**UPDATE** 1/1/24 at 2:00 PM – We’re told the alleged victim is on life support, pending goodbyes from his family and donation of his organs.

The victim and his alleged attacker had reportedly both recently been deemed incompetent to proceed.

Mainstream media has picked up the story, so expect more soon …

CBS 4 – Family of beaten, mentally ill Broward Jail inmate on life support seeks answers (6:13 PM)


Here is the Probable Cause Affidavit detailing the December 16th alleged inmate beating that has left an inmate near death.

Last week a BSO insider told us the victim was still alive, but that may no longer be the case.

The alleged perpetrator appears to be a mental health consumer, previously receiving services in Mental Health Court.

Developing …


*UPDATE* – Text from Gordon Weekes the morning of December 30th:

Considering the high frequency and number of inmate deaths, serious injuries and medical neglect that have occurred in the jail, it’s about time for an outside agency — US Department of Justice, Civil Rights Division to come in and oversee the operations of the jail.

The turnover at the executive level has been a revolving door. Deputies have been caught up in PPP fraud at an alarming rate and now contraband is being smuggled into the jail by deputies.

The culture in the jail must be cleaned up.


Welcome back, Julio!

Former county court judge Julio Gonzalez is returning to the central courthouse, courtesy of the SAO.

It’s not the biggest news in the world, except for rumors swirling around the circumstances of the move, and his new assignment.

Currently employed by BSO as the Director of the Department of Professional Standards, a position entailing oversight of the disciplinary process of deputies post-Internal Affairs investigations, Julio will be taking over the SAO’s Public Corruption Unit (PCU), replacing outgoing ASAIC Chris Killoran.

Killoran will remain a division chief, helming a new Organized Crime Unit. That’s great for Chris, but it hasn’t stopped the rumor mill from kicking into high gear, given the recent controversies engulfing the YNW Melly trial(s), and PCU’s Michelle Boutros’ damaging testimony regarding Detective Mark Moretti.

Is the Killoran move in any way, shape or form connected to the Melly debacle? And can the tea leaves be read in other ways, namely enticing Julio to leave a great job at BSO because of the possibility of Harold Pryor seeking higher office (or more lucrative opportunities) after a second term at the SAO? Could Gonzalez, who has sought a circuit judgeship on numerous occasions since leaving the county bench, be in line as a possible replacement for Pryor?

We floated both theories to Julio earlier today. Ever the gentleman, he declined comment, simply stating he was excited to be coming back to the courthouse.



From a BSO email to Jack Tuter, dated November 17, 2023:

Attached is a spreadsheet listing the statutes that are affected by the changes to Fla. Stat. §903.011, that will go into effect on January 1, 2023. There are almost 900 offenses affected so far. Note that this list only pertains to those offenses that previously had a monetary bond, but will now require a first appearance. The list does not include the additional changes (increases) to the bond amounts for 3F, 1M, and 2M offenses that are anticipated to be adopted by Supreme Court in the coming weeks.