12 thoughts on “1:30 BOND DOCKETs CANCELLED”

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    So what you are saying is – inmates test positive so instead of granting bonds and resolving casss to get others out everything is cancelled.

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    Detention Deputies in the main jail are testing positive for Coronavirus, 3 so far. So do you fools really want defendants brought up to court and risk getting anyone else sick or spreading it around the courthouse. Don’t be stupid and use common sense. Bottom line is that the courthouse is going to remain closed for a long time.

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    There seems to be a lot of misinformation about daily first appearance court.
    As you know you can view them on our YouTube channel and have been able to for the past 2 years.

    Judge Cawthorn announced about a week ago that until further notice the afternoon dockets are cancelled.

    Know this too and go look. Until this week, they had the inmates at main sitting shoulder to shoulder Can you believe it?
    Just this week did they start bringing them in a few at a time, so if the jail is being infested now, that may be why.

    Today was different though. The judge and SA and PD’s are in the courtroom but no inmates. The are making first appearance somehow from their cells?


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    The courthouse did not turn on their video system at all today (Saturday bond court), despite Sun-Sentinel having a working live stream for this session. Bonds & release conditions were set for nearly all the defendants on today’s docket (besides the usual few medical resets), so Saturday’s session of bond court was held in fact held. The question now is how are the hearings being recorded to allow the court reporter to generate a written transcript of the bond court hearing? Are all the Zoom video feds (separate video feds for the Judge, ASA, PD, the defendant in jail, & occasionally the interpreter) getting recorded for the official court record? Has anyone ordered transcripts for hearings recently held via Zoom, and if so what percentage of the total court hearing was determined inaudible?

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      Sun-Sentinel just posted this comment on their saved video for today’s (Saturday) bond court livestream (which ended up being just 2 hours of the courthouse video system’s wait graphic)

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      The Sentinel and all of them are not wanting the public to see the squalor. That’s my guess. There’s real desperation in there right now. They’re closing ranks. Shutting down all communication.

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        March 24. Still shoulder to shoulder.
        You know what’s going on in the jail now.
        Looks like people are going to be very sick there soon. Probably already.

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    I wonder……can all these pleas be withdrawn on a variety of factors, including because they are not open to the public??

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    Don’t leave it to the Scum Sentinel. They can’t even clean a cat box properly without trying to manipulate the turds.

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