*CORRECTION*Anonymous at 4:54 PM correctly points out the county financials are online these days. Once upon a time they weren’t, and it’s been years since we’ve bothered to look.

Thanks to Anonymous!


We don’t think it’s fair that the Broward SOE doesn’t post the incumbent county court judges’ financial disclosures, while the circuit court judge forms are always available on the Division of Elections site. And since you wanna see her financials made it so easy by posting an email request address today at 2:47 PM, we’ve got them for you now …





17 thoughts on “COUNTY FINANCIALS”

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    Like any of them, whomever they are are clean. Just looking for a big pay lazy day job.

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    Old Man Pole has to decide how much of his retirement money he wants to risk for the privilege of denying continuances and depositions for the next few years.

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      Old man Pole is skint. Better be prepared to be hanging out in the soup kitchens again. He’s done it to himself.

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    It’s unbelievable how broke a lot of them are considering a bar license is a license to print money .

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    They’re available on the Broward website under “qualifying docs.” That’s how we know Deprimo’s opponent is half a million dollars in debt, and lives in an apparent trailer park in Wakulla County, Florida.

    BTW she’s also apparently filed for bankruptcy. Twice. And she lost her Palm Beach home to foreclosure a few years back. Maybe she should have hung onto that filing fee or maybe paid a bill or two?

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    The kind of trailer trash running for judge these days is fairly indicative of the quality sitting on the bench.

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    Really? What’s the difference. Judges don’t need to be intellectual or academic in criminal court at the Justice Building. It doesn’t matter if they get elected and get a pay boost or they only practiced mediocre law for 5 years.

    A Judge there is just a GLORIFIED CLERK! 95% of the calendar is setting future dates for hearings or trial. 98% of criminal cases get settled by agreements between prosecutors and defense counsel. Even a jury trial is decided by jurors.

    Oh – Sentencing upon guilt? Big deal. Sentencing guidelines. No brain cells used thus far. $170k for being a secretary?

    I call BS. Maybe you need some brains if you are in the complex business division like you know who! Otherwise the judiciary is made up of academic lightweights. Thank goodness for the appeals court!

    Go back to your social media posts of your self portraits on vacations each week, at every event that hands out free appetizers or a free gala to have lawyers kiss your behinds.

    We are on to you !!! EASY JOB. Home at 2pm

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      Wonder if Conspiracy Boy Ostrow who denies the nursing home death numbers also denies the Holocaust death numbers.

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    You know Gary checks his pockets now before getting on a plane. He’s the pop tart that ran against Fake Finkelstein for Public Defender before getting popped himself for toot.
    Good guy to know in the day.

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    Wow! I am truly shocked. If some of these people weren’t judges, they’s be broke. Unbelievable.

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