Check your junk!

E-Ballots are arriving, but sometimes being filtered to “Junk” or “Spam” folders. One lawyer here in court just retrieved his ballot from “Junk” and voted from his phone …

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    I urge my friends and colleagues to vote for Bill Gelin. We need real reform at the Florida BAR, and he is the guy to get it done!!!!

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    I just voted from my phone for Bill Gelin. He’s done more to expose the corrupt practices of so many Broward Judges for years than anybody I can think of. This town needs someone other than another enabling douche bag that spends all his or her time greasing the palms of crooked cronies and incompetent suck-ups.

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        That would require considerations for the sheep, and would set the concept of fairness in the future.
        They’ve already made their pick, and the vote serves comedic purposes designed to make members feel they have a choice.

        Many members were trained well befor law school.
        They Scientific Managed i.e. (K1-12)

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    First time I’ve voted in over 20 years. I wonder how much Bill being in the race bumps the turnout?

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      How is that relevant for a local B.O.G. ?
      Don’t muddy the waters.
      Broward has enough issues at in So.FL. (The Genesis+).

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    If they’re rolling out to beat him, who’s behind it?
    And what’s the most effective counter-measurements internally?

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