28 thoughts on “CLERK’S RELIEF”

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    Finally, after half of us are probably infected already. I hope your ass don’t get re-elected bitch. Making us suffer all this time when you could’ve done this since last week. Fuck you and hopefully they’re close for longer.

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    You mean for the next few weeks I don’t have to wake up early, drive to that soul sucking job, spend 8 hours being worked to death, listen to uneducated, brain dead loud mouth leadership nit pick and complain about everything little thing I do and look for any mistakes to publicly embarass me, and leave with another part of me dead inside? FUCK YEAH!

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      Yes… it’s sad the intelligent clerks got to suffer for the bad leadership. Some that were good is now corrupted.

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      Take a look in the mirror!! If it’s sucking your SOUL!! That same door you walk in walk out.. in this season of your life learn to be grateful!! You lucky you still have a job!! Bet tht check say different…

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    Just want to say thanks so much for given us a place to have a voice !

    It’s said that it took this long !

    To Brenda :

    I know you read all the cries of your employees in the last blog …. you put everyone’s life at risk.

    The only reason why you let us go is because of our Mayor .!

    If it was left up 2 u …. we will still be there.

    The fear you put us though is UNFORGIVABLE!

    I cried in my car on the way home .. because my prayers where answered…(to let us go home).

    And I prayed for you to Brenda ..
    YES !
    because how you’ve treated the creators people. .. with such a COLD Heart.


  4. JAAB > A Public Service > That Saves Lives and Serves As A Public Utility That Protects The Public Through The 1 Amendment says:



    Exactly !!!
    JAAB B.O. and Independent Journalists Saves Lives …
    For the solo practitioners, and the Large firm associates who also need a voice. Its Ultimately The Rule of Law that can fix the habitual problems created by Bench Bully’s.

    *Lets save more LIVES and focus on “The Ballot Count”

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    The ultimate relief I want to see is the end of Brenda Forman as Clerk of Courts and the clean out of upper management when she goes down in ignominious defeat this November.
    Enough of this trash already. The woman is an embarrassment.

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    The ultimate relief, >Florida Bar Reforms.
    One in the same.

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    Brenda’s days are numbered as clerk of court. She makes poor decisions and she doesn’t have good character. she can’t win on her own. People she hired and maybe a few in her brain trust who aided in this fiasco might think about polishing that resume.

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