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    Sheriff Tony is a degenerate liar, he is unqualified for the job, he sets a very low standard for BSO, and he should immediately resign his position. His certification as a law enforcement officer should be reviewed. His new definition of “arrest” will go down as one of the greatest misstatements coming out of a police agency.

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    The Governor would have to have his head examined to appoint Donnelly. Guy just wants to suck off the government tit!

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      This pile of sewage typifies what is wrong with the Broward SAO–especially its take on wrongful convictions and illegal sentences it creates and defends. And now the shitzman wants the appearance of a Conviction Integrity Unit when donnelly was the was the star of quashing public corruption complaints, particularly of prosecutorial misconduct and criminal misconduct that caused them including all the knowing and intentional elicitation and use of known perjured testimony without correction. He wants to follow in the corrupt phony footsteps of Carney and Gardiner when he shod have been flown by a noose from the FUK plane when it kept buzzing the courthouse. If the Governor wants some real background on the true fitness of little timmy, I’ve got it. if he doesn’t, well that tells a whole different story.

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      Anyone who doesn’t like and respect Tim Donnelly should have their head examined pal. He’s highly respected, he’s always been completely professional and reasonable, and as far as I can see, everyone in the courthouse likes him. Sorry pal, it you’re wrong on that one. Tim is a great guy.

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        facts don’t lie and I have them, so until you know what I do, all you have his dick to sit on.

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      More like an old sleaze bag hanger-on taking up space in his office …

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    What? No Sam Lopez? Thought that bottom feeder would never give up. The rest of the list looks like the same old failures looking for a steady paycheck.

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    Bewildered herd of professional failures looking for the financial security offered by becoming a judge has always been the lure to attract new converts to the ranks of the incompetent.
    Just look around at whats sitting on the bench in Broward if you need convincing.

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    Reres will break Finkelstein’s ego if he gets it. Hard feelings die hard and Howie’s got a lot of detractors out there.

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