Anyone hoping to see Brenda swear an oath before Bill Altfield on January 31st and discuss her discredited and baseless claims against JAABLOG are out of luck.  The hearing was dismissed sans colloquy last week.

The interesting thing is the near conniption displayed by her legal team at just the thought of Forman having to appear in court and answer a few questions.

Instead of a simple reply email to Altfield’s JA along the lines of “no thank you, Madam Clerk is too busy with her official duties to attend the proposed colloquy,” Tom Loffredo filed the previously posted Motion To Cancel January 31, 2019 Hearing, and on January 25th, this strongly worded anti-JAABLOG Petitioner’s Motion To Strike Respondent’s Objection To Petitioner’s Motion To Cancel January 31, 2019 Hearing in response to our previously posted Objection.

If you believe her lawyer, Brenda is the victim here.  Let’s just hope he’s getting paid, so it’s not a total waste of GrayRobinson’s resources.

As for the rest of us, it’s time once again to grin and bear the latest example of an unprofessional and unaccountable Broward Constitutional Officer embarrassing her office and the judicial circuit, at least until 2020 …

Coming SoonWhere’s the DBR, and why?

SS – Howard Forman accuses estranged wife of frivolous incompetency claim (2018)

Tuesday’s hearing, which is set to resume Wednesday, continues the bitter end of a marriage that began to unravel publicly after Brenda Forman was elected to succeed her husband as clerk of courts.

Earlier on Tuesday, she faced the possibility of a contempt ruling for failing to show up for the Dec. 5 hearing that dismissed her incompetency petition. Through her lawyer, she told Speiser that she had withdrawn her petition that morning and that she was in Orlando at a mandatory training event for clerks. The judge accepted her explanation and did not hold her in contempt …

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      Ed didn’t get a chance. He would have melted Brenda’s cake like it had been left out in the rain had he gotten the chance to get her on the stand. Her attorney is just another bureaucratic scab lookin to protect the confidentiality of incompetence and stupidity in public office in Broward. This town is full of it from its judges to the clerks office.


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    You dont really think Brenda could expose herself and her incompetence for all to see, do you? And her lawyer is as big a joke as she is. He’s probably doing it for free like the rest of the jokers who represent these public snarfers so all it represents is an inconvenience.
    Brenda started this ridiculous affair and then folded like a house of cards with her lawyer left wearing his banana suit for public display.
    Brenda was never going anywhere with this except to flex her own sense of self importance which fell well short of the mark.

    The only thing she accomplished was opening herself as more fodder for criticism and exposure for the 2020 elections adding fuel to the fire that will be used for her competition.
    I’m convinced between this charade and the previous ones with the filing of a bad faith suits against her former husband in attempts to grab his money, she will be easily trounced by any contender for the office of clerk of courts.

    She’s made an even bigger mess of that office with her incompetence similar to the way she used her former husband’s name to slick her way into office to begin with.

    Brenda Forman won’t be clerk for too much longer. I commend you for taking this imposter to the mat. You’ve done a great public service in exposing this moron for what she is.

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    You popped Brenda’s bubble. Despite Diaz’ involvement, she looks like an idiot yet again. She’s a loser in 2020!

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    I found out I actually had to do something besides politic all day long to stay in office. Thought I could ride it out until the train came barreling down the tracks.

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    Restore honor and integrity to the Clerk of Court.

    What are you afraid of Brenda? You should have appeared in court. I’m not afraid. Every day, I make an total ass out of myself in court. I do not fear the scorn and ridicule of everyone else in the courtroom. I’m proud to be a moron. Morons need representation too! Stand up for what you are. That’s why I will ride my golden name to victory in 2020.

    Vote RICHARD BRIAN KAPLAN for Broward Clerk. Ensuring liberty and insane rants for all.

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    2019 Gulkin Award Nominations
    • Bill Gelin- nominated by Daniel A. Callahan
    • Howard Greitzer- nominated by Barry Butin
    • Jeremy Kroll- Nominated by Jason B. Blank and Bill Barner
    • Michael “Mickey Rocque- nominated by Joe Kimok
    • David R. Smith- nominated by Jim Lewis

    HANDS DOWN Bill deserves to win. Hands down! He has done more for Broweird than anyone!

    1. 3


      They’ll give to Greitzer as this year’s distinguished geezer or Kroll as a bone to Dutko/Kroll firm after losing Bogenschutz from the marquee.

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  6. 22



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      That’s their real purpose, to raise funds for judicial elections in return for favors from the bench. I call it like it is.

      1. 18


        They like to suck judicial dick for continuances or a recommendation later for a robe and pension for their very own.

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    Dear Chief Justice, I am writing to request a broader plan of action. We have taken away their coffee and food supply but the natives seem more restless than ever as they have nominated Gelin for an award and banquet in his honor

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    Bill. I usually enjoy reading your blog. As a fellow blogger I like to keep up with the goings on around the courthouses of South Florida.

    Having said that count me as one who does not like your references to elected officials by their first name. Many times I think it makes you sound childish and makes you look as low as the persons you are writing about.

    And as you know, all of my blog postings are about judges and the JNC and judicial elections and gubernatorial appointments in Miami-Dade County.

    But today I write to you specifically about Judge Altfield. He is a Judge and he has earned the right to be addressed that way, not only on the bench, but even when you refer to him by name in your blog. I have read a number of times in the past few weeks when you have referred to Judge Altfield as simply “Bill Altfield”. I understand it is your “style” and you have been doing it this way for more than a decade, but that doesn’t make it right.

    I would hope that you can see beyond your cause in this case and add Judge to his name on future blog posts. (It’s also poor journalism to not address him initially in each post as “Judge” as not all of your readers are regulars; there are new readers taking a look at your Blog every day and they would have no idea that “Bill Altfield” is even a Judge.

    Happy blogging in 2019.


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      Was Judge Altfield elected or appointed? That makes a big difference to me given the sordid state of JNC affairs after the Governor was given authority to pack the Commission.

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      Etiquette requires that a judge be addressed as “Judge” only when they are acting within the confines of his or her official duty.
      To address him or her as “Judge” in Public or when they are not acting within the confines of their official duty (on the bench or chambers) is in fact improper and constitutes an infraction of proper conduct and could place that individual at risk.

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        So when you are writing about attending a Hearing before Judge Altfield on January 31 you include Judge before his name. I’m glad we agree.

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          Now, come on everybody
          I say now let’s play a game
          I betcha I can make a rhyme
          Out of anybody’s name

          Arnold, Arnold, bo-bar-nold
          Bo-na-na, fan-na fo-far-nold,
          Fee fi mo-mar-nold

          MaMaMerrilee! BoBoBobbie! GeeGeeGisele! Daley! BoBoBanana! Imperatee! RoRoRosenthalbo!

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    Ive called her Brenda to her face since she took office and she’s never taken offense to it. What’s her big beef besides Dian Diaz stirring things up with you, Bill ?

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    You expect these kinds of irrational behavior problems from Broward judges suffering from black robe fever, but a clerk with her kind of skeletons ?
    Where judges have gone underground with their psychological freak outs to keep their precious jobs in view of how many have been tossed from the bench in Broward or forced to resign, youve still got people like Broward Clerk of Courts behaving like her public position has gone to her empty head like Brenda Forman.
    Considering the way she got the job, youd think she’d be a little more cautious and load up on meds instead of suffering from frequent meltdowns and filing bad faith suits to remind herself that she’s still there.
    She should be removed with the way that office has been run into the ground since she took office while she runs around the courthouse like she’s some kind of celebrity dressed like a court jester trying to get attention from anyone she can. It just shows how completely insecure she is.
    Its all very strange the way I see her acting every time I see her. And of course she’s got her little minions trailing around behind her like she needs emotional support. They are just as bad.
    That office needs someone who’s qualified to run it instead of this uneducated buffalo with a penchant for leopard skin prints and stretch pajamas.

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        Up in 2020… he is old and hasn’t had to campaign in decades. Time to right the wrong. All his money couldn’t stop a good female candidate.

        Remind the voters he did everything he could to become a Judge in Jacksonville last year.

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    I’m really sorry but maybe someday you two will become Judges and will appreciate the fact that sometimes a Judge has to reset a hearing due to a blinding hangover

    1. 11


      Washed up – Washed out
      It beat chasing paramedics at storm scenes

      Brought to you by Bimbos on the Broward Bench

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    I hear she had an accident with a scooter at Fort Lauderdale Beach and is in the hospital. Could be out for months. Pray for her.

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      Is it true she collided into Judge Gundersen?Seriously, what is a middle aged woman doing on a scooter anyway?
      She wanted out of criminal court, she got it.

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