From a press release issued this morning:

Florida’s Chief Justice Charles Canady issued an order late on May 21, 2020, creating a new pilot program for civil jury trials … In other actions last night, Canady also took the following measures:

  • Issued a separate new order establishing health & safety precautions to be used in Phase 2 of the expansion of court operations. These precautions are based on a report issued by a statewide advisory COVID-19 Workgroup.
  • Amended an earlier order called SCAO20-23 that provides comprehensive emergency procedures for use in courts in the pandemic. The amendments incorporate the new Phase 2 safety procedures contained in the COVID-19 Workgroup report.


WFMJ – Texas court holds first US jury trial via videoconferencing

4 thoughts on “CHIEF JUSTICE UPDATE”

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    Sharp guy. Always liked his opinions. The United States is the only country in the world with civil jury trials that I know of. Maybe England. But he needs to do something about lack of due process & speedy trial down here. In the criminal realm. I doubt they expected the total lack of due process some lazy judges can impose out of their emergency order. Motions, etc are being put off. Not just trials.

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    Too bad this kind of forward thinking can’t come from the political hacks sitting on the Broward Bench where they are so busy trying to dodge work and build up retirement pensions.
    Can’t remember a time when we’ve had a Chief Judge that was interested in actually improving the situation that exists here beyond his own wallet and catering to the chumps that keep voting to keep them in power. Its like a Judicial Protection Racket with the only losers being Justice and the Citizens they are sworn to serve.

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    Its always been backward here. Most of the slacker judges moved to Florida to retire early. Not to put in a full days work.

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