducted on September 7, 2016 at the Fourth District Court of Appeal Courthouse (1525 Palm Beach Lakes Blvd, West Palm Beach, FL 33401). The interview schedule will be released next week.  Members of the bench, the Bar, and the public are encouraged to contact the members of the Commission concerning these applicants.”      (emphasis added)

Interviews are open to the public.  Keith Sonderling, Chair of the commission, reports every applicant will be interviewed, and that the applications should be available next week for publication after the redactions are concluded …