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Brenda has quit her stalking complaint, as reported by the Sun Sentinel’s Rafael Olmeda.

Our thanks to Ed Hoeg, who knocked this out of the park for free.  We’re also indebted to the other lawyers who lent a hand behind the scenes, all gratis, who wish to remain anonymous.  In the end it cost us a few dollars for some fancy invitations, a court reporter fee, and some Amazon bonus points for this American Flag suit to wear at the now cancelled hearing.  Oh well, at least we have some dandy souvenirs, even if we didn’t get a chance to depose Brenda and Dian Diaz on video, or watch Hoeg cross them in court.

In all seriousness, it’s on to the next step.  The filing of a Notice of Voluntary Dismissal Without Prejudice (emphasis added) is not the end of this.  What Brenda has done here is reprehensible, and it’s far from her first legal system rodeo.  We hope to be posting soon some of the interesting background materials on Forman that have come our way since Brenda v. Blog began, as well as videos that mostly contradict what Brenda and her team claimed in their statements.  We’ve got the ones mentioned in the Sun Sentinel’s article, and will be petitioning the County to release additional surveillance video from December 5th and 12th, which has been duly preserved.  After that we’ll weigh all available options.

Here’s what Hoeg had to say:

It is anticlimactic that Ms. Forman withdrew her complaint.  Knowledge is power.  If we had litigated this case in an open courtroom, the people of Broward County would have benefitted because the Clerk’s abuse of the judicial process would have been exposed, and with that knowledge, the people of Broward could have voted accordingly in 2020.

Lastly, speaking of 2020, Howard Forman this morning confirmed rumors that he has been asked to run against his ex-wife, and that he “hasn’t decided just yet.”  Brenda, when asked at 11:20 AM whether she would step aside if Howard ran for his old job back, failed to respond …


COMING SOONBrenda/Florida Bar v. Blog Update!

70 thoughts on “BRENDA BALKS”

  1. 17


    Well, this is one way to insure this bimbo doesn’t win as Clerk in 2020. Broward is known for it’s corrupt judges and political scuzzy pundits milking taxpayers for all they can, but Brenda slid to home base on the same name games we’ve seen play out time and time again with the only losers repeatedly being the citizens of Broward County.
    Anyone running against Brenda Forman for Clerk of Courts come 2020 has plenty of fodder for the campaign trail they can sling around in 2020, but lets hope we don’t get another sleazy politico for the spot. The Clerk’s Office was a mess when Howard Forman was stroking his big pension, but its turned into a complete farce under Brenda and Diaz running the Big Top.
    Both need to find the deepest hole they can crawl into and just hope they can hold it together until election time. Both are complete morons who should be ashamed of themselves for doing absolutely nothing to improve the functionality of the Clerk’s Office.
    Whoever is giving these morons advice should likewise seek counseling. I think we all know where’s she’s getting the input from. He goes from bad to worse everytime he sticks his nose in another trough where it doesn’t belong.
    The Clerk’s Office desperately needs an overhaul with someone competent enough to turn it around and clean up the flotsam of incompetence.

  2. 12


    Don’t worry, Ed. It didn’t have to play out in court because voters in 2020 will know all about her in 2020 and her past escapades. This was never going anywhere, but it would have been nice to see you rip her a new one, She couldnt testify under oath about this made up nonsense without causing more problems for herself. Diaz cant either.
    Voters will kick her to the curb in her bid to remain clerk in 2020.

  3. 6


    Where did you dig up this photo? Eddie has not looked like that since we went on a boat ride with Steve and Richard forty years ago.

    1. 8


      So Litl Bobbie slips and falls down again ? What did you really expect from a County Clown who hides under the skirts of another imbecile who rides in on her hubby’s name and then tries to grab his financial assets?
      We’ve got a basket full of idiots trying to be movers and shakers while they find it hard enough to put in a 15 hour work week.

  4. 9


    Good going, Bren, You’re a real power lifter.
    Now get back behind the Clerk’s desk and do something that’s productive.

    1. 2


      Howard may have sold us down the river, but now that his eyes are open I know he will right his wrong and pay his debt to Broward County and to his former loyal employees.

      Run her out of town, then serve the term or resign and have the Governor appoint a qualified pro to the job.

    1. 9


      So Brenda pimped out. Somebody must have gotten to her. The Pupet Master got his horns caught in the thicket. Is he that insecure? Or just a slow learner ?
      I guess it will remain a mystery.

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    If a 57.105 was sent, make sure to still file it after 21 because the petition was dismissed without prejudice.

  6. 9


    Motive and Bias / wide latitude on a certain Judge’s wife’s deposition?

    Q: Does anyone you know call someone Billy Boy and hold a grudge?

    A: Assert spousal privilege

    What a clusterf*ck!!!!!!!!

    1. 1



      1. 7


        Not if I get there first!
        I’ll put the “mad” back in Madam Clerk.
        Vote Richard Brian Kaplan for Clerk of Court! Ensuring liberty and insanity for all.

  7. 12


    Good work, Bill. Flush all these pretenders down the drain. This place is a joke with pimps running the show until you came along.

  8. 9


    I dont think Brenda has much of a chance of winning in 2020 even if she spends every day from now to then politicking and schmoozing. She’s got way too much bad baggage. Thats why she’s stuck to Diaz as an extra appendage.

  9. 8


    Brenda clearly does not even understand how restraining orders work! That is why the people will rise up and elect the hungry dog: RICHARD KAPLAN for CLERK of COURT.

    As a respondent to restraining orders taken out by my ex-wife, only I can lead from experience.
    And you can trust me with the keys to the evidence vault, I will personally store all the meth and other blow in my nose.

    VOTE RICHARD BRIAN KAPLAN for Clerk. Ensuring liberty and insane ranting for all.

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