The following request was sent to Brenda a short time ago via email:

“(I)t has come to my attention since posting excerpts from your SAO personnel file regarding the 9/11 incident between yourself and Tom Coleman that Tom tragically lost an Uncle and a cousin in the terrorist attacks. My question is whether or not you knew of the Coleman family’s losses when you submitted your complaint on 9/12, or at any other time during the grievance process through mediation or any other conclusion, and if you did, why you didn’t withdraw the complaint after learning of his personal tragedies associated with the event.”

If Forman responds, JAABLOG will update accordingly.  In the meantime, our sincere condolences to the Coleman family for what we now know to be an irreplaceable and staggering loss, and apologies for having to go down this road.  Once everyone learns of the Bar’s most recent actions on behalf of Brenda, hopefully everyone will understand …

BrowardBeat – Broward Clerk Brenda Forman Is Again Proven Unfit For Office


After a long delay, the SAO this morning provided Brenda’s personnel file from her secretarial days, following our public records request.  As you might expect, it doesn’t disappoint.  The whole thing will be scanned and uploaded as time allows, but for now we’ll provide a sample, given the troubling similarities between the highlighted incident and Brenda’s now discredited domestic violence claims in Brenda v. Blog.

The setting: September 11, 2001.  The SAO had just been closed due to the attack on our homeland, and Brenda let out a cheer.  Former ASA Tom Coleman got upset, and confronted Forman.  The following complaint and response was then filed by the parties:

(click images to enlarge)

There are witness statements from the following, while Former ASA Brian Workman’s detailed memo is pictured in full below:

David Alvarez (“Please be advised that at no time did I observe either individual raise their hand and/or fist at one another.”); Lisa Carre; Brent Curd; Andrew Deckert (“Tom’s arms were outstretched, palms up as he stated “Are you kidding me, do you know how many people are dead?”); Ginger Downs (“I would like it to be known that at no time did Tom ever raise his hands or indicate in any way he was going to strike Brenda”); Regina Faulk (“She was yelling that Tom had no right to talk to her like that and she thought he was about to strike her”); Alicia Huff; Mark Kirsch; Giuseppina Miranda (“From the sound of Brenda’s voice, she seemed more angry than afraid.”); Linda Nicholas (“I did not see him physically threaten her in any way or verbally threaten her.”); Jenny Palma; Stacy Ross (“I could not hear what was said, other than Brenda Jenkins yelling “don’t put your hands on me.”); Dawn Smith; DeShonda Thomas; Sharon Williams (“Brenda was being attacked … “).

As stated previously, the whole Forman personnel file will be posted shortly, including two reprimands made before the 9/11 incident, some positive performance evaluations, and the documentation showing that the 9/11 event appears to have been resolved by mediation.

In closing, stay tuned for an update on the bar complaint Brenda filed that the Bar is still avidly pursuing on her behalf.  Assigned Grievance Committee C and bar counsel Frances Brown-Lewis have taken some very unusual action, which will hopefully be reported on in-depth by mainstream media soon …


I don’t believe we’ve ever been properly introduced.

My name is Bill Gelin.

I am a husband and a father, and I play a bit of electric guitar for fun.  I have the tinnitus to prove it.

Professionally, I am a lawyer, a journalist, and a whistleblower.

I have been the principal author on JAABLOG for years now.  Other contributors fell by the wayside for various reasons, and new authors have been hard to attract, most certainly because of the way I’ve been treated by the Bar, seemingly for helping to expose corruption, racism, unprofessional behavior, and hypocrisy in the justice system, and for being associated with a blog that doesn’t moderate comments.

Up until now I have written as “we”, and never wanted to become “I”.  That’s because the blog has always been foremost about the issues presented, and because anything that has been accomplished or exposed here has always been a group effort.  The truth is no one ever wants the public credit they’re due, for the same reason other authors have been so hard to find.  I look good because of all of you, and I hope one day attorneys, judges, law enforcement and others won’t have to be afraid to stand out and tell the truth on a public forum such as JAABLOG, and will be able to receive the praise and thanks they’ve earned for making their community a better place.

So why the change in pronouns?

Because I have decided to run for Board of Governors of the Florida Bar, a hidebound organization that I believe is gravely in need of reform, and I would like any attorney reading here to help me get my name on the ballot.

Further articles will greatly detail my positions and specific ideas, but in general terms, I will now state five general areas of interest:

  1. I am interested in utilizing the BOG’s pulpit to raise awareness of long-standing traditions of institutional racism within the legal system, and to direct the legislative advocacy function of the Bar to deter and compromise same.
  2. I am interested in reforming the judicial appointment process to ensure merit-based elevations and diversity on the bench commensurate with the general population.  I also want to work with the judiciary as a whole to improve professionalism and performance on the bench, not only to improve the system for everyone, but to preclude judicial problems before they become public embarrassments.
  3. I am interested in ending the Bar’s war on free political speech and efforts to chill criticism of public officials by those who work with and know them best, to ensure fairness, efficiency, an informed electorate, and public confidence in the legal system.
  4. I am interested in reforming the attorney discipline system to make it effective and due process oriented, instead of the current system which I believe disproportionately targets sole practitioners and goes easy on politically active or powerful lawyers, or those that can hire same, and ironically serves in most cases to simply distract a lawyer mentally and time-wise from his or her sacred and time-consuming duties owed to clients.
  5. I am interested in having a Bar that all lawyers can be proud of, and not, as is often the case, one they resent, and one which can rehabilitate the reputation of the legal profession in the eyes of the general public.

I pledge if elected to not capitalize on the position to transform or grow my practice, or to sell my services down the road as an expert witness in fee disputes or other marketable areas open to past-officers.  If fortunate enough to serve, I will remain a committed criminal defense sole practitioner.

Finally, I must address the elephant in the room, Brenda v. Blog.

There have been recent bizarre developments that mainstream media will hopefully be reporting on shortly.  However, in advance of any news coverage, I want to stress that Brenda v. Blog is not the driving force in my seeking Bar office, while it is the straw that broke the camel’s back.

I want it to be known at the outset that current frustrations aside, I have always been keenly aware and disappointed that whatever accomplishments JAABLOG can claim regarding the overarching goals of tempering racism and injustice in the legal system are clearly more like bandages on symptoms than cures.  Any trip to a felony courtroom in Broward or throughout most of Florida unfortunately drives that point home with a vengeance.  The daily lessons of life in a courthouse are the driving force as to why I am now stepping up to the plate and seeking your preliminary support, just as they were the impetus to start blogging all those years ago.  This fact needs to be made clear, and I hope everyone will weigh all the issues before deciding whether or not to support me.

Thank you,

Bill Gelin

(Disclaimer/Unsolicited Mass Communications – anyone subscribed to JAABLOG not wishing to receive blogs regarding my candidacy for president-elect of the Florida Bar should immediately UNSUBSCRIBE to JAABLOG.  Furthermore, the traditional “we” shall continue to be used for JAABLOG reportage not dealing with the petition drive or my candidacy)

“Forman doesn’t have the financial wherewithal”

*UPDATE* –  SS: Broward Clerk of Courts Brenda Forman is under criminal investigation


Brenda is in over her head, and her courtroom shenanigans against former husband Howard Forman and JAABLOG aren’t making things any better.

At issue now is Amendment 10, which puts Brenda in charge of overseeing Broward County’s finances, among other things.

According to yesterday’s Sun Sentinel Editorial:

” … (T)he amendment makes the clerk of courts the “custodian of all county funds,” work long handled by the county administrator, who reports to county commissioners. Under today’s structure, Broward boasts a AAA bond rating.

The amendment contains one important caveat, however. It says the clerk will become the custodian of county funds, unless otherwise provided by county charter or special law.

House Bill 1183 is the Broward delegation’s attempt to create that special law and keep Forman from overseeing the county’s finances. Given her lack of qualifications for the job, it is a worthy effort.”

The editorial goes on to chronicle Brenda’s credibility destroying missteps, in addition to speaking of her general lack of qualifications.  Unfortunately, the Editorial Board was likely not aware of recent Brenda v. Blog developments regarding the Miami-Dade SAO accepting an Executive Assignment concerning Broward’s Clerk of Courts, otherwise the article could have been spicier.

From an email sent last week by Paula McMahon, Broward SAO’s public information officer:

” … (O)ur office sent Gov. Ron DeSantis’s office a request for an executive assignment on your complaint. The Miami-Dade State Attorney’s Office accepted the executive assignment this afternoon.”

That’s all we know at this point, but will update with any developments.  Stay tuned until 2020, as it’s All About Brenda